Skillsharing Camp in Hambach Forest, Sept 15th – 23rd

The second Skillsharing Camp of this year will take place from September 15th to 23rd. Here is the current Timetable.
We, the orga team, are currently very understaffed. If you are currently in the forest and / or in the meadow and you can imagine helping, then write to No prior knowledge required 😉

We still don’t have a kitchen crew. If you happen to be a culinary collective that can imagine cooking in the period then write as well.

Also artists, speakers and people who are already in demand can write.

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  1. Elke Wattjes--Becker

    Please help me! I’m urgend need of your help!!!
    In Castrop Habinghorst, they intensiv to cut down a tree,which is 250 years old. We did everything to stop it and I would rather explain it to you in German,and now there is almost no time left. They intend to kill the tree October1.So please contact me!!! Please do it as soon as possible,so that I can explain to you everything.

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