Some thoughts by Luna about shoes, standing up and respect

Since I am not present today and I also miss the chance for a last word, I formulate here a few (not sober) thoughts on the tripod process and the orderly detention for “lack of respect.”

During the scandal negotiation from 13.06. I was the only one on the prosecution / defense bench who wore shoes from the beginning. I wonder now, why actually? Why do I wear shoes in bright sunshine? Well, probably two reasons. First, I find hot asphalt in the summer actually not very pleasant. And second, presumably vanity. I mean, if I’m dressed completely black for the process somehow also black shoes belong to it. Maybe vanity is a weakness of mine. But there is certainly no lack of respect.

What an absurd reversal of the word “respect” is it when I impose my imagination on how to dress? And in which world is it disrespectful when I dress like I do weather-appropriate? As a reminder: We have not forced the court or our own people (me, for example) to take off their shoes. We would have been satisfied with it when everyone puts them in what they feel comfortable. Even if it’s a silly robe. That means respect. To respect the otherness and individual expression of people. Not imposing my dress code on everyone else. Locking up people because they do not wear shoes and that would be “unresponsive” is a gross reinterpretation of that word.

And then there was the other alleged form of disrespect, the lack of getting up, that put me in jail for a few days. Just a moment, can it be respect when someone rises when somebody else enters the room, but the other way does not happen? That does not sound like respect towards me, respect for me is something mutual. Yes, I try to respect every person I meet. As a human. Not as authority. Even judge Vogt was for me, first of all, a person who pursues perhaps an activity that I reject, but nevertheless deserves the respect that every human deserves in my eyes. But, as I said, respect for people manifests itself in treating them as politely as they treat me, not through asymmetrical reverence.

Mr. Vogt, do you know what is really disrespectful and with what you have lost every respect on my part? It is disrespectful to violently attack people for what clothes they wear. It is disrespectful to imprison people for their political beliefs or dress style. And it is especially disrespectful to put a woman in a man’s jail to expose her to sexual violence and punish her. By the way, this is not a punishment that your great “rule of law” state foresees.

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