Why we are not going to appear at the main hearing on 06/27 – a statement by Luna and B-Mike

In the two trial days of the first instance and the previous two of the appeal, we have experienced many absurdities in the process of a blockade of the Hambachbahn 2017 and reported on Twitter live under #TripodProzess. In terms of entertainment and coverage, it is a great pity that we will not appear as defendants on the next day’s trial. But there is simply something more important, you may be able to think what? Of course the Fusion Festival.

For some people, that may now create incomprehension. So here’s a quick explanation of why we’d rather attend a festival than a lawsuit against us: we went through the trial with the intention of having more fun than the other side (because we firmly believe that’s the only way for us, not to be broken by the repression and to remain resistant and politically active) and so far we have succeeded, despite massive violence on the part of the judiciary and police, perversion of justice, “Ordnungshaft” and a wannabe-fascist judge. But even more important is not to let the judiciary spoil the remaining fun in our lives. Therefore, if we have the choice between taking part in a lawsuit against us or having a great festival, we decide of course for the festival. Just as we will always decide for already planned time with family and friends and against prescribed dates by the state. Because if we allow the state to keep the important things in life, for example celebrating or spending time with beloved people, then we have already lost. Moreover, our absence in favor of a festival is another way to express our contempt for this justice system.

Fortunately, our defenders are not particularly festival and party-savvy people and have every confidence in us to represent us in the best possible way. Oh yes, the network breaks down on such a big festival regularly, it may well be that we learn only afterwards, how the whole actually went out.

We wish our defenders as well as all those who accompany the hearing in solidarity a lot of fun.

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