Calling of some forest occupants on the occasion of yesterday’s announcement of RWE, they want to fell trees in Hambi

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RWE announced yesterday via press release in their usual self-assured style, “within a short time” to want to fell trees, which are “dead or incurably damaged by the drought of last summer as well as by pest infestation”. Affected are allegedly 9 different, unspecified, locations in the occupied part of the forest, in the Merzenicher Erbwald near Morschenich, in the forest near the Hambach railroad and in the mining area.

Although we have nothing against trees occasionally falling on the rails, we will refer to the more ecologically valuable contiguous woodlands in the occupied part of the forest and in the Merzenicher Erbwald.

RWE claims that the “Hambach opencast mine” has “nothing to do with the tree damage”, referring to the summer of last year, which greatly weakened the trees and made them more susceptible to insect infestation. What a transfer performance! We all know who is largely responsible for climate change and extreme weather conditions!

RWE’s justification for the felling is the “forest owner’s obligation to provide traffic insurance”. They claim to “only fell as many trees as the safety of road users and forest visitors requires.” Clever move, RWE! The wording could justify the clearing of larger parts of the forest. This would create new avenues that would simplify future evictions and clearing. Unfortunately for them: as long as no public roads are affected, forest owners have no obligation to provide traffic safety in the forest, as a BGH (Federal Court) judgment of 2014 shows. Apart from the jurisprudence, which can be bent back and forth by the rulers at will, forest is nature, whose visit brings with it a general life risk and not a sterile garden in front of the house of an RWE board member.

Part of this nature is also a functioning ecosystem whose natural cycle is disturbed by removing the dead and sick trees. Innumerable animals find habitat in dead wood, and the decomposition process of the wood is also important for the regeneration of forest soil. The felling of the trees with tons of heavy equipment will further increase the density of the soil, making it difficult to regrow plants in the long term. Due to the noise development in addition the living brooding animals are disturbed.

Instead of deforestation, which does not do justice to the complex processes in forests, long-term plans for the regeneration of the forest stands should be created! By the way a small tip: it would be a good start to curb climate change, e.g. by the immediate coal exit…

If RWE should carry out forestry work in Hambach Forest, it is an attack on the occupation, a place of struggle against the exploitation of nature and against the system that supports this exploitation.
Politics and business are not interested in climate change solutions, so climate justice remains manual labor. The actors of climate change are everywhere. Attack them! Block them! Create real alternatives to a world of oppression and exploitation! Also after the mass actions, we must continue to keep moving – if weekend activism, then every weekend!

Should RWE actually carry out clearing in the Hambach Forest, this can not go unanswered! Whether here on the spot or decentralised actions, small groups or crowds, street blockades or occupations of branch offices, colour or fire, get creative and do not get caught!
In addition, the link to the RWE press release:

and the link to the verdict of theBGH (Federal Court):

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