Tower Eviction


klimaretter RWE-Forst: Polizei räumt Blockade, 17:31 Uhr, PDF
KStA Fünf Meter hohe Barrikade am Hambacher Forst geräumt, PDF

News ticker beginning with latest

22:00 One more person has been released from police in Cologne-Kalk. The fireworker trucks spotted on the way to the tower. It looks like a barricade is burning.

21:20We can hear loud party sounds and music from the tower

21:00 Police at the barrier tells, the person from the tower is back on the ground. One person can be seen put into a car. Sounds of demolition meanwhile …

20:55 No sounds from the tower

19:32 Construction and drill sounds from the tower. Clowning from above.

19:22 One more person arrested. Try to release her failed because of too many cops. Come to the police station in Cologne-Kalk (address) more…

Excavator occupations in the open pit of Hambach – Newsticker

July 4, 2015
The latest information at the top.

21:00 All the people involved today have been released from the police station in Düren. We are happy and celebrate the successful campaign!

17:20 On top of the digger at the edge of the pit still flies the Jolly Roger, one lonely person is clearing up ther (or whatever). Occupiers and climbing teams are no longer visible. Still, the excavator stands still.

CALLOUT to Pyhäjoki / Finland

A callout by our friends in Finland to fly by at their camp against a newly built nuclear power plant in Pyhäjoki.

CALLOUT: July approaches, the eviction threat grows – get yourself to Hanhikivi post-haste!

Fennovoima-Rosatom’s nuclear power project is now at a critical point.
Fennovoima is supposed to hand over the keys – symbolical and concretical – to Rosatom on the 1st of July. However, Rosatom wants – as agreed – the area without troublesome extra attachments.

Requirements for a police-assisted eviction are however not quite ready yet. The people still holding on to their lands and cottages in the area have been sent a message by Fennovoima, in which is demanded that the last missing cottage-keys be surrendered to the company at the latest on Friday 26th of June. If this does not happen, the issue will proceed to the Distraint Authorities [the authority managing forced collection of debts, taxes, etc.] according to Fennovoima. more…

Operation Fenix – Solidarity with czech anarchists

Prague, Czech Rebublic: Police repressions, anarchists are charged with preparation of terrorist acts.
“No repression can stop a longing for freedom!”
antifenix banner
With ‘Operation Fenix’ came the biggest wave of police repressions against the anarchist and radical left movement in the recent czech history.

Taking people early in the morning hours, accusations of preparation of terrorist acts and confiscation of a server, which held several activists’ sites, all came with ‘Operation Fenix’ which started on Tuesday, 28th of April. Anti-extremist police is actively trying to frighten the anarchist and anti-authoritarian left scene and collecting information in a fishing expedition. more…

Activities against occupants of the Hambach Forest

First published in German on 11th February.

In several incidents during the last week, defendors of the lignite open cast mine damaged or destroyed material of the occupations. Among others, several climbing ropes were cut, the tires of a car owned by a person living in the occupation were stabbed and a tent in the new inhabitalbe barricade (“the Hedgehog”) was slit. more…

Solidarity with anarchists in spain
( pic from Dortmund-agdo)
Pandora’s box and the hotchpotch of Spanish anti-terrorism .Text written a week ago about Pandora’s police operation in Spain against anarchists.

The morning of Tuesday the 16th of December has surprised us with a wave of house raids and arrests. Surprised us? We are not going to lie. Let’s start again. The morning of the 16th of December has NOT surprised us. The autonomous Catalan police, the Mossos d’Esquadra, and the Guardia Civil and judiciary powers of the Audiencia Nacional stormed more than ten houses and a few anarchist spaces in Barcelona, Sabadell, Manresa and Madrid, with house raids, arrests, confiscation of propaganda material and information, to also use the occasion to enter and plunder, with the entire riot police team of the Mossos d’Esquadra, Kasa de la Muntanya, a squatted place that has existed for 25 years. more…

Neuland has been evicted!

Besetzer_in am Ende der Räumung
6:00 a.m. Some vehicles of police and fireworkers have been spotted in the forest. We assume, that this is the announced eviction of the tree occupation “Newland” north of the former motorway A4. Stay tuned.
6:30 a.m. two persons locked themselves to each other on one of the entrance roads.
12:00 a.m. the eviction is done, the person was smiling and waved dring by, followed by the technical team in their white van. more…

Basti is free!

We made it! A big cheering outside the courthouse – many from the meadow and from anywhere else had followed the call and welcomed our friend Basti warmly. We had to wait a long time in front of the house and there was some commotion because none of us was allowed to enter the building. One person was arrested for a short time, but is now free again. At the meadow it’s party now! But we don’t forget our Compa Felix sitting still in the prison of Aachen. Freedom for All!