Short film “Hambach Forest – Man vs. Nature”

A supporter has made a short film about the forest. Very worth seeing. His comment on this: “With this video, I want to show the contrast between intact nature and the destruction of this by human beings. When I saw this for the first time with my own eyes, I was shocked and wanted to inform other people about what is happening right in front of their homes because of the profit maximization of a company.”

Reportback From Human Rights Festival

We received this mail:

This weekend on June 25, the Human Rights Festival in Cologne took place, organized by the Allerweltshaus. The all day event featured not only many workshops, films and a variety of groups and struggles having their presence there but also an exhibit of photos featuring the Hambach Forest Occupation taken over the years by 3 separate photographers from the cologne area, a collection of prisoner support art and poetry and a table with Hambach Forest material with the Price of Coal Mosaic hanging in the background. The rainy conditions resulted in smaller turnout which had the positive effect of activists themselves being able to connect together and consider different forms of cross-sectional mutual support. The Groups included Stop Watching Us Cologne, Antimilitarist Groups, Foodsharing, Interventionistische Linke an many others. The presence of Hambach Forest activists centered on expanding the definition and focus of Human Rights onto Rights of Nature, and on the equality and oneness of Eco-Justice Struggle being in effect Social-Justice Struggle as all the laws and rights remain promissory concepts for as long as the ecosystems are exploited and destroyed and water and air progressively deteriorates. That expansion is a sheer necessity as Climate Chaos victims and the ecosystems under attack are hard if not impossible to frame solely in terms of human rights without their expansion to include other species and habitats and critically looking at the dynamic of capitalist extractionism. (Extractionism: the massive exploitation of natural resources and their global distribution)

The event was followed by sharing the left-over food from the event and from the food sharing stall with the Meadow Occupation where it had to be taken by 3 different vehicles. Thanks Allerwelthaus and Cologne Foodsharing!


Art and Culture Festival 13.-19.6. at meadow occupation Hambacherforest

DIY or die

Hey People !

Coming soon … At the meadow occupation Hambacher Forst from 13. until 19. July we wanna have a colorful time with art and culture, with resistance and action.
Let’s enjoy some workshops, music, building, poetry slam and much more.
But to fill the time and space we need your help: Bring whatever you like, give your knowledge to other persons or fill the air with music and juggling stuff. Show us the art you are making.
Bring food or your cooking skills.

Mind: Everyone is welcome. The camp has an emancipatory and command-free claim !
Contact us: hambacherforstÆTriseupDOTnet or call +49 157 8100 8614

[Hambi] Art & Culture Festival 2016

DIY or dieOn the meadow occupation against the extraction of lignite will take place from June 13th to 19th the second “Art & Culture Festival”. You are very welcome.

If you like to do creative things such as painting, music, construction of cabins and barricades, community gardening, yoga, circus or other artistic exchange, then this is what you are looking for. In that week you also will have the opportunity to offer your workshop(s), to participate and to spend a good time together. The weekend of June 17 & 18 will be time for show, music, performances & party. more…

Some Dates April – Mai 2016

Mai 2016 in the WAA and surroundings

∗ It starts on Mai 8: organised Walk in the Hambach Forest.
Games night on Mai 10 in the WAA
Antifa Café on Mai 12
∗ and an event on Mai 8, the memorial day to the liberation from the Nazis in KOMM Düren.
∗ In Jülich will be on Mai 14 the Concert & Solidarity Show Open Frontiers for All!.
∗ The Kitchen Collective invites on Mai 18 Küfa and film night in the WAA.
∗ End of the month in Düren Antifa concert on Mai 21
05/23 – 06/12 Construction weeks in the WAA. more…

Meadow/Forest Party 04/14

Hi everybody!

The anniversary of the meadow occupation in Hambach Forest comes soon and we want to celebrate it with a party on the site. It will be on the 14th of April from 18.00h on. We would be happy to meet and have a good time with all our supporters, neighbours and refugees who want to party with us.

There will be an open DJ with awesome music but feel free to bring your own music with a USB stick. Delicious vegan food will be provided too (there’s no good party with an empty stomach). You are very welcome to bring some food to share with everyone as well!

There’s plenty of space to sleep on the field and forest but you’ll have to bring your own tents. As always, any donations would be very helpful for the food and other necessities. You can check our wish list ( and, who knows, maybe you can bring something along.You can check on Contact&Directions how to get to us.

Hope to see you all!

“We don’t want this guy filming here”

(An RWE employee to a policeman during a railway blockade on 04/14/2015)

Trial The journalist Elmo Elbrecht already accompanied several excavator occupations and blockades with his camera. Now the open pit operator RWE seeks for an injunction, in order to make him stop his documentary work on company premises. “If we would believe believe RWE, I would interfere with my journalistic activities the operation of the open pit and the Hambach railway. I do not agree.” says a relaxed Elmo.

Look forward to an exciting trial! Spectators are very welcome.

On Thursday, April 21 at 1:00 pm at the Regional Court 52070 Aachen, Adalbertsteinweg 92, court room D0.137 ground floor.

New date: Thursday, July 7th 10:45 am, same location

Open Street Map (will be opened in a new tab)