Millions of ducks, geese, pigs, turkeys, carps, cows, chickens, rabbits, roes

It’s that time again: the feast of peace is upon us. Millions of ducks, geese, pigs, turkeys, carps, cows, chickens, rabbits, roes and others have to put their heads on the block for it. I’m dreaming of a red Christmas. Their horrible lives end with a horrible death, so that on Christmas eve they are put on tables where is more disputed than on any other day. It is so nice to put the corpse of a victim of violence on the table at such a peaceful celebration. Before that, gifts have to be bought, in brightly lit pedestrian precincts or at mail-order stores, which treat their employees like the last piece of shit to squeeze more out of them. more…

News Ticker December 2018

December 19th, 2018
Vergissmeynnicht, Photos of the memorative celebration for Steffen Meyn
More photos

December 18th, 2018

13:27 The spectators of the trial “Hambach railway from 7/7/17 in Jülich” were expelled. It’s still a public trial. The press is present.

The release of climbing harnesses in Aachen
See the invitation to the celebration of the liberation of climbing harnesses: 18.12 Aachen
13:16 Gesa_Support_AC @AcGesa Yeaaaahhh!!!! We were able to release 10-15 harnesses! The effort was worth it! #besseralsweihnachten #AcGesa und #KLF feiern, #hambibleibt
12:24 Hurray, it works out. The unknown activist @UAktivistin recovered her harness! (and remained unknown) #hambigehtweiter #KlettergurtLiberationFeier #hambibleibt #hambacherforst #KlettergurtLiberationFront #hambi

December 12, 2018 more…

Will there still be a deforesting season soon?

On October 5th, 2018, the OVG (Higher Administrative Court) in Münster suspended the clear-cutting in Hambach Forest until the decision of the VG (Administrative Court) of Cologne on the legality of the open pit mining in the main proceedings. It was expected by those involved in the process that this might not happen before the end of 2020. Now the VG Cologne announced on December 3, that they want to decide about it already in the first quarter of 2019. If the VG will give right to RWE, they could thus resume the clear-cutting work again in the autumn of 2019 or even at the end of this winter’s deforesting season, depending on the date of the decision.
The previous attitude of the VG Cologne in favor of RWE gives little reason for optimism: more…

Abandonment in the Andrea proceedings: report

On 11/29/2018 the first eviction trial took place before the district court in Kerpen. This is the translation of an article by ABC Rhineland:

For the 15 solidary visitors the morning begins with the (meanwhile already routine) entrance checks to the district court Kerpen and a police force of approximately 30 persons.

According to the indictment, Andrea was in a hammock near a treehouse, which was to be evicted, and moved further into the treetop when the altitude intervention team officers were on the same level. During the eviction Andrea is said to have defended herself with punches, kicks and insults like “wanker” and “pigs”. For the prosecutor from this resulted “assault” and “attempted assault” as accused criminal offenses. more…

Open letter by the relatives of Steffen Meyn

We feel with the relatives of Steffen/ Sonne #SteffenMeyn, who in this Open Letter to Prime Minister Armin Laschet and Minister of the Interior Herbert Reul express their thoughts and feelings about their experiences:

“Family Meyn, family Fritsche

To the State Chancellery of North Rhine-Westphalia
Prime Minister Laschet, Minister of the Interior Reul
Horionplatz 1
40213 Düsseldorf

Open letter by the relatives of Steffen Meyn

Steffen Meyn has been working for some time as part of his studies at the KHM (Academy of Media Arts) Cologne on a cinematic documentary about the life the of tree house people in the Hambach Forest. Their aim is to prevent the clear cutting of the forest for the purpose of producing lignite. When the tree houses were cleared by police, these events were also part of his cinematic observations. more…

Dec. 1st Cologne: Demo “Stop Coal – Climate Protection Now!”

🗣 Meeting point Hambi-Block Sound-Truck (second last truck), corner Herbert-Liebertz-Weg / Siegburgerstrasse from 11:00. Open Street Map

Prelude 12:00

Start of the demo 1:00 pm
Deutzer Werft, Herbert-Liebertz-Weg, Siegburger Straße, Deutzer Brücke, Neuköllner Straße, Blaubach, Mühlenbach, an der Malzmühle, Deutzer Brücke Deutzer Werft. more…

Live Ticker November 2018

November 23rd, 2018
14:15 @HambiChaos: The last of yesterday’s arestees has just been released from Düren courthouse

November 22nd
@HambiBleibt | Enough is Enough! @enough14 | @krahennest | #endor

22:00 During today’s police operation, the meadow camp was stormed by about 100 officers with 20 vehicles and a helicopter under threadbare pretext. Based solely on the assertion of 2 RWE security guards, that a stone was thrown at them. Witnesses can confirm that this statement is false. The personal details of a dozen people were checked using force and two activists were reported on the alleged suspicion of violence. A detailed report will follow later.
20:29 Hambi Bleibt: “Memorials to 2 Hambi comrades who died this year, Steffen & Waka, destroyed by RWE & NRW Police” #RestInPowerWakaRIP WakaRIP Steffen
19:01 Hambi Mahnwache: “Visitors to the vigil told us about the destruction of the memorial site of Steffen today at the place where he crashed and gave us, among other things, these pictures: @HambiMahnwache
17:27 We just got a message, that civil cops are on the motorway near Kerpen, controlling cars that are going direction Hambi. Be attentive!!
16:38 Cops around and in Wiesencamp (meadow) at the edge of Hambach Forest.
15:57 Krähennest @krahennest All the police and RWE employees left the nest. They destroyed our ground structures. but left our toilet and our tree houses in peace. If you want to support us we need food and water. Or when you have time. You all are welcome ♥♡
15:39 The spontaneous sound system soli demo from Buir station is on its way! Strong sound is available. Dancing helps! more…

Police violence will be systematically investigated

Der Rechtsstaat schreitet ein
The rule of law takes steps

This autumn, many people have realized what meanwhile provokes in the Hambach Forest a weary nod: the police (and their brothers and sisters in arms working directly for RWE) can do whatever they want. These are not slip-ups of sadists, it obviously has system. Should others and we ourselves be deterred from doing more than “just” protesting? Should violent ecoterrorists be bred? We can not look into their heads.
So many people have come a little naively into the forest with the intention of using their democratic right to demonstrate, who now lost all faith in the rule of law, due to repression. more…

4 Acquittals in the Hambi9 Trial

Today, on November 13, 2018, the Hambi9 who were arrested in the district of Düren were brought before the local court. After about 5 hours the verdict was spoken: acquittal for all defendants.

The charge: resistance to law enforcement officers. The Hambi9 were arrested during a police action in which “escape routes were cleared of barricades”. Some had been carried away, others had refused to come down from tripods etc.. But no useless attempts were made by the defendants to defend themselves actively against their arrest.
For the defendants UP4 & UP6, both prosecutor and defense pleaded for acquittal. On the other hand, in UP5 & UP9 the attorney had demanded a sentence of 50 daily sentences a 12 Euro. The deadline for appeal is one week.

More info


Hambi9 – The History at a Glance


It’s quiet in the forest for the time being – An interim report

Dear Hambis, I just sent this message to my brother-in-law. It needs no further explanation:

Hello X, I hear you are worried about the garbage in Hambach Forest. Rightly so. Unlike what the police wants to make us believe, it was created during the evictions, as the tree houses were scattered on the forest floor, along with everything in there, including windows. But something has been done in the meantime. This was a message from October 14 on Twitter:

Today was #Hambiputz @Oaktown1312 is full of broken pieces. Help Clumsy & Co with shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, possibly sieves, firm bags or similar, gloves. We first collected shards in one place. #HambacherWald #Hambibleibt.

There are a lot of people who walk around barefoot, at least in the never-ending summer. You can see all the pictures from before the eviction: nowhere but a pinch of garbage.

The bat caves are now free again. Bat rescue action more…