Large Scale Operation by Police, Security and RWE in the Hambach Forest

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Press release – March 15th, 2016

RWE and police operations on 03/15/16 RWE and police operations on 03/15/16

Kerpen/Buir. On Monday morning, 03/14/2016 at 7:00 am, the protest camp in the Hambach Forest near Morschenich (between Aachen and Cologne, Germany) and the nearby forest occupations were temporarily surrounded by police forces and security service.
During this operation, several hundreds, equestrian and dog units as well as heavy police equipment were on duty. Furthermore, employees and machinery of the energy group RWE were involved.

Criticism of proposals of an arbitration procedure in the Hambach Forest

Press release

Düren/Kerpen – For some months, increasingly proposals are made to start up an arbitration procedure to the protests in the Hambach Forest. In particular, the Greens of Düren endeavor for mediation in the style of Stuttgart 21. In it should participate among others activists and RWE. Among the activists predominantly critical voices can be heard on the subject

One of their points is that for RWE the central demands of the protests – to stop the lignite mining and the further deforestation of the Hambach Forest – are not open for discussion. In a statement of some activists also can be read that there was no equality, because both sides “had different possibilities in terms of resources such as time, money, public perception”. more…

Sabotage action Monday night

This claim of responsibility was just found at Indymedia:

Last night we sabotaged eight construction machines in the area which is to be prepared for the opencast mining.

At five excavators, two bulldozers, a road roller, and another, expensive-looking thing, all hydraulic hoses and electrical cables that were reached, were cut. The tanks and oil filters were filled with sand, all the windows smashed, and other mechanical components sabotaged. Despite all the security measures taken by RWE, this action was carried out with no problem. more…

Statement on the participation of the police chief of Aachen in the forest walk

This is just the last paragraph of the text about the chief of the Aacen police, who coordinates everything that the do in the Hambach Forest.
The rest is not translated. So if you can read German, click on the “Deutsch” button.

We are confronted with armed and force-trained police officers. We do not imagine that we can arrive with a violence-oriented strategy. That this is what Weinspach describes is deliberate disinformation. He wants to justify the brutal action of his forces in advance. He seeks to isolate us through defamation because he knows that we have a strong backing in the population for our purposes. We trust that many people will see through this strategy and stand in solidarity with each other despite the attempts to split!

-A group of activists in the Hambach Forestry

Main conveyor belts blocked- Update and declaration

7.October at 3:35 . Once again all conveyor belts are standing still. This time 3 new information: 2 persons got together to stand their ground against the harassments of the workers and the cruelty of the cops. 10 minutes later there is no communication possible anymore. Around 5:30 we get a call that the cops will bring them to Jülich. Then the call ends with a cry of pain.
15:00: One person is free, the other person sees the judge right now.
15:50: Electricity problems in Düren. The person will be brought to Aachen and will see the judge there tomorrow.

4. October at around 02:50 both of the main conveyor belts of the open cast mine Hambach got blockaded too. These Lock-On-Actions stopped the open cast mine for several hours.

We are removable.
The forest is removable.
The villages are removable.
The ground and all the living beings which live on it are removable.

Excavator occupied!

October 5, 2015

Latest News First

Energy from brown coal (lignite) is the most polluting one. Keep the coal in the ground! Save the Hambach Forest!!

9:00 All are free again. CU next time!

Phone contact with the occupation is lost. Evacuation underway. Pick up in front of the police station Düren.

3:11 Two police cars arrived.

2:47 Securities took away one of our backpacks.

2:35 Once more an excavator was occupied in the open pit mine of Hambach! RWE securities are on site.