Political prayer in Immerath

Politisches Gebet in Immerath, 7. Jan. 2018

Let’s put it undauntedly: we want a change, a real change, a change in the structures. This system is no longer acceptable; the campesinos can not stand it, the workers can not stand it, the communities can not stand it, the peoples can not stand it… Nor does the earth, “our sister, Mother Earth”, as St. Francis said.
Pope Francis at the World Meeting of Social Movements in Bolivia in 2015.

In the background: the “Cathedral of Immerath”, on the last day of its existence?
Before that, the demolishing machine with the extra long arm of the company Herzog is already waiting. In front of it, the fence that is supposed to keep unauthorized persons away from the “construction” place. With a quote from the boss of the organization that once was the owner of this building. We would like to hear many of that radical statements from him. But maybe there is too much disagreement in the church?
In front of that fence, Christian women who are very much in agreement with this statement, Catholic and Protestant, who organized this political prayer.
There were about 300 people.
The words of a child were also read out about this demolition: “Hopefully the excavator will not start!”
At the end someone said: “Let’s not forget that without the people in the tree houses, the Hambach Forest would not exist anymore!” Big applause.
Spontaneously, one of these people said: “Please do not believe the horror tales about us. Come and visit us!”

Videos of the day before, January 6th:
German press:

Walk in the forest photos


Over 400 Walk in the Forest Today

Today’s walk in the Forest has attracted over 400 people reflecting a wave of popular support sweeping not just the region but all of Germany and from around the world.  This is happening at the time when the rulling parties are no loger able or willing to hold an argument on exiting from coal and its effects on the climate but istead have become an extension of RWE special interests and are trying to redirect attention and justify large police actions to destroy the last of Hambi by talk of extremism and violence.  All as an attempt to criminalize the whole climate justice movement employing such pesky tactics as road blockades and locking on to planet and climate destroying equiment.  Many supporters realized that this is one of the last chances to see the world unique bionome of  Hambacher Forest in its present shape if at all.  They have expressed their gratitude by sharing home-baked cakes, lots of other food, warm clothing and other supplies with the unarmed “extremists” most of whom do not have firearms training both of which can not be said for the hundreds of armed cops that will arrive in Hambach to help RWE destroy the forest despite wide-spread opposition bringing a reality of climate unstability that in a logic so typical of disaster-capitalism is in turn used to justify further progressive militarization of police forces and higher levels of repression.

The walk went through two occupations of Gallien where people stoped by to chat with forest defenders and then through OakTown to the edge of the forest and standing on the wall  separating the forest from  the zone of destruction and the mine.  There a human Red Line of banners and people holding hands, singing was formed while speaches others spoke on the topic of Hambacher Forest, Coal and Climate Justice.

Speciall Thank-You also to the oldest 93 year participant of the walk who has knitted warm mittens and  hat as a special gift for the defeders of ancient Hambacher Forest: THANK YOU!!! VIELEN DANKE!!!

Dec 3, 2017 a single Snow Day – Thanks RWE

This Sunday was the regular single day of snow a year sticking on the ground for even shorter amount of time then usuall.  Parents in the region with Children between 12yrs and 1 yr old recalled how their older kids  had a chance to play in the snow but how the young ones are now denied that same opportunity.  With 9 of the hotest years on record all falling withing the last decade the effect of lignite are not just catastrophic but very much in front of us.  Do or Die! resonates even more so especially with the sight of the snowy Hambach being a vanishing sight on two levels:  the snow itself and then the forest as well.

Whether the link below will be the only remnant of this reality hinges on many reading this joing the struggle, supporting the forest and climate justice strugle at large.


2017 2 hour Hambi Snow Day – Flicker Photo Album