CALL FOR ACTION: Lets Re-Wild the old A4 Autobahn!!

Call for Action: Let’s give back the former A4 to nature!

We successfully fought against RWE and NRW‘s state government to not clearcut the forest. They declared that the Hambach Forest will not be used for brown coal mining any more.

This is a success of our common fight that has been going on for several years.

However, this forest has not been „saved“: The wounds that have been caused to the forest are deep.

One of these many wounds that is very visible is the former highway A4 that goes from the Secu-Point to the East of the forest like a scar. It is an ecological desert, a broad stripe without any plants, with many negative impacts on the forest and its animals.

Also, a research paper published by the Potsdam Institut für Klimafolgenforschung (PIK) and the Hochschule Eberswalde demands for rescuing the Hambach Forest: „The former highway A4 is to be recultivated and re-planted with forest as soon as possible.“ (see, see also:!5618305/).

If the forest is really not to be cut down any more, this road must be removed from the forest by RWE.

It is an „object that does not belong to the forest“ (as RWE says), and therefore should be removed from the forest.

However, we do not want to wait for RWE to do something maybe at some point in the future (if at all), but to become active ourselves and to begin to give back the former A4 to nature.

We want to start to replant this empty desert road with our hands‘ work, to fill it again with plants and animals that can use it. Let us work together with basic tools to change this ecological crime and to replant the former A4 with pioneer plants. We have already started- just join us (keeping Corona safety distance, of course).

Maybe we can also motivate gardening centers and tree schools to help us bringing soil and water with trucks in order to step by step help nature to heal this wound in the forest.

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