Some Dates

January 13th HambiSoliParty, AZ Wuppertal

January 14th Forest Walk, Hambi, 11:30 o’clock

January 17th Lecture, short films, discussion
„Braunkohlewiderstand im rheinischen Revier – mit Schwerpunkt Hambacher Wald“
18 Uhr, Bogensaal, Haus der Kirche, Frère-Roger-Str. 8-10, Aachen

January 18th HambiSoliKonzert, Café Chaos Köln

January 19th HambiSoliKonzert, Sonic Ballroom Köln

January 20th HambiSoliKonzert, Jam Club Koblenz

Switch off coal – not climate protection!

Sign the petition “Switch off coal – not climate protection!”

“That takes the cake! The negotiators for the formation of a new government in Germany want to bury the climate target for 2020 – although Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz recently firmly committed to it. A fatal signal for global climate protection: If Germany gives up its climate goals, the same could happen in quite a few other countries.”

Please note as well the petition “dismantling break in Manheim-old”

Things that we urgently need right now

We expect the eviction soon, so we need:

  • Evictionfood (VEGAN) (food, which doesn’t get bad) oats, rice, tins, chocolate, nuts, dried fruit
  • packed water (also for eviction)
  • small gas stoves
  • all kind of transport capacities (cars, trailers, time)
  • Bitumen to rainproof our roofs 😉

Thanks in advance, also for all the many things that have arrived in any form already with us.

System Change, not Climate Change!

See also Donations in kind

New forest occupation at the Frankfurt airport

Website of the occupation;art688,2874426

Demolition of the “Immerath Dom”

Live Ticker:

Jan. 9

12:00 Meanwhile, the first tower is destroyed, rubble is cleared away.

Jan. 8
Since early morning, the cathedral was occupied by Greenpeace activists. Banners were unrolled, people locked themselves on in the cathedral. Two Greenpeace activists were bitten by a police dog early in the morning and hospitalized. Hambis were sitting on the roof of a neighboring house. There too, banners were unrolled. On-site observers reported that there probably would not be demolished today.
The demolition is scheduled for 2 weeks. It will begin on the main nave (altar side). Already yesterday, some hundreds of people were there and protested.

4:20 pm All previously arrested persons are free again!
2:20 pm 4 people were arrested. Police states that they have been brought to the Hückelhoven police station for ID treatment.
2:14 pm The demolition started more…

The demolition of the Immerath Cathedral on 01/08/2018


Immerath is one of the villages that have to disappear in favour of the extracting of lignite. The church is called the Dom (cathedral), because of its size.

The Citizens’ Initiative A Dom for Immer(ath) invites to a vigil and a political prayer on Jan. 7th. There was an open planning meeting on January 3.

And now a mail on this topic, that was sent to us:

Hello everybody,

on a sad current occasion this mail at the beginning of the year.

On Monday, the 8th of January, the destruction of the Immerath Dom will start. St. Lambertus will be razed to the ground on behalf of RWE.

Everything has to give way to the lignite – villages, churches, forests, people and animals.

We will use the extermination of the Immerath Dom to set an impressive signal again. No other village, no other church, no other forest may be destroyed for lignite.

Ein Dom für Immer(ath)
(A cathedral for Immerath. Immer = always)

On Sunday, January 7, there will be a vigil in Immerath from 12 o’clock. At 1 o’clock pm, various initiatives invite to a political prayer.

One day before, Saturday, January 6th, Epiphany. From 1:00 o’clock we will celebrate this day at St. Lambertus. The kings at the cathedral. A registered vigil at St. Lambertus. With as many people as possible. We will set up tables and benches, eat, drink, talk, sing, be silent, play music, draw red lines… of course, as with the biblical Magi, culinary gifts of all kinds are welcome. more…

Cable fire at the opencast mine

We found this article at indymedia:

On 12/24/2017 we set the cables on fire that supply the Hambach open-pit mine with electricity. So at least some of the huge machines were halted there. The cables were in this case at the viewpoint on the open pit (near Terra Nova).

The Hambach mine is a hole that is larger than Cologne, in which is dug for lignite (brown coal). The burning of this coal emits an incredible amount of CO₂ (as well as other things, such as arsenic, mercury, …), thus fueling climate change. Climate change has catastrophic consequences, such as droughts, floods and storms, causing many people to die or be deprived of their livelihoods.
In addition, for this open pit many people have to move out of their villages, as they have to give way to the opencast mining and the Hambacher Forst, an ancient, beautiful forest is being cut down.

Stop Coal now!

To RWE: Merry Crisis and a happy new fear!

TV report from 12/28/2017

Last week, a team from the German TV channel ARD was in the Hambach Forest. Their report was on television on Thursday, 12/28/2017, and now also at (high resolution)
Both links will be opened in an new tab.
Although the language is German, you can get a good impression of the troubles on the secu road, at which the TV team accidentally was present, the day after the stop of the deforestation.
More info: Live Ticker Barricade Eviction 12/20
The film also shows the result of this year’s clear-cutting, which lasted only two days and the team also visited a tree house.