Digger blocade – again?

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This text was published on june 24th on de.indymedia.org/node/34099

Since this morning we, an autonomous anarchist affinity group, are blockading a digger in the lignite mine Hambach, approximately ….m distance from the trees.
Every second RWE is irrevocably excavating the earth that we live on, killing fertile soil and leaving behind a huge hole of emptiness.
The coal commission wishes for the conservation of the forest, the coal exit is decided and the forest supposedly saved. Who are they trying to kid?
Further and further the machines are digging forward! We are not here because this is fun for us. What choice do we have facing this kind of violence?
Should we wait until everything is dead? Until we can only survive if we wear gas masks? Until oak trees are only a faint memory?
A lot of people are already fighting for a more just world, against the climate crisis and for a system change.
Fridays for Future, Ende Gelände and Alle Dörfer bleiben show how multifaceted resistance can be. Simultaneously alternative spaces are being created in empty houses while existing spaces like the Ackerbesetzung and Hambacher Forst are still being defended every damn day.
The movement is big and is constantly growing!
We want to fight together against a patriarchal, hierarchical and generally oppressive system; against a world in which companies can produce that much suffering in the name of money and against a society in which at the same time it is being penalized to rescue drowning people in the Mediterranean Sea; against a state in which it is allowed to leave nothing else than death in a depth of 400m; and against the police and new police laws that try to break the resistance with constantly growing repression.
Your marionettes by the name of cops can’t stop us.
We are self-determined, angry and strong.
As long as things don’t change we will keep on blocking, fighting and squatting for a free world, where we live in solidarity.

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