Hambi saved, villages lost? Not yet!

Hambi gerettet?See also: Press Release

UPDATE January 21th: After a protest by the North Rhine-Westphalian Minister for Economic Affairs Pinkwart, RWE has published a new map, see below. The question is, of course. whether this theater had been arranged beforehand. Because now the NRW state government is playing the role of savior of the forest and Morschenich..

An article appeared on the front page of the Aachener Nachrichten today under the heading: “Hambi saved, villages lost!”
On page three, a picture was published on how we should imagine this. Larger scale at the end of this article. So according to the plan, dredging should take place around the back of the forest, leaving a 400 m high hill with the rest of a lowland forest on it. Then the ex-Hambi will die of thirst.
Oops! Then we can cut and dig up the rest too. Pity!

It is also a shame about the many jobs in the wind energy sector, which have already been lost due to the non-exit, in a number that is far more than the jobs in lignite mining.

Or do we have to interpret it in such a way that RWE is currently playing poker very high, so that the compensation is high too?
It may be that RWE is not seriously considering implementing this plan 1:1 as it is presented on the map. Rather, that they want to be paid again for NOT doing something. Because they have already indicated that this plan has pushed the limits of what is feasible. In other words, the state has to pay anything beyond that.
Then it can’t hurt if the villages are gone, even if there will be no digging at all. Because with the money from the different pots (EU, Germany, NRW), industry can then be settled there. The Rhenish Westphalian Expropriator company (RWE) would be of course well positioned. So we have to imagine the coal exit: another empty promise and business as usual.

So the troubles with RWE are far from finished. We will still meet many time, we suppose. Hambi saved, villages lost? Far from both!

How to read the map
Sohienhöhe: overburden dump with artificial forest
Tagebau: opencast mine
geplanter Abbau: planned excavation
Hambacher Forst: Hambi, planned to stand on a 400 m high mountain. The bats are already looking forward to the view.
Morschenich & Manheim: partially already ruined villages
Möglicher Verlauf angepasste Oberkante: Possible course adapted upper edge, after RWE information.

Hambi saved?

On January 21th, this map was also published in the Aachener Nachrichten, according to the actualised RWE information:
Hambi saved?

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