Another Forest Walk Show of Support – Another Police Action this week?

This Sunday walk was another symbolic show of support of general public to Hambacher Forest Occupation, to Coal Exit and another chance to see, unfortunately one of the last, the forest in full bloom, coming alive after the winter.  Over 200 people showed up with the oldest being 76 and the most distant visitor coming from South Africa(country also intensely cursed by coal extractionism and the enviromenta and social breakdown that accompanies it)

The walk has become an important part of the Hambi tradition, a way to connect with other on the outsided and feel that we are being supported, when it is not allways easily to show this to each other being all focused on different projects and often being stressed out by external oppression.  Seeing the smiling faces and kind words that many bring, on top of physical support in many form prevents many of us from duplicating internally the stress and pressure put on Habacher forest activists by RWE conglomerate, its interests, justice system and police.

This support is something that the mass media green scare propaganda attempts to erode and it also seems that it is something that the regional police has been focusing on addressing as well.  Beginning last Fall and happening 3 times since large police actions occurred on the week following walks in the forest with the last action occurring on unusual Monday(large police actions have occurred from Tue-Thurs) a day after the Red Lines Action a month ago.  Large Police actions only happen in the forest on average once every month to two months so this is more than random correlation.  It is also what happens when Police and local “Justice” system has been co opted by a climate and planet destroying powerful international conglomerate.  Then in order to engage in repressive actions for, ok lets give it a name, RWE with minimal public dialogue, discussion and questioning quite a bit of PR damage control has to take place through statements to the media, media complicity in ignoring climate change and effect of micro-particles and other coal pollutants. All of this has been happening since the beginning.  However staging large police actions right after walks in the forest is going one step further, it shows how the forces of repression are engaging in affecting the morale of those in the forest, taking away the feeling of having hundreds of supporters in the forest by replacing them with 100s of billy club, gun and pepper spray holding non supporters.  This week will show whether this is a regular pattern now.  If it is perhaps once again it is time for even the supporters to go under ground and keep their support a bit more covert and underground and stage less open and more guerrilla-like forms of support.

No Joke! We are not just fighting for our and other species lives but for a planet on which life as we know it is possible.

Fuck RWE and Fuck Climate Chaos with Repression that it Brings!

Sunday Forest Walk, Hambacher Forest Tradition

Good day everybody,

It’s that time again next Sunday. Forest walk in the Hambacher Forst. Again, hundreds of people will be out and about in the springtime forest and get an idea of ​​why this diminishing forest is still absolutely worthy of protection and why the destruction of this habitat must be stopped immediately.

Just two weeks before the RWE Annual General Meeting, we of course also invite the press to take part in the “anniversary walk” and to send the pictures of the progressive destruction of what was once the largest forest in the Rhineland to the world. The destruction of villages, forests and cultural landscapes solely for short-term profits and at the expense of future generations must have a quick end:

Sunday, April 15, forest instead of coal – 48 months forest walk – more than 12300 participants in 4 years …

Together with nearly 100 individually booked tours for environmental associations, churches, school classes, teachers’ colleges, we have now arrived at incredible 12326 participants on guided tours in the Hambach Forest. Many more people than RWE works in the opencast mines and power stations …

Changed start time 11.30 clock.

Meeting point: RWE has still declared the complete L276 to the premises, so we can not start at the former starting point at the moment.

Instead, the directions apply to just past Morschenich, but not to the T-junction. But about 1 kilometer after Morschenich it turns left on a wide paved road, direction Gravel Collas. There are people who will instruct vehicles and arrivals.

Map see attachment …

If necessary, we can send a “shuttle” to the S-Bahn station Buir, it is about 20 minutes on foot to the meeting point.

!!!!!!! Attention: The Treff- / resp. Starting point can change, we will of course also announce it in the short term !!!!!!!

Registration and further information with me under 0171-8508321 or by Mail

We look forward to Sunday,

Yours sincerely, Eva Töller and Michael Zobel

Michael sable

Nature guide and forest educator


0241-73684 “


Red line against coal, March 18, 2018

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, 11:30 next to the Hambach Forest

We have something to CELEBRATE!!

Forest Walk This Sunday

A monthly Forest Walk with Michael Zobel will take place this Sunday. Its another chance to see many of the occupied barrios, talk to and listen to some of the Hambach Forest activists. Take advantage of coming to bring any additional supplies for the occupation that you might no longer need.

What makes this walk different is that there will be more press. New York Times and National Geographic will be present. more…

442 Walk in the Forest this Sunday

The monthly walk in the Hambach Forest has not only grown exponentially in size over last couple of years it has also became a cultural and political phenomena reflecting general support for Hambi Forest Activist and phasing out dirty coal as an energy source. For many in the Hambi it is great to have several hundred people show up in the forest who are not cops and who instead of supporting Toxic RWE and arresting us, instead bring us food, warm clothing and offer their general warm support. Even in this cold weather so many came bringing the total of people who have attended the forest walk to close to 12 thousand. This time with the youngest visitor being 4 months old, the oldes 81 and the people who came from furtherest being visitors from Colombia and Peru. more…

Forest Walk This Sunday

A monthly Forest Walk with Michael Sobel will take place this Sunday.  Its another chance to see many of the occupied barrios, talk to and listen to some of the Hambacher Forest activists.  Take advantage of coming to bring any additional supplies for the occupation that you might no longer need.

What makes this walk different is that there will be more press.  New York Times and National Geographic will be present.  Regardless of largely positive press from national and international media it is good to remain critical of mainstream news outlets and keep convey our message without being distracted by small stuff, like how we poop in the trees.  That is why if there is any banners that those coming will have access to, please bring them.  Banners at Sunday walk have allways been important regardless of the presence of the media.  There will be lunch, info and music.  Come by yourself or bring friends and family.  Please remember that as the forest is about to dry up and spring nears, combined with mass propaganda campaign going against Hambi, that each walk could be the last chance to see and document Hambacher Forest Occupation in its present shape.  That is why the visitors and supporters are so crucial in showing that most of German public is fully behind the immediate Coal Exit and that many people do not belive disinformation about Hambi that regularly especially before police action appears in some of the local press owned and coopted by fossil fools industry and RWE.

Thanks everybody even if you could visit only once in the past and do make plans to do again.