Bucket wheel excavator in the brown coal mine Inden occupied

This action declaration reached us via mail today. The action is still ongoing, see press release below. Updates


Wenn vier Menschen auf solch behutsame Weise einen Riesenbagger für mehrere Stunden lahmlegen können...

Tonight, four activists occupied a large bucket wheel excavator in the Inden opencast mine. They climbed to the top of the excavator about 70m high. The machine halted is one of the largest machines in the world that normally destroys 24/7, literally churning the landscape. In Inden lignite is promoted for Rhenish mining area above ground, that is: Everything is about being in the way and will be destroyed; who lives about is expropriated and expelled. Where villages, fields, meadows and woods once stood inconceivabley huge holes appear in the landscape, an industrial wasteland to the horizon. Of all of the energy sources, lignite, is ridiculously inefficient, releasing huge loads of CO2 and particulate emissions, and the conversion of power supply to renewables sabotaged with inflexible “baseload plants”.

The event is also a solidarity greeting from the resistance against the Rhenish lignite mining area to the resistance against the meeting of the G7 in Elmau. more…

Digger Occupation – News Ticker

The bottom is being cleared – the top is still untouched
The eviction of the partial occupation by three persons in the lower / mid range of the excavator is has proceeded quite far. One person is already in custody. The V-shaped steel tube, in which another person’s both hands are chained to each other, has already been cut open, presumably by grinding. Thus, it is anticipated that the two other persons won’t remain on the excavator very much longer.
The three other persons, who occupied the tip of the excavator at 70 meters height with climbing equipment, after all didn’t have any police contact.
One embedded press person is also, after all, in place.
.Climbing Cops arrived
about 06:30
The climbing unit of the police is on site and will probably sooner or later start preparing eviction.
. more…

Activities against occupants of the Hambach Forest

First published in German on 11th February.

In several incidents during the last week, defendors of the lignite open cast mine damaged or destroyed material of the occupations. Among others, several climbing ropes were cut, the tires of a car owned by a person living in the occupation were stabbed and a tent in the new inhabitalbe barricade (“the Hedgehog”) was slit. more…

Mobilization, info material and the skill sharing camp in April

Hey folks, the Winter is approaching it’s end ans a new spring with actions in and around the Hambach Forest is coming up. In the Forest Festival on 4th and 5th April 2015 we will celebrate three years of forest- and meadow occupations, and subsequently there will be another Skillsharing Camp from 6th until 12th April 2015.
We still have loads of flyers, placards, stickers and texts, which are waiting for a space in your infoshops and projects and would like to be distributed. If you want to have any material sent to you, send us an e-mail with the subject “infostuff” to hambacherforst@nullriseup.net. (Notice the German spelling!)
For further infos on the Skillsharing Camp, click here.
You can also download the flyers below in order to print them yourselves. more…

Der Stacheligel (The spiky hedgehog)


New living Barricade

Since a few days, shelters a spiky hedgehog, blocking one of the main crossroads in the Hambach Forest. It’s a type of watchtower, surrounded by other barricades and trenches. The barricade, which is occupied 24 hours a day, was visited this morning by RWE Security-Forces. Unfortunately, they also came very close to the squatted meadow and therefore had to be accompanied out of the forest by some people.

In the last days, increasingly often security guards patrolled the forest on “our side” of the closed down highway. Yesterday, the climbing rope of the Beechtown-Occupation was cut again.

Skillsharing Camp April

Let’s go to the Skillsharing Camp in the forest of Hambach April 6 – 12, 2015 / Germany-Cologne
Spring’s coming and the forest will wake from its slumber and the first greenery will be stretching towards the sun. The birds arrive and yet again forest of several kilometres of length and 200 metres of width has been destroyed.The “No tree will fall” campain, the wintertime and the seasonal deforestation are coming to a close. There were blockades, occupations, discussions, vigils, trials and detentions. By appearing in public and in the media and going into debate we have brought our rejection of technologies that are hostile to life, like gaining electricity from coal, into the open. Because it’s no use to hope for a different world, you must fight for it. More infos

Actiondays/ walk in the woods

Food” Hands off the trees ” days of action and a more interesting event in the forest because: The forest educator Michael Zobel ( Aachen ) Loads for post-Christmas walk in the woods on Sunday 28.09 in Hambach forest at 12 clock.

Walk: 28.09.2014 at 12 0´clock
Actiondays. 30.12-01.01.2015 : 27.02-01.03 : 27.03.-29.03

Hands off the trees! — Mobilization Flyer / A5, black & white
Hands off Trees Flyer
Films from the start of the “hands off the trees” actions / skillsharing camp october 2014 films-skillsharing-camp-10-2014

( italiano )-Foresta di Hambach, giorni di azione/passeggiata nel bosco

Giorni d’azione “Giù le mani gli alberi” ed un evento più interessante nella foresta perché: l’educatore della foresta Michael Zobel (Aachen) sta preparando una passeggiata post natalizia nel bosco per domenica 28 dicembre nella foresta di Hambach per le ore 12. more…