RED CARD for RWE: Shareholders Meeting Thur. 4.26.2018 8:00-14:00

On this aniversary of Chernobyl Disaster RWE annual stockholders meeting will take place in the convention center in Essen.  To respond to RWE continuation of climate disasterism and its destruction of ecosystems and communities world-wide a Red Lines action will take place around the convention center at 8:00, where a coalition of groups, struggles and initiatives will converge to give RWE a Red Card for the following reasons:

Red card for the climate killer RWE!

Red card for the repression against climate activists!

Red card for the destruction of the Hambach Forest and forced relocations!

Red card for uranium deliveries to breakdown reactors Tihange and Doel

Red card for uranium shipments to the US for nuclear weapons tritium

Red card for RWE-AKW Lingen 2 and Gundremmingen C

Red card for the health hazard!

Red card for blood coal from Colombia and Russia!

The list is long: Despite climate change and the energy transition, RWE continues to rely on fossil fuels, especially coal. RWE destroys forests, villages and endangers the health of many people and the global climate. Despite nuclear phase-out, RWE supplies the Tihange and Doel breakdown reactors and is involved in the Gronau uranium enrichment plant. RWE earns millions in this life-threatening situation for Europe. We can not tolerate that!

We can not tolerate RWE constant co-option of the political, legal and law-enforcement infrastructure as its complicit in Climate Collapse represive aparatus. SYSTEM CHANGE NOT CLIMATE CHANGE!!

Join other Climate Justice and  grass-roots activists from around the world to engage in open criticism of RWE at 1300 at the Essen City hall.  Essen is the seat of RWE headquarters and is heavily invested in this destructive corporation.


Pont Valley Eviction Lasts 2 days.

On Thursday and Friday, April 19 to 20th one of the longest, 36 hour eviction took place of Protect Pont Valley Camp which has been blocking the new Banks Group open cast mine. This mine has been blocked and rejected over 3 times over last 30 years by community resistance.
Being approved now as UK is claiming to be phasing out of Coal.

Coalition of Climate-Justice and anti-Coal activists many from Hambacher Forest has been occupying the proposed construction site for entrance and access road to the mine for month and a half. During this time protected Great Crested Newts were found on the site, giving the struggle their symbol, mascot and even more militant platform: Newt Liberation Front. During that time through skill-sharing of both Continent and UK-based direct-action activists numerous creative defenses were constructed that extended this occupation for over 2 days. Those included “Sleeping Dragon” lock-on which connects two people through a V shaped lock-on that is placed in the ground in such a way that the defenders are sitting on top of it with it underneath and in between their legs making the drilling and hammering of the lock-on particularly difficult. The court appointed bailiffs who showed up on the scene were particularly unexperienced in removing lock-ons and expected this to be a half day eviction to be over by lunch time. An additional defense that greeted those eviction professionals was a wheelchair hanging next to the tree-house that was suspended from a rope attached to the entrance gate functioning as a sky-pod. The biggest surprise to both the court appointed muscle and police on the scene were the two tunnels with activists inside.  Heavy machinery was repeatedly driven to their tunnel entrances endangering the people inside and reminding that coal mining industry has never been known for a great safety record.  At the entrance behind the protected by the person hanging in the wheel-chair gate was also a tripod which was the first structure evicted Thursday with scaffolding company brought over to construct a stairs leading to the person on top. Behind both the Sleeping Dragon and the Tripod was a “Wheelie Bin” Wheeled Trash Can with quite a bit of metal and concrete mixed in comprising a second lock-on with 2 more people locked on. The last defense was convenient in that despite its very heavy weight it could be moved to the required position. At the side entrance to this Banks Group “Coal Exit” mine was also parked a Caravan with lock on in between two beds allowing for comfortable locking-on.
The eviction itself as it unfolded seem to address more crowd control to prevent outside supporters from arriving when it was just several local supporters and legal observers who were kept back over 100 meters and prevented from taking photos. Using section 35 which often used against congregating teenagers and minorities who are dispersed and sometimes even fined for engaging in an unlawful gathering.
After a whole day of this police action only 3 people were arrested with most activists still at their defenses, they were surrounded by fence, stripped of their shoes, blankets, sleeping bags and food and surrounded by security for the night, part of this security detail was who seemed like a 14yr old, possibly violating children employment laws. During this night 4 activists who had been harassed by bright lights shone on them by the security, 2 of whom were facing a collapsing tunnel, escaped with 2 running into the fields and 2 joining others in the tree-house. The next day over 7 people were arrested with most released the very same day after being given draconian bail conditions, that are being contested by their defense, to stay away not just from the vicinity of Banks Group site but from the whole County Durham which has now become a protest exclusion zone for those activists while Banks Group is making statements that they do not oppose peoples right to protest and are designating an official site for protest camp located outside of the construction area for the access road and outside of the site of the future mine.

All involved are continuing the struggle to Preserve the Beautiful Pont Valley, Stop the latest toxic and climate killing coal mine and appeals are making for additional activists to arrive at the scene to help with reoccupying the site, there is housing provided by numerous generous supporters as well as camping in the beautiful Pond Valley that continues to be defended through diversity of tactics.

For the Earth and for the Pont Valley!!!

Hambacher Forst in solidarity with anti-extractionist struggles world-wide.

Hambi Prisoners Test Subjects of Run-away Repression

Progressing climate, social and ecological breakdown is pulling the rest of society and western civilization down into a downward spiral of militarized “creeping fascism” disaster-capitalism. This dynamic is seen nowhere better than on the front-line of green resistance against extractionism here in Hambacher Forest. It is reflected

by the treatment of our comrades who have been automatically imprisoned for blockading RWE deforestation and for choosing to stay anonymous. Instead of being given a mere illusion and pretense of “fair trial” instead show the true ugly face of repression and the spectacle that the co-option of local politicians and police by coal extractionism has made of the legal system. Legal System automatically locking people up for two 3 months pending trial, cut them off from mail, not give the defense access to the “evidence” against them. All of this is not possible to justify without also a massive “Green Scare” media campaign in which people defending the forests and the Planet’s climate from collapse become criminals and terrorists, where firecrackers become dangerous pyrotechnics and using one amounts to assaulting the police when thousands of our comrades are directly attacked and hundreds severely injured in places like ZAD by high explosive concussion grenades. When hundreds more are murdered by on and off-duty police, and hit-squads working for extractionists mining interests around the world.
Compared to our comrades in the global south and even France we still represent privilege, privilege that is countered with politization and radicalization of many of us who see how ridicolous and repressive the Extractionist RWE(and others) Climate Chaos Machine is becoming.

As many of the UPs from the original Hambi9, Hambi4, UP IV and UP III (yes do to exponentially increasing number of Hambi prisoner we had to start using Roman Numerals) are now on the outside it is becoming obvious how deep and how much of a run-away effect there is just like with the Climate with the dynamic of “Green Scare” Repression.

The prisoners now are not just denied access to the evidence against them preventing appeals of their imprisonment, in order to break them down psychologically are denied simple elemental essentials like shoes, with UP IV being barefoot for over 2 weeks, no vegan food or even margarine for over a week. Then there is the cutting of mail, there is certain items that are officially forbidden, ie maps that could be used for escape, anything calling for insurrectionist destruction of prisons etc, but those items are not what concerns the prison officials, what is especially withheld is texts on prison issues: prisoner advocacy, support, prison privatization, US industrial Prison complex, War on Drugs etc.. Those texts are not even withheld and given back upon release as specified by their own regulations but taken, stolen, destroyed and dissapeared. Symbolizing how it is not just Climate Killing corporations, like RWE, that are becoming the new untouchables of the Climate Disasterism but so is the repressive apparatus that supports them and represses activists that stand up to their corporate masters.

Another tactic that is being employed attempting to psychologically repress and also divide the prisoners is that some prisoners are given access to each other while others are isolated, some are given mail while others like UP IV recently released was not given any mail except 2 letters for over a month. UP IV also presented a proof of their employment showing that they had a permanent place where they could be found pending trial, dismissing the argument of pre-trial detention. Which is bogus to begin with as all of Hambi activists even while remaining anonymous have always showed up for our trials to make a political statement. So in the case of UP IV that written evidence was dismissed by the judge without verifying it with a single phone call as fraudulent and only on an apeal to a higher court was it acted on and after a month of detention was pre-trial release granted.

This incident shows how complacent and co-opted the local courts are to RWE destruction of local communities, ecosystems and the Planets Climate at large by the local municipalities being heavily invested in failing RWE, how local politicians, press and the police are openly on the pay of the same and how their only way to attempt to not just erode our wide popular support but also distract from their own complicity and guilt in making the whole planet unlivable for the future generations is to point a finger and redirect attention at the climate-justice activists the Hambi resistors and animal rights activists. The erosion of illusion of any due process will continue the prisoners of this and other struggle will continue to be repress more and more unless resistance and support is given on that front as well. New laws are being put in place as this is written to expand police powers in Germany even more and the treatment of Hambi prisoners is becoming their new testing area of what they can get away with. With none of the power that is taken ever being given back willfully once again this fight is not just for our inter-specie comrades for the local communities and the whole planet, it is a fight for our lives for a reality that is not just free of extreme weather years full of unprecedented wild fires and super hurricanes, droughts and unprecedented waves of climate refugees. It is a fight from an onset of another ultra repressive reality of neo-liberal fascism that uses the disaster of their own making to blame others intercept more power than ever as it utilizes new technologies of surveillance and propaganda that like newspapers and radio made the last defeated fascist regimes possible.

Capitalism in its constant drive to comodify and extract everything approaches “hearts and minds” as just another resource to be co-opted and exploited, and that is another realm like that of ecosystems and local communities where we have to counter its assault of disinformation and propaganda with the message of climate-justice of radical sustainability and “degrowth” of not just consumption and extractionsims but of repression, militarism and seizure of recently unprecedented powers that goes hand in hand with capitalist planetary destruction.

Lets stand up to this Shit in Hambacher Forest now and especially in October and following now imminent evictions, in ZAD in Pont Valley in Trebur Wald and in countless South struggles who are not so privileged and listen to their stories as their everyday reality is the reality that progressively is becoming our own.

For Hambi, For Zad for Pont Valley for the Eearth!!

Another Forest Walk Show of Support – Another Police Action this week?

This Sunday walk was another symbolic show of support of general public to Hambacher Forest Occupation, to Coal Exit and another chance to see, unfortunately one of the last, the forest in full bloom, coming alive after the winter.  Over 200 people showed up with the oldest being 76 and the most distant visitor coming from South Africa(country also intensely cursed by coal extractionism and the enviromenta and social breakdown that accompanies it)

The walk has become an important part of the Hambi tradition, a way to connect with other on the outsided and feel that we are being supported, when it is not allways easily to show this to each other being all focused on different projects and often being stressed out by external oppression.  Seeing the smiling faces and kind words that many bring, on top of physical support in many form prevents many of us from duplicating internally the stress and pressure put on Habacher forest activists by RWE conglomerate, its interests, justice system and police.

This support is something that the mass media green scare propaganda attempts to erode and it also seems that it is something that the regional police has been focusing on addressing as well.  Beginning last Fall and happening 3 times since large police actions occurred on the week following walks in the forest with the last action occurring on unusual Monday(large police actions have occurred from Tue-Thurs) a day after the Red Lines Action a month ago.  Large Police actions only happen in the forest on average once every month to two months so this is more than random correlation.  It is also what happens when Police and local “Justice” system has been co opted by a climate and planet destroying powerful international conglomerate.  Then in order to engage in repressive actions for, ok lets give it a name, RWE with minimal public dialogue, discussion and questioning quite a bit of PR damage control has to take place through statements to the media, media complicity in ignoring climate change and effect of micro-particles and other coal pollutants. All of this has been happening since the beginning.  However staging large police actions right after walks in the forest is going one step further, it shows how the forces of repression are engaging in affecting the morale of those in the forest, taking away the feeling of having hundreds of supporters in the forest by replacing them with 100s of billy club, gun and pepper spray holding non supporters.  This week will show whether this is a regular pattern now.  If it is perhaps once again it is time for even the supporters to go under ground and keep their support a bit more covert and underground and stage less open and more guerrilla-like forms of support.

No Joke! We are not just fighting for our and other species lives but for a planet on which life as we know it is possible.

Fuck RWE and Fuck Climate Chaos with Repression that it Brings!

Reportback today at 7pm(Gallien) ZAD: Thousands of Cops held back by thousand Zadists


Report-back from the ultra-liberal warfare zone of the Macron regime, today at 7PM in the Hambacher Forest, in Gallien Forest Occupation.  We will show photos, videos and discuss the situation in the Zone.


The intensity of struggle in the ZAD continued through out the whole week.  As Zadists have been instantly cleaning the fields of the police teargas projectiles even as the fighting continues it has been estimated that the French National Gendarmerie has used approximately 2 tons of CS rockets, projectiles, grenades, concussion grenades and rubber bullets. None of this has deterred Zadists too much, quite to the contrary as often applause rings out after particularly harsh police barrages of tear gas, concussion grenades and large 40 caliber rubber bullets.  Right behind each barricade there is allays at least one station preparing Molotov cocktails and filling jars and other containers with paint, while right at the edge of the front-line often in drifting tear gas large collective kitchen, medic field stations and massage continues to be dispensed.

Macrons statement that expulsions will be stopped was an attempt to redirect media attention, the same statement also carried ominous promise that “the rule of the law will be maintained in the ZAD” and that the large contingent of police will stay in the Zone for 2 months.  It is 2 months then when pitch battles and serious injuries can be expected every day with the exception of Sunday perhaps and perhaps not even that.  In order to maintain the Zad and many of its barricades with gates, towers and piled high cars support from the outside is needed.




Sunday Forest Walk, Hambacher Forest Tradition

Good day everybody,

It’s that time again next Sunday. Forest walk in the Hambacher Forst. Again, hundreds of people will be out and about in the springtime forest and get an idea of ​​why this diminishing forest is still absolutely worthy of protection and why the destruction of this habitat must be stopped immediately.

Just two weeks before the RWE Annual General Meeting, we of course also invite the press to take part in the “anniversary walk” and to send the pictures of the progressive destruction of what was once the largest forest in the Rhineland to the world. The destruction of villages, forests and cultural landscapes solely for short-term profits and at the expense of future generations must have a quick end:

Sunday, April 15, forest instead of coal – 48 months forest walk – more than 12300 participants in 4 years …

Together with nearly 100 individually booked tours for environmental associations, churches, school classes, teachers’ colleges, we have now arrived at incredible 12326 participants on guided tours in the Hambach Forest. Many more people than RWE works in the opencast mines and power stations …

Changed start time 11.30 clock.

Meeting point: RWE has still declared the complete L276 to the premises, so we can not start at the former starting point at the moment.

Instead, the directions apply to just past Morschenich, but not to the T-junction. But about 1 kilometer after Morschenich it turns left on a wide paved road, direction Gravel Collas. There are people who will instruct vehicles and arrivals.

Map see attachment …

If necessary, we can send a “shuttle” to the S-Bahn station Buir, it is about 20 minutes on foot to the meeting point.

!!!!!!! Attention: The Treff- / resp. Starting point can change, we will of course also announce it in the short term !!!!!!!

Registration and further information with me under 0171-8508321 or by Mail

We look forward to Sunday,

Yours sincerely, Eva Töller and Michael Zobel

Michael sable

Nature guide and forest educator


0241-73684 “


Support for Hambi 2, UP III and UP4

Two Hambi comrades are still being detained from the March 19  eviction.  As the number of forest prisoners becomes higher and higher and more and more regular there is a risk that single prisoners or those below 3 might not atract as much support or attentions.  Their imprisonment is still an act of political repression and one is too many.  Their addresses are below please also write a letter, postcard to them or help organize a solidarity event/letter writting.

Their support is especially important as there is more and more bogus charges that are used to detain and imprison Hambi Activists.  It is as if Orwellian, double think logic is being used to accuse those injured by secus as having injured them instead even if there were locked on at the time, firecrackers and fireworks become pyrotechnical devices and bombs and small posket knifes deep in pockets while also locked on become dangerous weapons.   Only covering this bullshit in non-transparent secret trials are the cops and courts able to  attempt to cover up how ridiculous their methods have become. It seems that it was this commentary about shitty justice that inspired last week court action in which unknown parties have emptied several buckets of poop in front of the court entrance where many Hambi people have been sentenced and given a dose of RWE  corporate “justice”.

No one is forgotten, nothing is forgiven.


Toxic Prisons is an Earth First Journal Project to bring attention to prisons being build on toxic sites, prisoners being subjected to substances with ill effects on their health and the ecological aspects of prisons and repression in general.

Second Day of ZAD under Police Attack

For the second day ZAD NDDL came under police attack this Tuesday.  Beginning at 5am over 2000 of cops with at least two tanks started trying to breach the barricades on the West End of the Zad.  Yet with the whole day of massive amounts of tear gas and flash bangs being used the day was mostly stellmate as cops stood in one place holding people back as the equipment cleared out 4 locations: No Name, Chèvrerie, Port and Tower that were already overrun by the cops on Monday as they finished destroying the structures and taking out the remnants of structures destroyed Monday. more…

RWE Clears out lumber from last Fall 2 day cutting season

Today at the end of the secu road and along the old A4 RWE has been loading the cut trees that have been there since the end of last year’s stopped 2 day cutting season.  That stoppage has been one of the celebrated points of Hambi Forest occupation.  Since then the District Government of Arnsberg has declared that the forest will not be preserved and cutting of the last portion of the forest will continue from 2018 to 2020. (In Northrine-Westphalia this District Government is responsible for approving any mining activities. This authority is subordinate to the state government of RWE, so their position was to be expected. See also our article District Government Arnsberg approves deforestation from October on. This decision will certainly be appealed in court.)

RWE showing up to pick up couple hundred tons of wood is in effect preparation and clearing of the way for the next cutting season.  This action was not guarded by the cops but by only RWE private security.   It is also symbolic how the financial value put on ecosystems in the capitalist context results in destroying precious ecosystems like Hambi.  Lets not make this privatize life and nature as it vanishes in the name of profit too easy for them,

Call for Action in Response to ZAD Expulsions

Last night at 3:00 am at night The French Military Police entered the ZAD de Notre Dam and begun a violent eviction of the Zone.  Barricades were lit on fire and resistance put up, slowing up the destruction of many spaces that started early in the morning and continues as this is being written.  The response has been swift in France and around the world spontaneous demonstrations took place all over the country with the fiercest street battles taking place in Nantes.

The call for support and solidarity continues for the ZAD solidarity actions and demonstrations in front of French Consulates and Embassies.

A large demo is scheduled today at 6 PM in front of the prefecture in Nantes and at French Consulate in South Kensington. Two among countless demos and actions that will be taking place at this time.

Big Thank You to all the members of the resistance for making ZAD a reality, an inspiration, connection and nexus with numerous other struggles and a historical mark on our times.  Being an anarchist and an ecological activists today continues a long tradition of many fighters and revolutionaries helping with countless other and regional struggles world wide while fighting margilization, criminalization and repression at home.  ZAD has been that home for many of us through out the years.

They can try to take out large portions of the ZAD but they will never take the ZAD out of us!!!