Police and RWE-Security in the forest clearing barricades.

At around 11 o’clock, police, RWE and securities appeared at the occupations in the Hambach Forest. They cut several climbing ropes, imposed dismissals and surrounded the living barricade.
This is not the first time climbing ropes where cut as a sabotage. This is a life threatening and useless action on behalf of the police and RWE.

This happens after the ‚dialog‘ in the state parlament in Düsseldorf with the police, the ministry of internal affairs, the parties, RWE and the regional initiative on the 20th of april this year. After the annual general assembly of RWE last week and the human chain in Garzweiler last weekend.
This is supposed to be the energy transition and the dialog that is held. The interest of economy and those who are payed by them are in the foreground. On the 21th of may, the administrative court in Aachen will decide if the meadow occupation could be immediately evicted. This is a callout to all people who want to resist against the destruction of landscape.
Pics of the action [here]
Info/ press und legal team : 015753511306


06:28 am
Night is passing and a new day is rising… at the moment one person is in front of the police station, with banners and information. The police told to register a picket(?). If not the banners should be removed. the outcome remains open…

05:50 am
During the night, the persons in front of the police station was switched. It remains calm with no rain. Come around and bring breakfast. Hof coffee and tee are welcome.

02:37 am

A sign of life from the cellars of the courts of this city. The press and a person in front of the police station are determined to stay until our frind is released. In front of the police station, a guitar is playing and from the cellars one can hear the Anti RWE song from Mona&Hummel. You can listen to it here: http://monaundhummel.noblogs.org/musik/

01:28 am
Blankets, Matrasses and rice to eat have been brought. Here you can find a film documenting the assaults of the RWE security against activists. They are apparently talking about the supposed digger occupation of 06.04.2015.

01:20 am

Greetings from the police station in Kalk, we are preparing for a long night.

00:05 am
Several people are at the police station in Cologne/Kalk, to show solidarity with our arrested friend. She is happy about support, as well as blankets, hot tee and cups. The hot chocolate is almost gone! Come around! Adress: Cologne Kalk Walter-Pauli-Ring 2-6 51103 Cologne

23:30 pm

We are online again and have installed a press location and an EA in Cologne. If you want to know more about the course of events around our arrested frend. This number is reachable around the clock: 0049 15753511306

18:oo pm
We just received the sad message that a friend of ours, who has previously been held captured in Hürth, has now been transfered to the prison n Cologne/Kalk. A release is not in sight. As she has been locked on, they charge her pf ‘resistance against executory officers’We send you power and strenght… . The police operation was commissioned by the regional forest department Rhein Erft. One of the many institutions which are closely related to RWE and who support the depletion of the Hambach Forest, as has been shown in the last years during similar operations.

16:31 pm more…


Legal aid : 015782868273
Press contact: 017656835003

News ticker:

13:20 pm – All in prisioners activists out

10:20 AM – 30 Cops arrive at the blockade. They try to steal the contaktphone.
There is no contact anymore to the first blockade. We assume that one is evicted

10:00 AM – And again. Another group of activist starts a lock-on blockade close to Buir.

9:50 AM – Police tries to evict the Tripod. The other activists were arrested.

9:30 AM – 30 Cops are at the blockade

7:30 AM – About 8 more police cars arrive.

7:00 AM – The sun rises slowly, and a Security Guard remains in the distance. Some policemen/women are standing at the blockade.

6:30 AM – Police arrive with more security guards. A person is sitting on a 3-legged tripod structure and another person is sitting on the train tracks, around the tripod.

6:00 AM – An RWE security guard arrives with dogs and flood lights.

5:30 AM – Several people are on the tracks of the Hambach coal train. The blockade point is between the coal storage silo (?) and Buir.

Digger Occupation – News Ticker

The bottom is being cleared – the top is still untouched
The eviction of the partial occupation by three persons in the lower / mid range of the excavator is has proceeded quite far. One person is already in custody. The V-shaped steel tube, in which another person’s both hands are chained to each other, has already been cut open, presumably by grinding. Thus, it is anticipated that the two other persons won’t remain on the excavator very much longer.
The three other persons, who occupied the tip of the excavator at 70 meters height with climbing equipment, after all didn’t have any police contact.
One embedded press person is also, after all, in place.
.Climbing Cops arrived
about 06:30
The climbing unit of the police is on site and will probably sooner or later start preparing eviction.
. more…

Digger in the open cast Inden occupied

Öffnen des Lockons bei der Baggerbesetzung Inden am 15.März.2015
Pics from the Policestation
Pics from blockade
Press release – action declaration yet to be translated

In the night from Saturday to Sunday at about 00:30 am, activists of the anti-coal-movement have occupied an excavator inside the opencast-mine Inden. One person is locked on, three others have climbed the digger with harnesses. A banner reading “Lignite kills. Everywhere.” was dropped.

“The deadlock of the excavator, which is one of the centrepieces of RWE, means a massive intervention in the smooth running of the corporation. Thereby we deliberately disturb the continued exploitation of a source of energy which entire ecosystems fall victim to”, says Konny L. (name changed). “Due to the expansion of the pit people are displaced and dispossessed. At the Hambach mine, an old forest is being cut down, which was since the beginning of the Middle Ages in citizens‘ hands – if a forest can ever belong to someone – and was ever since managed relatively sustainable. Now RWE has bought it, with the sole purpose of utterly destroying it for the profits from coal mining.” However, it is not only the regional consequences that promt the activist into action. Konny L. illustrates: “The global warming caused by lignite combustion leads to droughts, floods, epidemics, etc. These cost hundreds of thousands of lives and force countless people to flee. ”
From the activists‘ perspective, active resistance against a profit-oriented business model is the only way to effectively counteract these problems in order to “end this catastrophe that will sooner or later be felt fiercely worldwide. Those who only think of their own interests or believe in governments and business to do the job, will in the long run destroy their own and future generations‘ livelihoods.”

The occupants have announced to block the work of the excavator for as long as the eviction by the police will take. The occupation is still ongoing.

Forest activists occupy digger in open cast mine Inden

action statement – see press release above

The digger is locked dead – caused by not even by 10 determined people!
A system is not unstoppable, if the will is there and if people start using their own the heads for decisions, instead of just ruminating given rules and opinions. Then another way of life becomes possible, with noone starving and noone afraid of their own species. A way of life, where people treat each other respectfully and without oppression.
The action is in solidarty with the people in and around Fukushima, who, like so many people worldwide, have become victims to the greed of few. The resistance movements against coal and nuclear energy are going hand in hand, because both sources of energy do (sooner as well as later) cause large-scale environmental destruction and thousands of casualties. We will not be intimidated by repression and threats. Unless all living beings get the possibility to live and grow without human oppression, something is going horribly wrong.

Let’s fix it! Come to Blockupy Action Day in Frankfurt (18.3.), the eviction of the occupied-by-refugees Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule in Berlin (19.3.), the protests against the G7 summit in Elmau, Bavaria (2.-8.6.).
Let’s live resistance and start rebellion together!

Forest Festival on April 4th and 5th

The (german) flyer for the Forest Festival is ready and lots of programme is fixed!

Translation of the flyer’s flipside:

Come to the Forest Festival in the Hambach Forest!

Spring is coming up and the Forest Occupation(s) celebrate their third birthday. So please feel invited to the Forest Festival at this occasion!
On Saturday (4th April) members of the band “Kellerasseln” will read from their book “Topf & Söhne – Besetzung auf einem Täterort” (dt. “Topf & Sons – occupation in the perpetrator’s site”) (see below).
Afterwards the Kellerasseln and other acts will play plugged livemusic. Then on Sunday (5th April) beginning at 2 pm we’ll have an unplugged acoustic concert with singers/songwriters ending with an open jam session, in which everyone will be invited to join in.
Food and beverage are taken care for.
Come to the forest, and dance into a new world!

The occupations in and around the Hambach Forest are directed against the clearcut of the forest and the brown coal extraction causing it.
Further infos http://HERE


Hambach Forest lecture in Stuttgart

On the March, 26th a lecture on the Hambach is going to take place in the quarter-centre ( = german Stadtteilzentrum) of Gasparlitsch in Stuttgart, located in south-west Germoney close to the French border. It’s scheduled to start at 19 pm.
Topics are going to be the existing occupations as well as the emtore situation of lignite mining. Hopefully to see many of you there!


First published in German on hambacherforst.blogsport.de on February 7th, 2015. This translation wasn’t yet revised by the author or a native speaker. Guess, it’ll work anyway…

Gold mining in Greece

With my backpack shouldered I slowly drag myself up the street. A police patrol drives past me, then a car from a security firm. Then the patrol comes back. And yet another security car. This is how it’s been going on all the time, since I took the way up the Kakavos mountain in Greece.

It didn’t take me two hours by bus and hitchhiking from Thessaloniki to the 3,000-strong village Megali Panagia, which is located in the east of the Halkidiki peninsula. But from there on there was no alternative to walking. What fuels me? Maybe the beautiful nature, the forest, the mountains, the rivers, the ocean? – In a way, yes. However, in a rather less beautiful way: What brings me here is the clear-cutting of forests, blowing up of the mountain, the poisoning of oceans, rivers and groundwater. On the Kakavos Mountain one of the many planned gold mines in northern Greece is being developed: Skouries. The catastrophic impacts of this project are going to be beyond imagination, and it is already way further than the starting blocks. more…

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European police congress in berlin

Today and tomorrow (24th/ 25th February) once again representatives from a variety of police structures, from the companies arming them and from politics will meet in order to optimize the European police work. Press is strongly resricted (source in German). Some of the topics of this police state’s meeting are going to be the cooperation of public and private security agencies, standards for foreign assignments, armament, data evaluation, expansion of CCTV in public spaces, preventive policing and counterinsurgency (congress programme).