House occupied in Morschenich

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UPDATE April 24th
18:03 All who were imprisoned on April 23rd and 24th are free.
14:26 Over the next hour and a half, two people from House 1 will be brought before the committing magistrate at the Düren court house. Support desired.
12:50 Police operation ended. Everyone leaving the scene.
12:33 People in the trees are being evicted by climbing cops.
12:32 Eviction of the 2 people on the roof of the new #MAZ that was evicted yesterday is completed. Min. 1 person still in the tree in the garden.

14:08 Spontaneous demo at the Oberstrasse, entrance of Morschenich, we’re looking forward for support! #HambiBleibt #HambacherForst #AlleDörferBleiben #morschenichlebt #Solidarity #Kohleausstieg
12:16 Over 25 police vans, prisoner transporters, RWE-secus and others driving past mahnwache (vigil) to Manheim!

A house and a tree have been occupied in Morschenich.
See also twitter: #Morschenich for pictures etc. and @native79 for two videos.

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The village is, as many villages nearby, threatened to be destroyed for the lignite-mine of RWE. The majority of inhabitants, that used to live in those villages, have already been kicked out and some houses are already teared down.

We want to fight RWEs control on the houses and turn them into spaces were people can live, organize and connect. We think that houses should be for the use of the people living there, not for the profit of a company.

It cant be accepted that here is a lack of flats and living places while RWE expropriate houses in order to destroy them. This destruction is legalized and supported by the state and the police.

The consequences are not only local, but global. Burning lignite is pushing further the global climate warming.

We stand in solidarity with other occupations, no matter if its RWEs infrastructure, house or forest.

It’s the same fight.

We cant count on the decisions of politicians, but do it ourselves to create a world where no one has the power to destroy the local area and communities and the global climate.

We want to invite everyone to come around and share their struggle and ideas.

There will be a party in the garden, today (22th of April) at 3:00 pm.

Oberstraße Nr. 13

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