Power plant Niederaußem blocked

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Blockade with lock-ons and tripod in front of the power plant Niederaussem

Source: ausgeco2hlt.de

With a tripod and a sit-in, activists of ausgeCO2hlt blocked an access road to the coal power plant Niederaussem by 1:00 pm in the Rhenish lignite mining region. 20 activists chained themselves partly in lock-ons to each other, they partly fixed themselves in the tripod itself. The action is directed against the mining and electrification of lignite in the the Rhenish mining area and worldwide. more…

Climate change? Do it yourself: stop coal power!

Source: https://www.robinwood.de

Loading crane for lignite shipment blocked / Solidarity with the coal resistance in the Lausitz region, in the Rhineland and anywhere in the world / real climate comes from below!
A group of environmental activists, some of Robinwood, blocked on Friday 11/27 for six hours a sophisticated “Stirnkipp facility” in the harbor of Königs-Wusterhausen. Two of the activists rappelled down in the tilting area of the installation and rolled out a banner reading “Coal kills the climate!” In Königs-Wusterhausen the dirty lignite from Lusatia is reloaded from trains on inland waterway vessels, which then reach the Berlin power stations – especially Klingenberg in Treptow-Koepenick – by boat. more…

Solidarity with the prisoners of the Hambach Forest from Dortmund!

This we found in our mailbox:

From Dortmund we send a sign of solidarity to the prisoners of the Hambach Forest! We agree with the slogan “Prisons are no solution but a part of the problem”. Fan the flames of solidarity in all cities, do not forget the prisoners… until all are free!

Many greetings to http://agdo.blogsport.eu/2015/11/24/solidaritaet-mit-den-gefangenen-des-hambacher-forst-aus-dortmund/

Birthday of the Meadow!

Today exactly three years ago, about 15-20 people occupied the today (in)famous meadow on the edge of the Hambach Forest, accompanied by the press, after a press conference at the four-day evacuation of the first occupation in the forest. During the first couple of days, there were several attempts by the police to evacuate the meadow, but without success.

Arrestation of the owner

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Once they even arrested the owner, Kurt Classen and led him away in handcuffs on the grounds that he would interfere with police operations, although he just wanted to show to the cops his ownership documents on spot. For this he was detained almost 2 hours in a police patrol car until finally the press showed up and was interested in his detention. Then the cops had to listen to Kurt Classsen and as a result to inspect the meadow with flashlights (in the meantime darkness had come), only to find out that we actually were on his land and they could do nothing. more…

Diary from Birds’ Eye View

In the cutting area, a tree was occupied for the last 8 days by one activist. The person has now left the tree and has been arrested. You can read her diary here.

Day 1

after an exciting, tiring night of getting into the tree, I sleep like a baby and wake up to lots of confused security guards, constantly shouting, whistling and throwing big pieces of wood at me. They also sexually harass me. Despite this, I remain in good spirits. I feel empowered, and proud of successfully occupying a tree in the cutting area.

Day 2

feeling frustrated at the continuation of the cutting, so I pick myself up by chanting at the workers who have come to have a look at the person hanging in the tree, ‘RWE Murderers, shame on you, we are watching you from a bird’s eye view’ pens and paper have been a total life saver (including toilet paper, pooping out of a hammock is really shit – take that security! haha)

a poem to pass the time more…

New tree occupation stops deforestation work

The previous tree occupations in the deforestation area have again gained backing: During the night from yesterday to today two people in the deforestation area occupied trees, right in the path of a harvester (deforestation machine). Since then, this machine is stopped and the deforestation work in this part of the forest is interrupted.
So now there are three occupations in the clearing area, which at least limit the deforestation work in the Hambach Forest. Consequently, to the third occupation was given the name “Dritter Streich”.
The deforestation now goes already about 2 weeks – and since then counteractions keep RWE on tenterhooks. We will continue to fight for every meter!