Solidarity against Repression!

In the course of militarized assault on the meadow on August 28, an activist from the forest was taken down off the kitchen roof after updating the outside on the situation in the meadow and arrested He was taken to the police HQ in Aachen, where he was identified. It was found that there is still an outstanding fines for previous accusations resulting out of actions in the Hambach Forest. The police therefore threatened with a sentence of 150 days jail. The daily rates were advanced by a solidarity private person who is no financial standing to cover the costs long term. As fines are an attempt to drain financial resources of the movement please help us gather funds to at least partially repay this sum. We ask you to carry together this penalty of 1500 € (10 € x 150 days) ! Please participate in this donation call. No JUStice – no peace! more…

08/29/2018, 5:00–7:00 pm, Demo from Buir to Meadow Occupation in Hambach Forest

After the destruction of a large part of the meadow occupation by the police we call for a demo against state arbitrariness and for the preservation of Hambach Forest.

On Tuesday, the police brutally cleared the meadow camp, destroyed several buildings, stole water, tools and other infrastructure, and did not stop at personal items such as tents, sleeping bags, and cameras.
All those present in the meadow were given a sending-off – and this on a private property and without the owner of the meadow being informed. 15 people were arbitrarily arrested and access to the meadow and the publicly accessible forest was denied all day long. That is completely disproportionate!
The state government of North Rhine-Westphalia is trying to criminalize the resistance and to wear it down, because the meadow camp is an important infrastructure of resistance in the Hambach Forest.

But we will not accept that! We will not let that stop us!
Together, we will vigorously move with many in a demonstration to the meadow and protest for the preservation of Hambach forest and thus for climate justice.
Together we will prevent the clearing and save the Hambach forest!

Place: Buir Railway station (Open Street Map)
Time: 5:00 pm meeting point, 5:30 Start of the demo
Final rally: about 6:30

Following the demonstration, there will be food in the meadow camp and this way the meadow will be revived collectively.

Together against the old world! Join the Hambach Forest Occupation!

It is serious, the evacuation of the Hambach Forest occupation is approaching daily.

For three days now there is permanent police force in the wood. The police has meanwhile cleared all access roads and has already provided heavy machinery in the surrounding villages (water cannons, eviction tanks, etc, …)
But it is not over yet! Not one tree was cut until now and with your help it will stay that way. Day X has not arrived yet, but the overall situation will challenge the power of the activists, so your support is more important than ever.

Every person who comes to us empowers us to fight.
Let’s defend the Hambach Forest! Now!

Press release from the Hambach Forest – Meadow search and partial evacuation

Today, on 28/08/2018, there are partial evictions in the meadow camp of the Hambach Forest occupation as consequence of a search. The purpose of this search is to provide evidence of past actions and to seize items to carry out further actions.
As part of this mission, which began at 7:20 clock, there were over 30 sending-offs and also some arrests.
As a result of the five-day long police operation, the Hambach Forest has now been declared a danger area, ie. no people are being let in right now.

We strongly condemn the escalating actions of the police. The violence emanating from the police is in no way de-escalating, and the destruction of livelihood with the legitimation of confiscation of dangerous objects is unacceptable.

The Press Group

For further information:

Get ready to prevent evictions!


We currently assume that between 08-22 and 09-22, there will be large evictions in the forest, including an eviction of the occupations. This assumption is underpinned by information that we have been given that specifically targets this period.

What makes us so sure?

During the past few weeks, there have been repeatedly police operations involving climbing police, as well as factory fire brigades and other RWE personnel. Coordinates were collected, tree houses photographed and mapped, and as much information on the tree houses as possible. Therefore, we can assume that police and RWE are gaining an overview of the situation in order to be able to evacuate in the short term.

Past police operations:
Monday, July 30th: Fototour der Polizei im Forst (German only)
Monday, August 6th and Thursday, August 9th: Polizei im Wald (German only)

We need you now! Time is running against us right now and we still have much to prepare for preventing eviction. Prepare yourselves, best get into the forest as soon as possible and speak with your affinity group, if you have one. Whether you want to put up evictions directly in the way or you prefer to participate in a way that does not put you in danger, everyone can help in their own way. You can support us anyway, no matter if you can be here only for a few hours, a couple of days or the entire felling season.

Whether peaceful or militant, the resistance is what counts!

Read also about the question: What to do on Day X?

Release of the last activist who took part in the five days of action against Eurostatory, an arms fair set up close to Paris, France.

Release of the last activist who took part in the five days of action against Eurostatory, an arms fair set up close to Paris, France.

Rodolphe is free! Here’s a report of the five days of action against Eurosatory, the arms fair that took place 11h to 15th of June in Villepinte (93) close to Paris, France.

Rodolphe was finally released after 48 hours in custody. He took direct action at the arms fair, aiming to disrupt the fair, in hope that a few contracts signed with a handful of dictators wishing to suppress their people would be postponed or even, put off!
The police accused Rodolphe for having smoke flares on him, and charged him with possession of explosives. In court, the prosecutor admitted that the case was ‘surreal’ and abandoned all charges against our comrade.

June 14th 2018: six non-vio!ent activists spot a hole in the fences surrounding the arms fair, specifically the area where weapons meant for export are exhibited every day. The activists muster the courage to take action: in front of hundreds of journalists specialised in the military and of weapons salespeople, the activists interrupt in a nonviolent manner a scene of war staged to promote the arms trade. Nice one!

The six activists are taken into custody… and five of them released after 24 hours without all charges dropped. As for Rodolphe, he is charged with the possession of explosives and his detention is extended.
Faced with the risk of a political trial and the growing mobilisation of people demanding his release, as well as with the fear of prompting a media debate about the existence of an arms fair close to Paris, the prosecutor decides to abandon the charges. This will only encourage us to do more!

Several peaceful activists who participated in this action were mishandled by the cops when they were arrested, and will file a complaint to the IGPN (Inspector Géneral de la Police National – the Independent Office for Police Conduct). A law-enforcement officer even destroyed the phone of an activist to prevent the dissemination of a video showing the disproportionate amount of violence used by the cops. Taking these legal actions comes at a cost so a call-out for donations has been set up.



As boasted in the official advertisement for Eurosatory, the fair opens the door to every security and defence markets, enables weaponery professionals to meet and trade, gives access to all the new products and weapon systems, and showcases and other dynamic exhibitions of weapons.
Eurosatory is where 227 official delegations are ready to whip out their checkbook and drool over brand new electronic gadgets. Representatives of the armed forces from 94 countries also attend the arms fair to push their counterparts and journalists to promote and thereby foster the killing machine. In a nutshell it is the the global reference for supermarkets specialised in killing.

Fairgoers carefully avoid saying the word ‘war’, a synonym of mass scale destruction. At the same time, salespeople parade the weapons that have been used on the ground in Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Afghanistan or Irak. Whether the victims were civilians or military, whether they were men women or children.

Envoys from the countries categorised as ‘friends of France’, such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the USA and Israel, all attended the fair this year. No need to demonstrate here the responsibility of these countries in many armed conflicts around the world, from the Middle East to Africa.
Delegates of the Israeli company TAVOR were also exhibiting at the fair, despite their rifles being used by the Israel army to shoot on unarmed protestors and causing the death of a lot of civilian casualties including women, children and medical staff. In fact, Israel was one of the countries with the highest representation at the 2018 edition of the arms trade fair.

A lot of activists took action this year to block or disrupt the killing trade in Villepinte. Even before the fair was set up, some activists did some adbusting closeby:

‘I turn myself against others and against the future’
‘Sell arms or nuclear fuck up lives and the planet’
‘Euro Statory 2018 – arm yourself with silence and silex!’

‘Eurosatory kills’

On the 1st day of the fair, activists gathered in numbers to disrupt the arrival of the fairgoers.

The next day, on the 12th of June, activists from collective Les Désobeissants (the ‘unruly’) and Hadama Traore of the movement LREEM (the Revolution on the Move [play on words with the French president Macron’s party La République en Marche, the Republic on the Move!]) condemned the selling of weapons in the heart of Villepinte, one of France’s hardest-hit departments socially and economically.

Hadam Traore criticises the French president’s discourse on the need to revitalise poorer areas like Villepinte. With the arms fair happening here, the department’s reputation can however only be damaged even more. Residents here have witnessed conflicts between neighbourhoods, causing many to be injured. Hadama Traoré condemns the media and national government for pointing fingers at the residents of Villepinte and criminalising them when businessmen in white collars walk out of the arms fair down the road, unscathed, making millions out of human misery.

We are of course intending to continue taking action against all the arms fairs taking place in France, as this country is one of the largest exporter of arms in the world.

We will be specifically targeting the arms fair at the Bourget (June 2019) that is aimed for the export of war aircraft, and the Milipol arms fair (November 2019) organised to sell material used in the USA for internal repression.

We will never give up
the team of the Désobéissants
get in touch: rémi (

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