International Court of Human rights case filed on NRW Prison treatment of Hambi Prisoners

In Solidarity with the Hambi 9, Filing A Case against Prison Condition in NRW with the ICC, International Court of Human Right in Hague and with local courts.

I am not a reformist and do not believe that human rights are something that is owned me, rather that  they are a symbol of privilege. This exercise is to point out the paradoxes and contradictions that are perpetuated in the mainstream. Such as that human rights abuses are a sole domain of distant and foreign regimes and that the biggest offenders in climate disruption and CO₂ output are countries such as India and China.

The breakdown of ecosystems, communities and the climate is reflected on every level worldwide. The closer to the CO₂ sources the more toxic and disruptive its effects are on the Municipalities, Police and the Justice System.

My grievances concern my imprisonment from August to December of 2015 as describe in detail in previous article:

They are once again:

  1. isolation and solitary confinement with no contact to lawyer for over 3 weeks.
  2. Not receiving medical care consistent with Hippocratic Oath in relation to hunger strike
  3. Witholding all mail for over 25 days.
  4. Assigned to jail cells with individuals clearly acting as state criminal informants using threats of violence to extract information.
  5. Sleep Deprivation every night for 3 weeks
  6. Tolerance and normalization of right wing and fundamentalist extremism while singling out member of the climate justice struggle.

#FREEHAMBI9 Solidarity Actions and Demo this Saturday

++ Demo ++ Cologne ++ Saturday, Februar 3th, 2018 ++ Afternoon ++

Climate protection is no crime
Release imprisoned Hambach Forest Activists – RIGHT NOW!

Since Monday, 01/22/2018, nine activists from the Hambach Forest have been in custody indefinitely. On that day they had obstructed the eviction of barricades in the forest and thus successfully prevented it.
#FreeHambi9 #JetztErstRecht #HambiBleibt more…

Solidarity Evening with Hambi9 at AZ Cologne Thursday, Feb 1st 17-23

This Thursday an evening of discussion, letter writing and zine and book sending will take place at Autonomous Center in Cologne.  The Café will be open at 7:00 pm while banner making will start at 5:00 pm outside. Bring postcards, zines and books, paint and brushes and a usb or sd card with images and text in jpeg format that might be appropriate for banners.

Autonomes Zentrum Köln, Luxemburger Str. 93, 50674 Köln
Open Street Map (will be opened in a new tab)

See You There!

FreeHambi9 Solidarity from 250th Anti Fraport Protest

Solidarity to Hambi9 from inside the Frankfurt Airport during the 250th Monday protest, when over 300 people who marched through terminal 1. They protested against the constant airport expansion, this time for discount airlines, generating more climate destroying pollution and cutting forest habitats such as Trebur Wald. Also this is now being occupied with over 3 tree-sits and ground structures. more…

Vigil in Front of the Jail Köln-Ossendorf, today Jan 29th

The Vigil Group in the Hambi supporters scene organizes a vigil in front of the jail JVA Köln-Ossendorf tonight, in which some of the activists are locked away since the violent police action in the forest on monday. We show our solidarity with them and protest against the repression machine, that has been started up here.
Come along!

Where: Jail Justizvollzugsanstalt Köln-Ossendorf
When: 7:00 bis 8:00 pm
Needed: Loudspeakers, music (& instruments, come as a band, first rehearsal in front of the JVA), good (which means LOUD) sound equipment, banners

Wir freuen uns auf einen bunten und lauten Protest mit euch.
See you tonight

Call for Free The Hambi 9 Solidarity events

As they sit, lay, walk in circles, and dream surrounded by hierarchy, walls and repression, solidarity is ever present, it is present among other prisoners, among every single  non-human creature they encounter or see through the bars in the window, and it is especially ever present in the hearts and minds of all those on the outside who have  also experienced repression do to remaining active in championing the numerous eco and social causes that are being repressed by progressively more right wing and repressive regimes of the global north.  That is their climate response to this global emergency more repression, militarization and privatization of the global ecological and social crime/disaster scenes which RWE lignite has turned not just Hambacher Forest and its region into but which with its larges single net CO2 output, Remains Europes Climate Killer Number One. more…

Jan. 22nd – What the course of police operation shows

On 01/22/2018 we experienced the most violent police operation in the forest since the premature end of the clearing season. This mission clearly showed us three things:

  1. By massive civil disobedience it is possible to prevent evictions.
  2. The violence and escalation in Hambach Forest comes from state and police, contrary to the propaganda that a de-escalative course is being run under the Aachen police chief.
  3. The majority of the media does not attach much importance to fair reporting in this matter. Instead, it is common practice to accept without any criticism alleged facts from police press releases.


Take action – FreeHambi9!

The last few days have shown that if we refuse to be put off as a movement, we have to be many, we must stand together and not give in our resistance, even though we have to reckon with repression through our actions. 9 people were deprived of their liberty for putting their bodies in the way of machines responsible for destroying our planet. So we have to make sure that those who are unwilling to tolerate such conditions show that they are outraged and make their voices heard.

First of all, however, the question arises who we really want to hit with our resistance? Our protest is directed against all repressive structures such as jails, police or courts that protect the interests of large corporations and thus support a system that places human life behind economic interests. And that is why the actions should continue to be directed against RWE and lignite mining, because the exploitation of humans, animals and nature, which is accompanied by the destructive approach of such companies, means repression, by which we here in Germany are not as directly affected as humans in the global south. But we need creative ideas for action in order to take care that, out of anger, our activism will not fall into meaningless actionism and we will continue to act strategically and in harmony. And at this point we are needed all of us. In the list below, we collected some proposals for actions that you can easily and conveniently perform on the solidarity action day on February 3th in the city of your choice. Have fun trying and getting creative yourself. more…

Now all the more! – Call for Germany-wide day of action on Feb. 3th

On January 22, the police tried in vain to clear the occupied barricades in the forest with an expensive action. Even the attempt to present the “violent ecoterrorists” to the present regional deputies of the SPD and AfD failed. For our resistance is colorful, courageous and broader than ever. Nevertheless, now 9 climate activists are in custody. They are accused of resistance to law enforcement officers. For opposing their bodies to the evacuation machines. For having decided to peacefully but firmly demonstrate against lignite mining and for a climate-friendly world. Never before in the history of this forest occupation, so many activists were imprisoned at the same time. more…