Wed. May 20: Call Out for Stop Datteln4 Solidarity Actions


This wendsday actions will take place across Europe against North Rhine Westphalia’s newest powerplant to be activated: Datteln4, operated by State owned Finish corporation Uniper, about to be connected to the grid showing no coal exit in sight and the disastrous climate consequences of this aproach.

Actions will take place in Datteln with official rallies set up and a call for Fridays for the Future and FLINT and allies participation and across europe in form of bike rallies, demos, mahnwahe, online actions and an ongoing call for expressions of solidarity from everywhere with this important cause:

Datteln4 is a new, burning imported from Siberia and Columbia blood coal, power plant that goverment of NRW plans to connect to the grid this summer. So instead of immediate coal exit needed not to go over 2 degrees celsius catastrophic climate runaway point we have postponment of decarbonization untill 2038 and new power plants being activated putting the planet on the path of cataclysmic 4 to 6 degree global warming. The Coal Regime of Laschets is using the argument that to comensate for Datteln4 older less efficient coal power plants will be taken offline. In reality all of the mentioned outdated plants have been functioning on very limited copacity for several years when Datteln is one of the largest power plants in Europe and will function on full capacity, generating uward of 8 million ton of CO2.

Not only is Datteln4 symbolic of NRW pro coal goverment putting the whole planet on a course of planetary catastrophe and extinction being the largest net CO2 emitter in Europe as it is. It is even more so by settin a course, and often quoted example, for coal heavy government of Poland, Czechia, Romania and Bulgaria and other Balkan territories.

The cost of imported black coal to indigenous communities of Siberia and Columbia is just as high as to those affected by climate disasters in the Global south: whole villages and communities are forecefully moved with constant repression and murder of enviroental activists and members of the community:

Impact of coal on Siberian Communities:

Effect in Columbia, mostly on indienous and afro-columbian communities is even more severe with the RWE and other european importers coal being responsible for their contractors openly paying right wing malitias for displacement of over 50000 and deaths of over 3000 for their coal mines alone, with their mine security being responsible for dissapearing 300+ disposessed locals who entered on what is now coal mine property of european coal export contractors.

Columbian Post-Colonialist Coal: – RWE #1 Importer

Report from 2016, however one of the best overview with most of the processes continuing to this day without interuption,

Datteln4 is an an incredible example of destructiveness and toxicity of coal on yet another level: The facility is 280 meters(400 meters from the Chimney Stacks) from a specialist children hospital with focus on……yes….Respiratory and Pulmatory Diseases and Ailments. This is why there is and has been for years mass local opposition to the project. Hospital itself raises no voices of protest as the Uniper provides it with free power and a 50K yearly grant. What is next? Coal companies putting their name and generating “positive” publicity by sponsoring a refugee center from next wave of global droughts, forest fires or record breaking cyclones or hurricanes?!

That is all why mass actions are taking place through out this week leading to Wednesday stock holders meeting. An action rally took place this Sunday with some photos shared through this article. It included 3 mahnwahes (Local Anti Datteln4 Community Group, Political Youth Group and EndeGeleande) with aproximately 300 actiivists.


For Wednsday Stock holders meeting variety of groupus are coming together including Fridays for Future and Critical Auctioneers with a series of digital and in person actions planned:

Across Germany and Finland handing off a letter from activist to uniper and NRW, Federal and Finish government will take place.

Online Actions will be complemented by bike and other demos in many cities across Europe:


At Datteln4 on Wensday a Mahnwahe will be open from 8:30 to 11:00 at „Seilscheibe“ on the river bank facing the plant to which you can get by walking to the main gate from the closes bus stop. Keep in mind that at the rally the number of participants will be limited to 80, but like before there is possibility of other mahnwahes being open as well.  The Wednsday action/event has callouts for Fridays For the Future, FLINT and allies participation.

Decentralized actions:

More info and additional actions on #Dateln4 & #StopDatteln4 and background info on Copact petition page signed by 85K so far, with Fridays for the Future activists camaigning for members of society to leave their signature. So if you are not able to engage in actions share, it sign and let it be just a start of engagement.


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