A cent into the gear of repression

On October 7th, 2018, shortly after the clear cutting stop, an activist gave a speech during the forest walk, in which among other things she called to continue fighting against coal despite the clear cutting stop. Now, more than a year later, she was fined € 600 (60 daily sentences of € 10 each) for “calling for crimes”. We deliberately did not mobilize for the law suit on a large scale, as the activist suffers from massive trauma consequences from police brutality during the large eviction actions in the fall of 2018, and a major trial with a large audience, many cops, etc. was likely to cause further damage. But that does not mean that we do not want to annoy the repressive organs even after the court’s verdict. Therefore, this call: Please transfer, all of you, a small sum between 1 and 23 cents to pay the fine. Let’s see if the resulting administrative burden is covered by the punishment, because as the kangaroo says: Dangerous people you have to keep busy, otherwise they will keep you busy 😉 Here are the account data:

Zentrale Zahlstelle Justiz
Dt. Bundesbank Fil. Dortmund
IBAN: DE84 4400 0000 0041 0015 09
Important to specify as purpose of payment: Kassenzeichen X100739605317X

Hobbit asks (German version of this page):

Will you publish a regular update of the total amount transferred? Or a message when the 60,000 cents were provided? Not that we give the court more than necessary
And what is going to happen to every extra cent?

Our answer:

There will be regular updates, but not daily because the person concerned has to ask regularly and to wait for a letter. If there will be collected more, the court has to ask them where the the excess amount has to be transferred back. In fact we do not assume that the whole sum will come together, but rather that a rest has to be paid. Otherwise, the excess amount money will go of course to an anti-repression fund for activists.

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