We made ​​our move – the board has grown

Four bucket wheel excavators in the open-cast lignite mine Hambach are occupied!

July 4, 2015

At the Climate Games in Amsterdam today countless playgroups make their moves. Team Blue (the police) and the team of industrial companies play their usual strategy: In Amsterdam they want to expand the West port for coal transshipment and in the resident companies they strongly contribute to the fact that the world’s climate passes several points of no return. Thereafter, the further warming would get unpredictable and irreversible. Our teams hamper them, as far as possible without being beaten by Team Blue. Their game objective is to enable a smooth flow of the work of destruction.
This year, a team in the Rhineland has stumbled over the fact that the playing field is not limited to the Amsterdam West Port. While it is folded by all sorts of boundaries together, but we can unfold and make our move at any time, anywhere – after all, the other side also works as good as anywhere in the world.

CrimethInc in Hambacher Forest

The CrimethInc collective produced a 97 minutes podcast on the Hambacher Forest. Have fun!

In this episode, the Ex-Worker offers an in-depth profile of the struggle to defend the Hambacher Forest. In the Rhineland coal country of western Germany, a group of angry locals, environmentalists, anarchists and squatters have converged to challenge the destruction of one of the region’s oldest forests by the energy giant RWE’s brown coal mining. In these moving interviews recorded live in the Hambacher Forest in spring 2014, Clara gets a tour of the occupation and discusses the recent history of actions and broader political context. Through insightful and often hilarious informal conversations, the occupiers point out distinctive features of the forest, show the gritty and frequently comical day to day realities of squatter life, discuss their personal motivations for resisting the destruction of the forest, and offer poignant insight into the logic of resistance as a way of life. The episode concludes with recent updates from the occupation, ways to participate and show solidarity, and reflections on its significance for radicals across the world. {June 15th, 2015}

Bucket wheel excavator in the brown coal mine Inden occupied

This action declaration reached us via mail today. The action is still ongoing, see press release below. Updates


Wenn vier Menschen auf solch behutsame Weise einen Riesenbagger für mehrere Stunden lahmlegen können...

Tonight, four activists occupied a large bucket wheel excavator in the Inden opencast mine. They climbed to the top of the excavator about 70m high. The machine halted is one of the largest machines in the world that normally destroys 24/7, literally churning the landscape. In Inden lignite is promoted for Rhenish mining area above ground, that is: Everything is about being in the way and will be destroyed; who lives about is expropriated and expelled. Where villages, fields, meadows and woods once stood inconceivabley huge holes appear in the landscape, an industrial wasteland to the horizon. Of all of the energy sources, lignite, is ridiculously inefficient, releasing huge loads of CO2 and particulate emissions, and the conversion of power supply to renewables sabotaged with inflexible “baseload plants”.

The event is also a solidarity greeting from the resistance against the Rhenish lignite mining area to the resistance against the meeting of the G7 in Elmau. more…

Tree occupied at the edge of the clearance

https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5604/15534853765_c1fa00c5ef_b.jpgDuring the night to September 30, activists occupied a tree near the edge of the open cast mine Hambach. The tree is one of many that is supposed to give way for the brown coal mine Hambach during the cutting season that starts on October 1.
“This destruction is only one example emphasizing the value of environment and humans in this economic system!”, one of the tree occupiers says.
“The open cast mine, one of the biggest producers of CO2 in Europe, is not only responsible for the expulsion of humans and the deforestation of one of the last primeval forests in Middle and Western Europe. It is also having an impact on the world climate. Thus, it is jointly responsible for heatwaves, droughts and floodings. Thereby whole ecosystems are collapsing, especially in the Global South, and many people lose their livelihood.”
With this action the activists want to oppose the destruction of life and call everyone to get involved in the conservation of our livelihood.
“We see ourselves as a part of a global movement, which is accusing the profit of individuals in disadvantage of everyone! We are in solidarity with indigenous peoples all over the world, who are especially suffering from the power of companies and who in some cases effectively manage to resist”, another activist says.
The Link to the fotos:GrubenBlick

[!!!] (UPDATE 1 p.m.) Police NOW in the Forest – Alert at the Occupation site [!!!]

(Update 1 p.m.) There is half a “group of one hundred” coppers roaming free, they destroyed the Forest-Café Meeting Point and tore down more infrastructure on the ground.


What did happen so far today…

This very moment a riotous assembly of coppers appeared in the forest. They sniff and goggle and just by their emanating thoughts on authority alone, as well as their armed presence they enforce the power- (aka. violence-) monopoly of the state.

We are going to keep you updated, so far there’s no clarity if this is purely harassment (“inspection”), a raid or the harbinger of an eviction.

We are preparing for all possible options!

ALL Colours Are Beautiful!

In case you’re not clear about your choice of music for the morning here’s two randomly chosen Youtube-links:


TICKER – MONDAY April 28th (+ past)

So, here we launch the Ticker, full of Love and Revolt there’s gonna be the most current happenings and informations on the re-occupation of the Hambach Forest

Other Languages:
Castellano Ticker
“French” Ticker
+++ THURSDAY 7th of May +++

01:30 pm
Sorry for the bad reporting here the last days. It got very silent in the Hambach Forest.
The Police didn’t visit since the first few days of the reoccupation and the occupations are growing and getting bigger and bigger.
New images will come soon!

+++ MONDAY 28th of April +++

01:25 pm
After they entertained the crowd there, the Carnival-Column left the forest and drove away =/

12:55 am
The cops are going through the second occupation! But still no information why they are going there.

12:40 am
NOW there are cops in the forest. Yeah, really. Cops wearing helmets. It was said that there are around 30 to 60 cops in the forest

11:45 am
There were no cops in the forest. But when the security was blocked today they went off.

Nicely done!

11:06 am
Security was blocked in the forest. Because of that there is a few police in the forest now.

Let’s wait and see.. We keep the news up to date anyhow!

new pictures and a video of the reoccupation are online now

7:00 am
The person who was arrested by the police this night has been released. She is fine.
After she gave her identity on the police station they took her fingerprints nevertheless. She was kept in the police station the whole night. A detailed Report only on german yet

This (all through illegal) action shows how conservative, fascistic and brutal the police is.
Our solidarity against their repression! Because together we are stronger then they are!!

~02:00 am
A Car has been stopped by the Police on the way from Düren to Merzenich because they wanted to make a car control. When they wanted to get the identity of the co-drivers, one person said, that she want to know the reason for this identity-check, before she will give her identity. Subsequently they dragged her brutally out of the car and took her to the police station. A detailed Report only on german yet



Bagger blockiert! Bagger blockiert! Bagger blockiert!

12 activists arrested and several injured during the demolition of the compost toilets in Hambacher Forest in Germany.

A hundred riot police officers, mounted police, and security personnel of the RWE energy corporation arrived early in the morning (23.4.2014) with bulldozers and diggers in order to demolish the compost toilets and infrastructure of the protest camp.

The activists climbed on trees, constructed blockades, and protested with music and clowning. One activist chained themself to a bulldozer with a lock-on tube, thus stopping the whole convoy for four hours. Police brutally attacked the protesters. One activist was hospitalized with a concussion after police repeatedly hit him on the head.

„We wonder why the police invests so much energy and resources in the destruction of sustainable toilets when 500 metres away lays the biggest shit-hole in Europe,“ said Ginger and Clowney after their arrest.

Hambacher Forest was occupied since April 2012 in protest against the expanding open-pit mine Hambacher Tagebau, the largest CO2 producer in Europe, owned by RWE. The occupation has been delaying the continued destruction of the ancient forest.

A few days ago an article appeared in the local mainstream media claiming that activists harrass passersby and smash police and company vehichles.
„Three days before the official re-occupation of Hambach Forst, RWE and the police are looking to intimidate and criminalize the activists. The mainstream media is very willing to support this cheap propaganda,“ said the activist Isabell Schwarz.

The activists faced several evictions, but have immediately re-occupied. The last eviction was at March 27th, but a public re-occupation is planned for April 26th.

Digger blockade!

„We oppose all this shit“ Interview with the EarthFirst! Journal

EarthFirst! Newswire

The Earth First! Journal published an extended Interviewon the Hambach Forest, the eviction, the re-occupation and the protest in the Rhineland.

Please feel free to subscribe their newsletter to be in solidarity with our friends at the EF! Journal and also up to date with “direct actions in defense of living systems”!

Here’s the interview