Greetings to Standing Rock and NoDAPL

We want to congratulate our comr@des at Standing Rock to their Victory against the DAPL-project!

WaterDefenders you give us courage and hope to continue our fight!

We share the worries that after the change of presidents the construction stop will be removed. We want to appeal to all to get rid of their stocks of destructive technologies like fracking, nuclear & coal power. And to call all the others which dont have such stucks to make more pressure to the stuckholders. In this area we just know that deutsche bank is stuckholder of the pipeline-project DAPL.

Dont let them allay your suspiciousness! Never surrender! No Compromise!

#NoDAPL! #StandingRock #StopPoliceBrutality!

Beechtown before going asleep

“Wir sitzen nicht auf Thronen,
uns schmeichelt nur der Wind.
Wir haben dennoch Kronen,
die schöner als eure sind.”
(Erich Kästner, mit Gruß an Michael)

“We are not sitting on thrones,
just the wind is flattering us.
Nevertheless we have crowns,
which are nicer than yours.”
(Erich Kästner, Greetings to Michael)

UPDATE! Three more people in prison


On December 3rd, one more Person was arrested and is now in Prison on remand.

Since December 1st there are two more activists from Hambach Forest in custody jail.

According to the police, both have been at a treehouse close to the entrance of the forest, when firework was set off towards police officers. Noone got hurt. They are accused of causing an explosion and aggravated assault. Custody jail ist justified by danger of absconding, because both have their residence outside of Germany.

Thuersday noon they had their arraignment in Kerpen and were then brought to the women’s prison in Cologne Ossendorf.


Write letters! Be aware that each single letter is getting checked and controlled by the authorities. Hodei and Siao speak Spanish and English. Add stamps, photos, pictures, leaves, sticker, glitter and other stuff, which brings a smile to the face of our compas and angers the censor. more…

Peruvian farmer sues German energy firm RWE

A court case, brought by the Peruvian farmer and mountain guide Saúl Luciano against energy firm RWE, started yesterday, November 24th in Essen, Germany. Melting glaciers are threatening his home and city. The causes are climate change and RWE’s huge carbon emissions.

One day, this glacier is going to cause a tsunami
The glacial lake above the city of Huaraz.
Melting and collapsing glaciers are threatening a flooding catastrophe rolling to the city of Huaraz. Saúl Luciano and 30,000 others are threatened to be killed. He is presenting a simple bill: The costs for the protective dam are to be paid by RWE to the extent that the Group is responsible for the global increase of CO₂ emissions.
Saul Luciano had come to Essen himself, but did not speak. His action is of fundamental importance. Never before has an individual complained against a company responsible for climate change.

That is why we are waiting the result in high suspense! RWE will fight violently, because this is a precedent, which may have far-reaching consequences. But there is already a reason to celebrate: for the first time a judge has declared that such a trial in principle is possible and the case can be negotiated.
With a simulation of what would happen (in minute 4:46):

Call for DNA typing

A little more than a week ago, somebody of the Hambach Forest activists was asked by the Amtsgericht (District court) of Aachen to provide voluntarily the own DNA.
They write, that the reason for this are alleged criminal offenses in the Hambach Forest. If you (or someone you know) also gets mail with such an invitation, contact in any case the AntiRepressionsgruppe Rheinisches Revier / Antirrr (Anti-repression group Rhenanian mining area ) or lawyer Christian Mertens before you answer.

Anti-Coal Mining Struggle on 3 Continents

“This Sunday and Monday (October 2nd and 3rd) a series of presentations, discussions and workshops took place in Cologne organized by an anti-capitalist alliance bringing activists from struggles in Bangladesh, Columbia and South Africa from regions affected by coal extractions, coal power plants and loading facilities. These communities have utilized multiplicity of tactics and by their persistence, resolve and presence stood in a way, slowed down and even stopped numerous projects. In effect, being living blockades of many of these large projects. Many grassroots of these initiatives, projects and direct action campaigns became a form of front line defense. Here are some of their stories: more…

The First Newsletter

Hello, this is the first newsletter from the Hambach Forest.
It is exceptionally published at the blog, so you can decide if you want to subscribe to future newsletters. It is a bit more extensive, because it covers a longer period than originally planned. We hope you will enjoy reading. Feedback, suggestions & questions? Bring them on!
Translation is in progress.

Cordially, the newsletter group


  1. What happened this spring / summer
  2. Repressions
  3. What is planned in the near future
  4. Schedule Plan