connections and solidarity

With this text, we (a small number of people living in the Hambach Forest) want to point out the connections between global problems and conflicts.

The struggle at the hambach forest has to always be viewed in the global context: the German weapon-industry is running on the energy which is produced by RWEs power plants. Therefor directly supporting wars. Every war is murderous and forces people to leave their home.

But it isn’t just weapons that destroy lives, more and more people are loosing the basis of their lives because of environmental destruction.

Burning coal enforces the global warming, which is more and more often contributing to

circumstances which make people flee.

That’s why it is even more shocking, that the borders are militarized to prevent people from entering Europe. People are being forced to take more risky routes, even if it means threatening their own lifes.

At the same time, activists who rescue people in the Mediterranean sea are being criminalized.

But the problem is not migration but the circumstances that force people to flee. Since Germany’s economic system is reinforcing these circumstances, all of us are directly responsible for what’s happening. So resistance should start within our own lifes. That’s why we see the struggle in the Hambach Forest as part of the fight against a globalized and life-threatening system.

If one of us gets attacked, either by bombs, repression or by denying people their right for asylum, this is an attack on all of us! We are in solidarity with everyone, who fights for a world without exploitation and oppression, whether it’s on the Mediterranean sea, in Rojava, Chile, Hongkong, …!

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