On the current situation and the occupation in Morschenich

In addition to the report on the occupation in Morschenich (House occupied in Morschenich) two people from the forest write here, because they feel the need to give a comment in retrospect. As always, the following is a formulation of individuals and not necessarily representative of the whole forest population.

An important point of anti-capitalist criticism starts right here: If a company can own a whole village, it can also determine what happens to it.

The examples of Manheim and Morschenich, where RWE relocates people and destroys houses, history and personal memories, in order to re-market the entire region, makes obvious the whole tragedy that comes with the massive depropriation by a big company. In the form of the villages, Hambach forest and the surrounding forests, RWE not only possesses important resources, but also can design the whole region and its habitats. Actually, such kind of property is theft. Because even if the company stops lignite mining in the region and instead pursues other plans (industry settlement etc.), it does not focus on the needs of those still living here, it’s all just about maximizing profits. This approach has always been supported by the state government in Düsseldorf. more…

Greeting message from Rojava

We received this message from Rojava, together with a video:

Greetings from Make Rojava Green Again and the Internationalist Commune of Rojava to #RiseUp4Rojava


“Today, at the global day of action to defend the revolution in Rojava, we would like to send our greetings of solidarity to all those different struggles all around the world”.

Greetings from Make Rojava Green Again and the Internationalist Commune of Rojava – RiseUp4Rojava

Dear Comrades, dear friends,

We are sending our warm greetings from Rojava, the Democratic Federation of Northeast Syria,to all of you, who have participated in the Global Days of Action to defend Rojava against the threat of the Turkish fascist Erdogan regime. And we greet all, who are struggling for a free, democratic and ecological society.


Open letter from South Siberia, where hard coal is mined for RWE.

We received the open letter below. In Siberia, hard coal is being mined under catastrophic conditions and villages of the remaining indigenous people are being destroyed. RWE procures hard coal from the region and also invests there, which make it directly responsible.

##AlleDörferBleiben : here and everywhere!

On February 8, 2019, a meeting took place in the Kemerovo region (southern Siberia, Russia). The meeting was organized by Kyivov, the new governor of the Kemerovo region. He invited all the directors of the Russian coal companies. Representatives of shorian NGOs wrote an open letter to all participants of the meeting, which was also supported by residents of nine (9) villages in the Kemerovo region.

Open letter to the coal companies meeting in the Kemerovo region, Russia more…

RWE Colombian “Blood Coal” Imports

RWE and Vatenfall continue to receive their Colombian Blood-Coal Imports from 2 companies operating their mines in Cesar region bordering Venezuela. Both of these companies: Drummond and Prodeco have been using right-wing paramilitaries as their private security force which has committed over 3,000 killings, over 59,000 forced removals and the disappearance of at least 240 people all in the region affected by coal mining. Nine different independent sources have confirmed that Drummond AUC made ​​substantial financial contributions to the main right wing group in the region, Juan Andrés Alvares front. The payment methods ranged from direct cash payments to covert transfers via service providers and transfers of f set percentage yields of the mine operators. Drummond also ordered it official private security company AUC to remove “suspicious persons” from its premises. Telephone orders to do so resulted in the killing of these persons. more…

Solidarity Action Day for Hambi4, The Forest and for Climate Justice: Saturday 10.3.2018

Hambi 4 remain imprisoned going on two months now for offenses for which Hambach Forest Activists have not been detained for longer than 48 hours before.  This is also a record number of Hambacher Forest Activists that have been detained for so long. The Climate Crisis Capitalism is responding to the global emergency it has and which it continues to create with a permanent state of emergency based on fear, militarization and even more  of  its usual repression. more…

Mail to the 4 being Destroyed and Withheld

UPA 1,3 and 11 are being held in the same cell block and are able to see each other with 11 not getting any mail as it was misdirected and forwarded to UPA9 in Aachen who is aready out (if anybody is able to pick this mail up maybe it could be forwarded to 11?). With 2 being isolated from all the others and not able to see other Hambis and so is especially asking for any reading material: zines, print-outs from the blog and other autono media outlets. The prisoners have once again been lied to and told that they can not have books send in when paper back, zines and mags are allowed. They also had soli photos and other materials withheld and destroyed. more…

Starting a Prison Riot: Hambi Prison Story from Texas

Before dropping out completely out of capitalist work and profit driven world and fully realizing how corrupt and full of lies it was I would engage in temporary work during my travels. It was at a gig like that helping at upholstery shop in a small west Texas town located right on the border with Mexico, that I discovered how fucked small town “justice” can be. The shop was a car-lot full of dead and old cars, some with bullet hole riddled windows with a small shack in a middle, for two weeks I lived and worked in that shack and had access to one of the old cars to get around. And as I drove in that old clunker to get a shower, pick up my wages for one a half weeks from my employer in the middle of town I was cut off by a police car the cop ran out of his car with a gun in his hand which he pointed in my face and arrested me for stealing the car I was driving. more…

Hambi 4 in Prison for a Month now!

Today the Hambi4 Have been in jail for a month. For a whole month for resisting forest and climate destroying bullshit of RWE and NRW Police by refusing to identify themselves. Refusing to identify themselves to among other reasons not make it so easy to keep issuing orders to stay away from the Hambach Forest and RWE properties that so often been given to Hambi, Climate Camp and Ende Gelände people to make it more difficult for them to continue our resistance. In Germany so far it was only possible to be detained for 48 hours without being identified with no charges being filed. This has always been the case in the past, this time however, more…