Solidarity with #freeeule: stencils and infos on the case

On Sunday, February 24th, 2019, a solidarity demo for imprisoned Hambi activist Eule (“Owl”) took place in front of the prison (JVA) Cologne-Ossendorf. A large group of people in owl and fox masks loudly protested the sentence to 9 months of custody. We hope for continuing demos and antirepression for Eule. Below this article, you find three cool self-made stencils that can be printed out and cut out of plastic or cardboard and used by all!

Eule was violently evicted from a hammock on september 26th 2018, during the evictions in Hambach forest (NRW, Germany), pressed on the ground by several cops and got hands and feet tied. When the cops stood up, Eule allegedly tried to kick a standing cop in the face and missed them. Eule, with injuries themselves, was arrested denying ID and has been in pre-trial jail ever since with the accusations of “assaulting an officer” and “attempted dangerous assault”. During the public trials on February 4th and 18th of 2019, all nine cops` testimonies contradicted each other, and despite Eule’s lawyer questioning the lawfulness of the eviction and the reasoning for evicting a single hammock, judge Peter Königsfeld convicted Eule to 9 months of youth custody without probation. We are outraged by the fact that even without a consistent story, another political verdict was spoken against politcal activists. This is against all of us! Send mail to Eule, follow the case, organize solidarity and fight lignite mining, forest cutting, state and police!

For more info, see and our website. Mail Eule via: “Eule” unbekannte Person Aachen 8, JVA Köln, Rochusstraße 350, 50827 Köln.

“Absender: SSK z.H. ABC Rheinland, Salierring 37, 50677 Köln, Germany.”

“Eigentumsvorbehalt: Der Brief bleibt solange Eigentum des*der Absender*in, bis er der*dem Gefangenen persönlich ausgehändigt wurde. “Zur Habe Nahme” gilt nicht als persönliche Aushändigung im Sinne des Vorbehalts. Sollte ein Teil des Briefs nicht ausgehändigt werden, so ist dieser und nur dieser Teil unter Angabe der Gründe für die Nichtaushändigung an die*den Absender*in zurückzusenden. Der Rest ist auszuhändigen.”(

Open letter of solidarity from Leonard Peltier, to support the forest protectors in and around Hambach Forest

We received the open letter below. We apologize for the late release because it was sent to us in a time in which we had a lot to do with our struggle. Here Leonard Peltier expresses his solidarity with the fight for Hambach Forest from the high security prison in Coleman / Florida.
We asked for the original text, which probably is in English, to publish it here. Meanwhile, you can read it translated back into English. Underneath you can find more details about Leonard and his struggle and how you can write to him.

Greetings to my brothers and sisters in Germany

As you know, in our Native American spiritual philosophy, the connection to Mother Earth, Mother Nature, as you would say, is a very important element. We as human beings are only part of the sacred circle that connects people, plants, animals, mountains, rivers, winds and rain – we are all connected and related. Or as we Lakota say: Mitakuye Oyasin – ALL MY RELATIONS. more…

Open letter from South Siberia, where hard coal is mined for RWE.

We received the open letter below. In Siberia, hard coal is being mined under catastrophic conditions and villages of the remaining indigenous people are being destroyed. RWE procures hard coal from the region and also invests there, which make it directly responsible.

##AlleDörferBleiben : here and everywhere!

On February 8, 2019, a meeting took place in the Kemerovo region (southern Siberia, Russia). The meeting was organized by Kyivov, the new governor of the Kemerovo region. He invited all the directors of the Russian coal companies. Representatives of shorian NGOs wrote an open letter to all participants of the meeting, which was also supported by residents of nine (9) villages in the Kemerovo region.

Open letter to the coal companies meeting in the Kemerovo region, Russia more…

Three of the #Lausitz23 still in custody!

A few days ago activists of Ende Gelände blocked a bucket wheel excavator in one of the Lusatian open cast lignite mines. Three of them are still in custody, though the accusation is only trespassing. Obviously the district court in Cottbus does not care that in the past again and again activists were therefore acquitted in court (since the open pit is not fenced).

Write letters to the prisoners

84 Gs 19/19 Stanley (UMP02)
84 Gs 20/19 Nonta (UMP03)
84 Gs 21/19 Vincent (UMP04)

Their address:
Justizvollzugsanstalt Cottbus-Dissenchen
Oststrasse 2
03052 Cottbus

Or just call the competent judge: Richterin Rauch (035548 5420, at the district court Cottbus, ask for her)

Climate activism is not a crime

Eighteen activists were in custody – after having prevented with their bodies bucket-wheel excavators in Lusatia (East Germany) from continuing to dig lignite. Nine have now disclosed their personal details and are set free, 9 others are still imprisoned. Every bit of lignite that we extract and burn makes it less likely that we will stay below the 1.5 °C target. Every bit of lignite we can block from being burnt makes it more likely that we will still be able to sustain our livelihood and eventually create a good life for all. more…


It’s not always easy to write letters (especially if you don’t know them personally). So here are some ideas. If you have some more, that aren’t listed, feel free to add.

Any funny or crazy things happened to you lately? Or someone told you something? Doesn’t matter if it seems trivial. Stories are Stories! Just keep in mind that the cops are reading, too.

For example: more…

Appeal to all activists and demonstrators who were affected by police violence during treehouse evictions during the last 6 years!!!

We want to prevent the next eviction in court!

Due to increasing police violence, it can be assumed that in case of evictions, people brutally will be mistreated again. This can not be allowed and we are sick of it! Let us protect our homes and our tree houses! The evictions are a pretext to clearcut the Hambi piece by piece prematurely. The deforesting stop is thus not observed.

Appeal to all activists and demonstrators who were affected by police violence during tree house evictions during the last 6 years:
For an urgent lawsuit, we need testimony in the form of a sworn statement for which you must be willing to provide personal information. more…