Pont Valley Eviction Lasts 2 days.

On Thursday and Friday, April 19 to 20th one of the longest, 36 hour eviction took place of Protect Pont Valley Camp which has been blocking the new Banks Group open cast mine. This mine has been blocked and rejected over 3 times over last 30 years by community resistance.
Being approved now as UK is claiming to be phasing out of Coal.

Coalition of Climate-Justice and anti-Coal activists many from Hambacher Forest has been occupying the proposed construction site for entrance and access road to the mine for month and a half. During this time protected Great Crested Newts were found on the site, giving the struggle their symbol, mascot and even more militant platform: Newt Liberation Front. During that time through skill-sharing of both Continent and UK-based direct-action activists numerous creative defenses were constructed that extended this occupation for over 2 days. Those included “Sleeping Dragon” lock-on which connects two people through a V shaped lock-on that is placed in the ground in such a way that the defenders are sitting on top of it with it underneath and in between their legs making the drilling and hammering of the lock-on particularly difficult. The court appointed bailiffs who showed up on the scene were particularly unexperienced in removing lock-ons and expected this to be a half day eviction to be over by lunch time. An additional defense that greeted those eviction professionals was a wheelchair hanging next to the tree-house that was suspended from a rope attached to the entrance gate functioning as a sky-pod. The biggest surprise to both the court appointed muscle and police on the scene were the two tunnels with activists inside.  Heavy machinery was repeatedly driven to their tunnel entrances endangering the people inside and reminding that coal mining industry has never been known for a great safety record.  At the entrance behind the protected by the person hanging in the wheel-chair gate was also a tripod which was the first structure evicted Thursday with scaffolding company brought over to construct a stairs leading to the person on top. Behind both the Sleeping Dragon and the Tripod was a “Wheelie Bin” Wheeled Trash Can with quite a bit of metal and concrete mixed in comprising a second lock-on with 2 more people locked on. The last defense was convenient in that despite its very heavy weight it could be moved to the required position. At the side entrance to this Banks Group “Coal Exit” mine was also parked a Caravan with lock on in between two beds allowing for comfortable locking-on.
The eviction itself as it unfolded seem to address more crowd control to prevent outside supporters from arriving when it was just several local supporters and legal observers who were kept back over 100 meters and prevented from taking photos. Using section 35 which often used against congregating teenagers and minorities who are dispersed and sometimes even fined for engaging in an unlawful gathering.
After a whole day of this police action only 3 people were arrested with most activists still at their defenses, they were surrounded by fence, stripped of their shoes, blankets, sleeping bags and food and surrounded by security for the night, part of this security detail was who seemed like a 14yr old, possibly violating children employment laws. During this night 4 activists who had been harassed by bright lights shone on them by the security, 2 of whom were facing a collapsing tunnel, escaped with 2 running into the fields and 2 joining others in the tree-house. The next day over 7 people were arrested with most released the very same day after being given draconian bail conditions, that are being contested by their defense, to stay away not just from the vicinity of Banks Group site but from the whole County Durham which has now become a protest exclusion zone for those activists while Banks Group is making statements that they do not oppose peoples right to protest and are designating an official site for protest camp located outside of the construction area for the access road and outside of the site of the future mine.

All involved are continuing the struggle to Preserve the Beautiful Pont Valley, Stop the latest toxic and climate killing coal mine and appeals are making for additional activists to arrive at the scene to help with reoccupying the site, there is housing provided by numerous generous supporters as well as camping in the beautiful Pond Valley that continues to be defended through diversity of tactics.

For the Earth and for the Pont Valley!!!

Hambacher Forst in solidarity with anti-extractionist struggles world-wide.

Reportback today at 7pm(Gallien) ZAD: Thousands of Cops held back by thousand Zadists


Report-back from the ultra-liberal warfare zone of the Macron regime, today at 7PM in the Hambacher Forest, in Gallien Forest Occupation.  We will show photos, videos and discuss the situation in the Zone.


The intensity of struggle in the ZAD continued through out the whole week.  As Zadists have been instantly cleaning the fields of the police teargas projectiles even as the fighting continues it has been estimated that the French National Gendarmerie has used approximately 2 tons of CS rockets, projectiles, grenades, concussion grenades and rubber bullets. None of this has deterred Zadists too much, quite to the contrary as often applause rings out after particularly harsh police barrages of tear gas, concussion grenades and large 40 caliber rubber bullets.  Right behind each barricade there is allays at least one station preparing Molotov cocktails and filling jars and other containers with paint, while right at the edge of the front-line often in drifting tear gas large collective kitchen, medic field stations and massage continues to be dispensed.

Macrons statement that expulsions will be stopped was an attempt to redirect media attention, the same statement also carried ominous promise that “the rule of the law will be maintained in the ZAD” and that the large contingent of police will stay in the Zone for 2 months.  It is 2 months then when pitch battles and serious injuries can be expected every day with the exception of Sunday perhaps and perhaps not even that.  In order to maintain the Zad and many of its barricades with gates, towers and piled high cars support from the outside is needed.




Sunday Forest Walk, Hambacher Forest Tradition

Good day everybody,

It’s that time again next Sunday. Forest walk in the Hambacher Forst. Again, hundreds of people will be out and about in the springtime forest and get an idea of ​​why this diminishing forest is still absolutely worthy of protection and why the destruction of this habitat must be stopped immediately.

Just two weeks before the RWE Annual General Meeting, we of course also invite the press to take part in the “anniversary walk” and to send the pictures of the progressive destruction of what was once the largest forest in the Rhineland to the world. The destruction of villages, forests and cultural landscapes solely for short-term profits and at the expense of future generations must have a quick end:

Sunday, April 15, forest instead of coal – 48 months forest walk – more than 12300 participants in 4 years …

Together with nearly 100 individually booked tours for environmental associations, churches, school classes, teachers’ colleges, we have now arrived at incredible 12326 participants on guided tours in the Hambach Forest. Many more people than RWE works in the opencast mines and power stations …

Changed start time 11.30 clock.

Meeting point: RWE has still declared the complete L276 to the premises, so we can not start at the former starting point at the moment.

Instead, the directions apply to just past Morschenich, but not to the T-junction. But about 1 kilometer after Morschenich it turns left on a wide paved road, direction Gravel Collas. There are people who will instruct vehicles and arrivals.

Map see attachment …

If necessary, we can send a “shuttle” to the S-Bahn station Buir, it is about 20 minutes on foot to the meeting point.

!!!!!!! Attention: The Treff- / resp. Starting point can change, we will of course also announce it in the short term !!!!!!!

Registration and further information with me under 0171-8508321 or by Mail info@nullzobel-natur.de

We look forward to Sunday,

Yours sincerely, Eva Töller and Michael Zobel

Michael sable

Nature guide and forest educator




0241-73684 “


Call for Action in Response to ZAD Expulsions

Last night at 3:00 am at night The French Military Police entered the ZAD de Notre Dam and begun a violent eviction of the Zone.  Barricades were lit on fire and resistance put up, slowing up the destruction of many spaces that started early in the morning and continues as this is being written.  The response has been swift in France and around the world spontaneous demonstrations took place all over the country with the fiercest street battles taking place in Nantes.

The call for support and solidarity continues for the ZAD solidarity actions and demonstrations in front of French Consulates and Embassies.

A large demo is scheduled today at 6 PM in front of the prefecture in Nantes and at French Consulate in South Kensington. Two among countless demos and actions that will be taking place at this time.

Big Thank You to all the members of the resistance for making ZAD a reality, an inspiration, connection and nexus with numerous other struggles and a historical mark on our times.  Being an anarchist and an ecological activists today continues a long tradition of many fighters and revolutionaries helping with countless other and regional struggles world wide while fighting margilization, criminalization and repression at home.  ZAD has been that home for many of us through out the years.

They can try to take out large portions of the ZAD but they will never take the ZAD out of us!!!




Stormy Clouds Sunset over Pont Valley Protection Camp

Lots of warm solidarity and support from Pont Valley Protection Camp to all defending Hambacher Forest and full spectrum of their supporters following evictions of barricades this time by the police and imprisonment of now 2 additional Climate Justice Political Prisoners together with UP2(kept for past 2 month in isolation with “evidence” being kept from the defense) making now the #freeHambi3. The disaster martial law capitalism steps up its bullshit this time instead of after communists and labour activists going for environmental, climate and direct action activists first as Rheine Energy CEO/Police Chief, Herbert Reul and his fossil fools disaster capilast New Frei Corps of North Rhine Westphalia Interior ministry police sweeps up the opposition. As climate disaster deepens, ecosystems collapse accelerates, nuclear proliferation and militarization is an accepted by the masses fucked up reality while militant resistance is delegitimized, criminalized and appropriated for media green-scare campaigns. Firecrackers and pocket knives become dangerous weapons as politically cynical capitalist conspiracy of repression continues its campaign of divide and conquer by pushing community and civil initiatives to be further and further apart from radical part of the movement. Through fear and reformists empty promises of change forcing some to engage in follow ups of repressions with external retraumatizing critiques. more…

Pont Valley Protection Camp: Possible Eviction Alert

There is very high possibility of attempts to evict the The Pont Valley Protection Camp this week which like other Fracking Site protests, blockades and autonomous land occupations in England is facing the use of the Common Law Eviction, also known as “Owners Right to Self-Help” allowing the corporations involved and the property owners leasing to them to employ Bailiffs and private security to evict activists without court proceedings or much of a warning. This is done by showing up at the site issuing a warning and then after couple hours proceeding to remove the occupiers. In this type of eviction the Police does not get involved and does not assist and no arrests are made as long as bailiffs are not physically fought. That is why legal observers and videographers are important on the scene. Also neither bailiffs nor security is trained or insured for lock-on, tripod,or tree removal. They also count on low numbers of resistors as if there is more people it is possible to resist their removal from the Site.

So please spread the word if you can not show up and support the Pont Valley struggle in person. If you can, pack your backpack and head over to the camp located outside of Dipton, near Newcastle.

Week of Resistance: April 19th to 29th – Dijon, France

We invite you – friends and comrades – to join us in the Free Zone des Lentillères for a week of discussions, seminars, practical work, demos,concerts, parties and more!

19th to 29th April 2018 – Quartier Libre des Lentillères, Dijon, France

The Free Zone of the Lentillères, is a 6 hectare neighborhood of old farming land in the south of Dijon, that, after a demonstration in 2010, was occupied and re-cultivated. Since then many gardens, cabins, caravans and communities have grown up in and among the occupied houses, trees, bushes and brambles.

Sunday Trash Clean Up in the Forest

This Sunday a clean up of trash took place in the Forest, a smaller one in preparation for the big one coming up. We focused at the edge of the Forest next to the shoulder of the old A4 which remains covered by massive amount of plastic, bottles, packaging that was thrown and lost from the old autobahn.The secus were being their usual sexist dickhead selves and whistled at us as we cleaned.  more…

Weekend Actions Across Europe in Solidarity with Hambi

This Weekend’s Outpouring of Solidarity for Hambi from Across Europe and the World

Rising level of repression and police actions in Hambach Forest, continual lignite mining, temporary hold on logging for this year only by RWE, and rising level of propaganda and police threats to use this „no logging year” to plan to evict over 20 tree-houses and over 11 barrios blocking the largest toxic lignite mine in Western Europe, all of this and of course the record number of nine, now four (one is too many regardless of who they are) of Hambach Forest defenders in prison, all of this has led to: more…

Hambi 9: Public Events on 02/03/2018

2:00 pm Solidarity action on the Münsterplatz

4:00 pm ‘Rote Krachwache’ (red noise vigil) between the multi-storey car park of the police headquarters and prison Aachen, Eulersweg

Hambi veRWEgen veRWEigern: unveRWEchselbar!

6:00 pm RWE Mobility Lounge, Friedrichstr. 96 Berlin
Solidarity rally with the “Hambi Nine”. Let’s write letters to our heroes in custody! Also: hug for the forest; Bring your stuffed animal for an infantile cute cuddly toy fight. Because forest is habitat! Make the Hambach Forest the Hambach Festival!

Bahnhofsvorplatz 13:00

Soli-Briefe-Schreiben-Abend 3.2. ab 18:00 Uhr im Klapperfeld

Soliaktion 12-14 Uhr, Platz der Alten Synagoge Laut sein, Briefe schreiben, Flyern

Treffpunkt 12:00 am Antiquariat “Gutschrift”(Bahnhofstraße 26), ab 12:30 Kreativ sein auf dem Marktplatz.

Two events on the Neumarkt:
12:00 auf der Schildergasse (corner Gürzenicher Straße)! See facebook about a meeting and a Critical Mass, both at 12:00, same place.
Demo “Climate protection is no crime” ( Schildergasse (Neumarkt) 2:00 pm) https://www.facebook.com/events/152135562153701/

Soliaktion 13 Uhr auf dem Marktplatz, Briefe schreiben und kreativ sein.

11-13 o’clock Rally, Universitätsplatz “Climate protection is no crime”

4:00 pm Rally against repression, Schillerplatz. There is an information booth where you can write letters to the prisoners.

Soli- & Info-Stand am Vierröhrenbrunnen. Um 14 Uhr schießen wir ein Soli-Foto.

Here you can enter name, place and time of your event.