Thread on Today’s Trial against the #hambi4

Update March 16th: Yesterday’s trial of Hambi4 has been even less transparent than usual, with defense being very limited in access to “evidence”. The UP2 (prison and correspondence name: Foot) who for last 2 months has been kept in isolation from other prisoners has been kept in prison while others have been released. Keeping one person, or a group on the same charges while releasing others is a classic repression tactic, let’s respond then with more unity and solidarity and unity by focusing prison support and letter writing on supporting Foot. One is too many! Over 30 people blocked the courtroom and police transport vans yesterday demanding to be able to talk to UP2 before being taken to jail and only unblocked when it was agreed to.

We wish the “unknown person 2” all the best and hope to see them soon in freedom and in the #HambacherForst again. more…

Thursday, March 15 19:00 Freedom Books, London Hambi4 Solidarity Event

Tomorrow at 7:00 pm Hambach Forest and #FreeHambi4 Solidarity event will be held at Freedom Books, London.  It will include a presentation, documentary screening, an exhibit of photos and prisoner solidarity art with prisoner letter writing and a vegan dinner.  Please help us spread info to people in the region as obviously this is a last moment event.  Short update from Pont Valley protection camp will also be given.

Freedom Books is located right outside Aldgate, before White Chapel, tube station. Located in a passage on the side of White Chapel Art Gallery.

Red line against coal, March 18, 2018

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, 11:30 next to the Hambach Forest

We have something to CELEBRATE!!

Hambi4 Trial on March 15, 2pm in Kerpen

  • Date / time March 15, 2018 @ 2 pm
  • Place 1st floor room 1.08
    Amtsgericht (District Court), Nordring 2, 50171 Kerpen (Open Street Map)
    From railway station Sindorf: Bus 922 or 966 until bus stop “Abzweig Mödrath”
  • Meeting Point 1:30 pm in front of the court

Come and support in great numbers.
Source: ABC

Also all forms of support and solidarity from others who can not make it would be constantly appreciated especially as: The Four presently are being put on lock-down with their whole cellblock and not allowed to go outside for the only 1 hour in fresh air when they can walk around during the so called freistunde “free hour” anytime there is a solidarity demonstration outside, which recently has been very often.  They are however able to hear the people outside and that has constantly brought their spirits up.  This is also another proof of how prisons functioning as solely a repressive apparatus as officially putting a whole cell block under lock-down is to be done for “security” reasons and not as a punishment.  Are people with drums and megaphones likely to break prisoners out?  You decide. In reality it is also a form of collective punishment in which especially any right wing and neonatzis that might be in the same block as The 4 might extend threats towards the Hambi4 for being the “cause” of their “privileges” being taken away. So besides attempt to punish it is also attempt to set prisoners against each other.

So please keep writing and reading the ABC Rhineland blog as there is no guarantees that their trial will result in their release.

Hull, England Tues. 13.3 Hambi Soli Evening

Join us this Tuesday for a Hambach Forest Struggle Solidarity Evening in Hull, located in Manchester Area. Evening will include presentation, documentary screening, prisoner solidarity letter writing followed by music by the Improvisers Circle and Rave Machine. There will also be vegan food for those not just hungering for climate justice and freedom for Hambi4.

60 Beverley Road, Hull, HU3 1YE

Week of Resistance: April 19th to 29th – Dijon, France

We invite you – friends and comrades – to join us in the Free Zone des Lentillères for a week of discussions, seminars, practical work, demos,concerts, parties and more!

19th to 29th April 2018 – Quartier Libre des Lentillères, Dijon, France

The Free Zone of the Lentillères, is a 6 hectare neighborhood of old farming land in the south of Dijon, that, after a demonstration in 2010, was occupied and re-cultivated. Since then many gardens, cabins, caravans and communities have grown up in and among the occupied houses, trees, bushes and brambles.

Solidarity Action Day for Hambi4, The Forest and for Climate Justice: Saturday 10.3.2018

Hambi 4 remain imprisoned going on two months now for offenses for which Hambach Forest Activists have not been detained for longer than 48 hours before.  This is also a record number of Hambacher Forest Activists that have been detained for so long. The Climate Crisis Capitalism is responding to the global emergency it has and which it continues to create with a permanent state of emergency based on fear, militarization and even more  of  its usual repression. more…

Animal Liberation Week Approaching – Help Needed, Workshop List and More

As the days get (hopefully) warmer, our Liberate Or Die: From Cage to Freedom event approaches quicker that we would like to recognize. For anyone that isn’t in the known, the event will take place from the 15th to the 20 of March in the heart of the Forest! Many working groups are working tirelessly to accommodate the possibility of over one hundred people coming from multiple countries for a week of workshops and actions related to the animal liberation movement.

There is a facebook event where most updates are made, so if you are able, check what is going on over there! more…