Luna & B-Mike in confinement for contempt of court

The following text was published on ABC Rhineland:

After the court did not agree with the procedural behavior in the #TripodProzess on Thursday, June 13, 2019, before the LG Aachen, the two defendants are now in custody.

Luna was brought to the men’s jail Aachen Aachen, B-Mike in the women’s section of the JVA (jail) Köln-Ossendorf. In other words, trans * people are once more put into the binary-contrarian prisons, only to suppress them even more by misgendering than prisons do anyway. At least about Luna we know that she is also in complete solitary confinement (single cell and yard walk alone). What they are doing with B-Mike is still unclear, because so far even the lay defenders are refused contact.

This “Ordnungshaft” is scheduled for 4 days, no later than Monday (17 June 2019) afternoon is the dismissal. Both are happy about friendly faces they receive before the jail.

Write letters and show your solidarity! The lay defenders are trying to do visits tomorrow (Friday) and make greetings. Send your greetings to us until tonight / tomorrow, then we will forward them, so that the lay defenders can take them tomorrow. Or simply send them directly to the addresses in the box. On Monday, the lay defenders will once again bring your mail to jail, send us a mail to::

To misgender = wrong gender assignments (in the situation quoted above by the consciously consistent use of the wrong personal pronoun)

We want to add to this text that the transphobic judge Vogt who is responsible for this certainly will be pleased to read by fax +49 241 94258 1206 your opinion. And the fax numbers of the JVAs are these: JVA Aachen +49 241 9173 273, JVA Cologne +49 221 5973 446

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