General authority for the RWE group!

“For Hambach we will design a completely new lignite planning,
so that the forest could be preserved permanently” …

… thus “recently” the CEO of RWE AG, Rolf Martin Schmitz, according to Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, edition Rhein-Erft, page 32, last column, last paragraph: “Excavators come closer to the forest”.

What does that mean in detail?

  1. The mining of lignite in the Hambach opencast mine is to be continued.
    Otherwise they would need no “new” lignite planning, the open pit Hambach would otherwise only be phased out and terminated.
  2. The “new lignite planning“ should be “completely new”. Otherwise, the Hambacher forest can not be maintained permanently.
  3. The “completely new lignite planning” requires an extension of the previous mining area, since the supply of brown coal in the present limits of the open pit of Hambach will be exhausted in the foreseeable future.
  4. An extension of the present mining area is only possible in the east-west direction or to the north, since the intended permanent preservation of Hambacher Forest excludes an extension of the present mining area to the south.
  5. If the Sophienhöhe is to be preserved, only an extension of the Hambach opencast mine in east-west direction is possible, that is: to Elsdorf and Niederzier.
  6. If the Sophienhöhe is NOT to be preserved, also an extension of the open pit Hambach into the municipality of Titz comes into consideration.

… and on this the CEO of RWE AG, Mr. Rolf Martin Schmitz, seems to be able to decide alone at will: “…we will do…” and still, as always, against the Federal Mining Act, against all rights and laws applicable to the operation of an opencast mine and against fundamental rights and the constitution … quasi after general and war right.

Kurt Claßen

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