Skillshare 2019.2 – Timetable

This is the temporary timetable for the skillsharing camp. This isn’t the final version. The participation of many is vital to the skillsharing camp. If you have a skill you want to share or you want to talk about a specific topic… go for it and write an e-mail about what you want to do and when, to All workshops and events are at the meadow or the forest.

The workshops are generally on the meadow, if there are at an other place, it’s mentioned in the title. Here is the current map with all workshop locations.

A little annotation: Title and description are from the people doing the workshops. We, the orga, do explicitly not support every content. We are a diverse movement and of course different opinions are required.

We do NOT want racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, other group-applied hostility against people and generally right-wing shit.

The translation isn’t finished yet, it’s going to be finished the next days.

Daily: (except 19.09.)

-09:00-10:00 Breakfast

-12:00-14:00 if required climbing training for children
Here also very young people can learn, how to safe get up and down a tree. Maximum 5-7 participant’s.

-12:00-14:00 if required rescue climbing training
Here people, who already can do the climbing basics, can learn how to rescue a helpless person. Maximum 5-7 participant’s.

-14:00-15:00 Lunch

-14:00-15:00 Legal Team consultation-hour
You have a letter from the police or court because of a political action? You have other questions about legal stuff? Here you get advice from capable legal defenders from the Hambi Legal Team/EA.

-15:00-17:00 Basic climbing training (at 16th, 18th and 20th at 14:00 in Winkel)
You always wanted to know how the hambi activists get on their treehouses? Here you learn the basics of prusik climbing. Theres a maximum of 5-7 partcipants, that’s why the workshop is daily. Bring your own clmbing harness if you have one, if not, we also heve some.
Only with good weather.

-19:00-20:00 Dinner


-19:30 Support act: Dishlicker

-20:00 Opening gig: Früchte des Zorns


-11:00-14:00 Let’s talk about sex
Here we want to create a room to openly exchange about sexuality and the topics connected to it. The workshop has three parts:
-Generally about sex and consent
-Flirting with respect and not encroaching
-Open exchange about kinks and fetishes
Please be in time, because when we start we want to ask if people want a closed round. In that case we would close the workshop.

-12:00-18:00 (with lunch break) Acquirng treehouse building material preparing beams in Lluna
You are interested, where these fancy beams come from, that the treehouses in Hambi are being built with? Then come to Lluna! First we look for suitable tree trunks in the forest then we debranch, peel and cut them.

-14:00 Basic climbing training in Winkel

-15:00-16:30 Exchange round about free traveling
Traveling is great, but expensive, right? No, it hasn’t to. Here we going to talk about tramping, fare dodging and other possebilities to travel without money.

-16:30-18:00: Taking drugs? But safely!
Here you get real informations about drugs and theire use beside from: „This is bad, don´t do so!“
What is a drug? What is a trip? How does it arise? And how can you take drugs safer? This questions we will answer, so that you know, what you do, when you do it.

-18:00-19:00 Scuffle and consent
Playful scuffle and practice consent in a non-sexualised room

-20:00 Singer-songwriter evening: Sissi Fussel & Ava

-21:30 Cozy evening walk


-10:30-12:30 “What is the police allowed to do? Do I really have to show my ID? And what is the point of an assembly?” Legal basics for police contact.
What is the police allowed to on a legal basis? And how is it on an assembly? And how do I (legally) announce an assembly? Do I even have to announce? Introduction into police law and assembly law. No basic legal knowledge requierd.

-12:30-14:00 How to build and use a Lock-On
Basic-Workshop about the effective blockade technique

-15:00-16:30 Custody training
Without focusing on legal questions, we’d like to work on strategies together to prepare for police custody emotionally as well as physically in the form of role playing and exchange of experiences.

-16:30-17:30 Deny giving ID, prevent criminal prosecution?
How do I effectively deny giving my ID to the cops? What’s the advantages and risks? And what on earth is the point of the cut fingertips, that you have read about in the media around hambi? All these questions are answered here, including practice.

-17:30-19:30 Shoplifting works? But only if you don’t get caught!
In a world where everything already belongs to someone else, where I am expected to sell away my life at work in order to get the money to pay for the minimum I need to survive, where I am surrounded by forces beyond my control or comprehension that obviously are not concerned about my needs or welfare, it is a way to carve out a little piece of the world for myself—to act back upon a world that acts so much upon me.
The workshop has three parts, their extent can differ, depending on what the people are interested in. The first part is an open discussion about wether and with what aims shoplifting makes sense from a political view, the second part is about the possible legal consequences and the third part is a practical exchange.

-20:30 Movie: “In unser aller Namen” (On behalf of us all) with regisseur Thomas Meffert


-10:30-12:00: “I have there a letter sent to me…” What happens in court proceedings?
Broad overview with some stories and anecdotes. No basic legal knowledge requierd.

-11:00-12:00: coal mining in czech republic
What is the situation with coal in so called czech republc and what can we do about it?

-11:00-13:00 Out-of-action
While first aid and legal aid are already part of anti-repression structures, it often lacks emotional first aid after actions. That’s what Out of Action does: from activists for activists. We support people and those around them after they had severe or traumatising expiriences after an action.

-12:00-14:00 DIY-Stick&Poke-Tattoos
Tattoos cost money? No, you can do it yourself! Here you learn how.

-12:00-14:00: The people started talking, but nobody offered help to Conny“ – and you?
For some people taking drugs belongs to their personal freedom and autonomy, sometimes also in a rather harmful amount. In the workshop we want to talk about how we, as friends, comrades or partners can provide support during drug using and make it more save (tripsitting), but also, how we can deal with self-destructive consuming-behavior of others, which concerns us. How can we help and where are the limits? Exchanging experiences is absolutly wanted, but preknowledge for the topic itself not necessary.

-14:00 Basic climbing training in Winkel

-15:00-18:00 Building the tower – pulling up beams in Lluna

How do the beams get in the trees? You want to be part of the building process of a tower?In Lluna we will pull up the beams we have prepared before.

-15:30-17:30 “You get nothing from us!” How to deal with payment orders
Here you learn how you can deal with letters that tell you to pay money to someone, what are the different kinds of payment orders and what alternatives to paying there could be. No basic legal knowledge required.


Memorial day for Sonne, Steffen Meyn, no workshops.


Global climate strike

20th september is global climate strike. To give all people the possibility to join actions, there are no workshops on this day. Be creative and use the day, maybe for some practice. Over the whole day there will be consulting for small-group-actions and the EA is active (what they, of course, are during the whole camp) and expect get busy.

-14:00 Basic climbing training in Winkel


-10:30-12:00 Transpeople only: exchange round
Strategies for everyday life, dealing with legal barriers and ways to self-determination of body. Open exchange.
Cisgender people are excluded here, to have a safe space.

-12:00-18:00 (with lunch break) Splitting beams in Lluna

-12:00-15:00 Möglichkeiten der Rechtsdurchsetzung bei Hartz IV und Grundsicherung – Selbstbehauptung, Rechtsweg, Begleitung beim Amt
Auf Hartz IV bist Du schneller als Du denkst. Da gilt es zu wissen, welche Rechte bestehen und wo Fallstricke drohen: Ersparnisse und Lebensversicherungen sind rechtzeitig “hartz-fest” zu machen, die Wohnungskosten ebenso. Mit Lebenspartner/in drohen Überraschungen, ebenso in Haushaltsgemeinschaft mit Verwandten, ohne tatsächlich diesen gegenüber einen Unterhaltsanspruch zu haben. Im Alter bleibt nur die rentenergänzende Grundsicherung.
Viele Menschen erleiden Kürzungen oder nehmen zustehende Leistungen wie ergänzende laufende oder einmalige Unterstützung bei Niedriglohn oder kleiner Rente, nicht in Anspruch. (Wer arbeitet, hat Freibeträge zusätzlich zu Hartz IV). Schwankendes Einkommen und vorläufige Bescheide sind ein großes Problem, ebenso Darlehen für Anschaffungen oder Stromschulden.
Dieser Kurs bietet Infos über die allgemeine Rechtslage und für besondere Lebenslagen. Möglichkeiten der Selbstbehauptung und des Rechtsweges (Begleitung beim Amt, Beschwerde, Widerspruch, Klage) werden besprochen.

-13:00 Building barricades at the Jesuspoint

-15:00-16:30 Classism

-15:00-17:00 Sniffing, smoking, treehouse building. And the boundaries of the people around me?
Living in the forest provides a lot of freedoms. Normaly nobody tells us, what to do. Taking drugs is not regulated. Our druguse – our business. But especially under the influence of drugs, personal boundaries of others often get exceeded.
Where and why does it happen?
How can we prevent this – as consuming person and as Comunity?
What shall we do, if it already happened?
We will talk about this in an open round, which only gets moderated with questions and cues, when the discussion stucks.

-15:00-16:30 Who are these “Bürgis” anyways?
Critical reflection on an uncool topic: Classicism.
— Anyway, Kevin, Chantal, Jaqueline, that’s what their names are telling us, are stupid. — But about CLASS, can’t really be talked about any longer today! — however, YOU must, consider what Marx, Bourdieu and …
b like bla or bullshit bingo – there it starts!
Loathing, silencing, ignoring, replacing, knowing better … how bourgeois exclusion mechanisms work.
All of this helps to make class a topic that “makes us tense, nervous and uncertain about our own point of view.” Unsurprisingly, most people can not classify well what classicism means or what position they are in.
Sounds like we have to talk.
In English or German, let’s see how it fits.

-16:30-17:30 Capture the flag in the forest

-17:30 Singer-songwriter afternoon: ComplÄxx, Sissi Fussel and more

-20:00 Karaoke evening


IT-Day on the Mahnwache:

-10:00-12:00 Encryption:
You cannot rely on the state to secure our rights. In these times we have take care about our privacy ourselves – encryption is nessecary to secure ourselves from data monopols, surveillance and hostile hackers.

-12:00-14:00 Google free smartphones
Free your smartphone from surveillance software, with the free operating system LineageOS. We show, how to install it.

-15:00-18:00 Anonymität – Burner-Phones, öffentliche Statements, Tor & Tails

It’s not easy to stay anonymous when surveillance is everywhere. The most effective tool we have is the tor-network. There are some things you should have in mind when you use it. We will give you some advise.


-12:00-14:00 in Lluna: How to build a tower
We have a walk through the Lluna tower and explain, how and why this one was built as it was built.

-13:00 Building barricades at the Jesuspoint

-13:00-16:00: Safety at work and fire prevention

-15:00-18:00 in Lluna: Good roofs from crappy material
How can we build good roofs with the material we have? Introduction in the theory of building bigger roofs in hambi and practice of the related knots

-18:00-19:00 Sex worker exchanging round
Open round for everyone, who is doing or interested in doing sex work.

-20:00 No-Talent-Talent-Show
What’s a ‘No-Talent-Talent-Show’? Simply a No-Talent-Talent-Show is a show, where nothing is embarrassing, but everything is cool and funny and a stage for people to do things, even if they belive they are bad at this. No matter if singing, rap, playing theatre or strpping, there is space for everythng.


-11:00-12:00: Next skillshare, now finding people for the orga
You liked the skillshare? You would like to have again a skillshare at Easter? Us too. That’s why we want to start finding people for the organization of the next skillshare now. You want to help, bu don’t know how? No problem, that’s what the meeting is for: We will do a short introduction in the orga, exchanging contact data and brainstorming ToDo’s. Open meeting for everyone, who wants to help organizing the skillshare.

-12:30-14:00 at the ‘Mahnwache’: LaTeX – an introduction in looking good

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