Critical whiteness weekend in hambach forest

Invitation for a Critical Whiteness Weekend in Hambach Forest

We want to come together and learn about the History of racism/colonialism, daily racism but also our very own internalised racism. Therefore we invite you to live, learn and reflect on ourselves together in the Hambach Forest from 2.10. to 4.10.
The weekend will be for free but if you are able to donate something we would appreciate it. Arrival day is planned to be 1.10.

It is important for us to clarify that every person that was involved in the planning is white. We are not free from racism. We do not know what it means to be affected by racism. We understand ourselves as learning participants of the weekend. And we wish that every white attendee shares this awereness. We want to open a room so that we can reflect on our thinking and acting.

The plan is to camp the whole weekend together in one space in the forest. After having breakfast together we want to fill the days with some workshops and rounds for reflection. While doing so we want to make sure to have enough time for getting to know each other and building networks. Everyone can participate. If you have plans for a cool workshop you want to do please write us a mail.
In the evening we want to cook and eat together. If you have some food at home that would otherwise spoil you can bring it.
It is very important for us that we consume only vegan stuff at this weekend, because we want to be aware for all forms of oppression which means also the oppression between human and non-human animals.

We will spend the time in the forest so we would wish for the ecosystem to be respected. For that: stay on paths, camping only in the marked area, collect your and other’s trash.
This forest is occupied which means that police actions can possibly happen at any time.

Please bring a tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag. We’ll find a solution if you don’t have these things.

We are very much looking forward to this weekend!
Please write us a short mail if you wanna come to:
You can also reach us if you have questions, thoughts and critics and if you need a description of the way. We’ve also got a pgp-key if you wanna write to us encrypted.

Regarding corona we ask you to keep distance and to wear masks. We will spend our time outside and we have enough Desinfection for everyone.

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