Hambi Prisoners Test Subjects of Run-away Repression

Progressing climate, social and ecological breakdown is pulling the rest of society and western civilization down into a downward spiral of militarized “creeping fascism” disaster-capitalism. This dynamic is seen nowhere better than on the front-line of green resistance against extractionism here in Hambacher Forest. It is reflected

by the treatment of our comrades who have been automatically imprisoned for blockading RWE deforestation and for choosing to stay anonymous. Instead of being given a mere illusion and pretense of “fair trial” instead show the true ugly face of repression and the spectacle that the co-option of local politicians and police by coal extractionism has made of the legal system. Legal System automatically locking people up for two 3 months pending trial, cut them off from mail, not give the defense access to the “evidence” against them. All of this is not possible to justify without also a massive “Green Scare” media campaign in which people defending the forests and the Planet’s climate from collapse become criminals and terrorists, where firecrackers become dangerous pyrotechnics and using one amounts to assaulting the police when thousands of our comrades are directly attacked and hundreds severely injured in places like ZAD by high explosive concussion grenades. When hundreds more are murdered by on and off-duty police, and hit-squads working for extractionists mining interests around the world.
Compared to our comrades in the global south and even France we still represent privilege, privilege that is countered with politization and radicalization of many of us who see how ridicolous and repressive the Extractionist RWE(and others) Climate Chaos Machine is becoming.

As many of the UPs from the original Hambi9, Hambi4, UP IV and UP III (yes do to exponentially increasing number of Hambi prisoner we had to start using Roman Numerals) are now on the outside it is becoming obvious how deep and how much of a run-away effect there is just like with the Climate with the dynamic of “Green Scare” Repression.

The prisoners now are not just denied access to the evidence against them preventing appeals of their imprisonment, in order to break them down psychologically are denied simple elemental essentials like shoes, with UP IV being barefoot for over 2 weeks, no vegan food or even margarine for over a week. Then there is the cutting of mail, there is certain items that are officially forbidden, ie maps that could be used for escape, anything calling for insurrectionist destruction of prisons etc, but those items are not what concerns the prison officials, what is especially withheld is texts on prison issues: prisoner advocacy, support, prison privatization, US industrial Prison complex, War on Drugs etc.. Those texts are not even withheld and given back upon release as specified by their own regulations but taken, stolen, destroyed and dissapeared. Symbolizing how it is not just Climate Killing corporations, like RWE, that are becoming the new untouchables of the Climate Disasterism but so is the repressive apparatus that supports them and represses activists that stand up to their corporate masters.

Another tactic that is being employed attempting to psychologically repress and also divide the prisoners is that some prisoners are given access to each other while others are isolated, some are given mail while others like UP IV recently released was not given any mail except 2 letters for over a month. UP IV also presented a proof of their employment showing that they had a permanent place where they could be found pending trial, dismissing the argument of pre-trial detention. Which is bogus to begin with as all of Hambi activists even while remaining anonymous have always showed up for our trials to make a political statement. So in the case of UP IV that written evidence was dismissed by the judge without verifying it with a single phone call as fraudulent and only on an apeal to a higher court was it acted on and after a month of detention was pre-trial release granted.

This incident shows how complacent and co-opted the local courts are to RWE destruction of local communities, ecosystems and the Planets Climate at large by the local municipalities being heavily invested in failing RWE, how local politicians, press and the police are openly on the pay of the same and how their only way to attempt to not just erode our wide popular support but also distract from their own complicity and guilt in making the whole planet unlivable for the future generations is to point a finger and redirect attention at the climate-justice activists the Hambi resistors and animal rights activists. The erosion of illusion of any due process will continue the prisoners of this and other struggle will continue to be repress more and more unless resistance and support is given on that front as well. New laws are being put in place as this is written to expand police powers in Germany even more and the treatment of Hambi prisoners is becoming their new testing area of what they can get away with. With none of the power that is taken ever being given back willfully once again this fight is not just for our inter-specie comrades for the local communities and the whole planet, it is a fight for our lives for a reality that is not just free of extreme weather years full of unprecedented wild fires and super hurricanes, droughts and unprecedented waves of climate refugees. It is a fight from an onset of another ultra repressive reality of neo-liberal fascism that uses the disaster of their own making to blame others intercept more power than ever as it utilizes new technologies of surveillance and propaganda that like newspapers and radio made the last defeated fascist regimes possible.

Capitalism in its constant drive to comodify and extract everything approaches “hearts and minds” as just another resource to be co-opted and exploited, and that is another realm like that of ecosystems and local communities where we have to counter its assault of disinformation and propaganda with the message of climate-justice of radical sustainability and “degrowth” of not just consumption and extractionsims but of repression, militarism and seizure of recently unprecedented powers that goes hand in hand with capitalist planetary destruction.

Lets stand up to this Shit in Hambacher Forest now and especially in October and following now imminent evictions, in ZAD in Pont Valley in Trebur Wald and in countless South struggles who are not so privileged and listen to their stories as their everyday reality is the reality that progressively is becoming our own.

For Hambi, For Zad for Pont Valley for the Eearth!!

Warm Solidaric Welcome to UP2 and others recently released.

After over two months of being fucked with by the cops UP2 has been released this week.  Your letters and humor was a weapon and response to injustice and force that has inspired many on the outside.  THANKS AND WELCOME on the outside.

The list of activists who have been imprisoned under all types of bogus and trumped up charges reflects the State’s frustration at the ongoing campaign of ecotaging, resisting and blockading the larges single CO₂ emitter in Europe. The list of those behind the walls can only be expected to grow as eviction will take place following the court ruling to continue obliterating the unique habitat of Millenarian Hambach Forest. more…

Warm Welcome on the Outside to 3 Released and call for support of UP2

Many of us would like to extend a warm welcome back to the Forest and the world outside of the walls to 3 of our recently released comrades. YOU WERE AWESOME, THANK YOU!!!

Also even though they are out please remember that effects of incarceration and being imprisoned affect people very often for their whole lives. Please offer them support in adjusting and time afterwards to make sure they are ok. Being on the “inside” can make it is easier to view everything in terms of Us vs Them struggle and to idolise the movement. more…

Thread on Today’s Trial against the #hambi4

Update March 16th: Yesterday’s trial of Hambi4 has been even less transparent than usual, with defense being very limited in access to “evidence”. The UP2 (prison and correspondence name: Foot) who for last 2 months has been kept in isolation from other prisoners has been kept in prison while others have been released. Keeping one person, or a group on the same charges while releasing others is a classic repression tactic, let’s respond then with more unity and solidarity and unity by focusing prison support and letter writing on supporting Foot. One is too many! Over 30 people blocked the courtroom and police transport vans yesterday demanding to be able to talk to UP2 before being taken to jail and only unblocked when it was agreed to.

We wish the “unknown person 2” all the best and hope to see them soon in freedom and in the #HambacherForst again. more…

Hambi4 Trial on March 15, 2pm in Kerpen

  • Date / time March 15, 2018 @ 2 pm
  • Place 1st floor room 1.08
    Amtsgericht (District Court), Nordring 2, 50171 Kerpen (Open Street Map)
    From railway station Sindorf: Bus 922 or 966 until bus stop “Abzweig Mödrath”
  • Meeting Point 1:30 pm in front of the court

Come and support in great numbers.
Source: ABC

Also all forms of support and solidarity from others who can not make it would be constantly appreciated especially as: The Four presently are being put on lock-down with their whole cellblock and not allowed to go outside for the only 1 hour in fresh air when they can walk around during the so called freistunde “free hour” anytime there is a solidarity demonstration outside, which recently has been very often.  They are however able to hear the people outside and that has constantly brought their spirits up.  This is also another proof of how prisons functioning as solely a repressive apparatus as officially putting a whole cell block under lock-down is to be done for “security” reasons and not as a punishment.  Are people with drums and megaphones likely to break prisoners out?  You decide. In reality it is also a form of collective punishment in which especially any right wing and neonatzis that might be in the same block as The 4 might extend threats towards the Hambi4 for being the “cause” of their “privileges” being taken away. So besides attempt to punish it is also attempt to set prisoners against each other.

So please keep writing and reading the ABC Rhineland blog as there is no guarantees that their trial will result in their release.

Hull, England Tues. 13.3 Hambi Soli Evening

Join us this Tuesday for a Hambach Forest Struggle Solidarity Evening in Hull, located in Manchester Area. Evening will include presentation, documentary screening, prisoner solidarity letter writing followed by music by the Improvisers Circle and Rave Machine. There will also be vegan food for those not just hungering for climate justice and freedom for Hambi4.

60 Beverley Road, Hull, HU3 1YE

Solidarity Action Day for Hambi4, The Forest and for Climate Justice: Saturday 10.3.2018

Hambi 4 remain imprisoned going on two months now for offenses for which Hambach Forest Activists have not been detained for longer than 48 hours before.  This is also a record number of Hambacher Forest Activists that have been detained for so long. The Climate Crisis Capitalism is responding to the global emergency it has and which it continues to create with a permanent state of emergency based on fear, militarization and even more  of  its usual repression. more…

Mail to the 4 being Destroyed and Withheld

UPA 1,3 and 11 are being held in the same cell block and are able to see each other with 11 not getting any mail as it was misdirected and forwarded to UPA9 in Aachen who is aready out (if anybody is able to pick this mail up maybe it could be forwarded to 11?). With 2 being isolated from all the others and not able to see other Hambis and so is especially asking for any reading material: zines, print-outs from the blog and other autono media outlets. The prisoners have once again been lied to and told that they can not have books send in when paper back, zines and mags are allowed. They also had soli photos and other materials withheld and destroyed. more…