Coal Railway stopped! Action Days Continue

Getting a move on! Against murderous brown coal – for an anarchist perspective
Since sunday evening we are once again blocking the rails of the Hambachbahn, which is transporting lignite coal from the Hambach Open Cast Mine to the power plants Niederaußem, Frimmersdorf, Neurath and Goldenberg. For RWE, it’s the only way of transporting the huge masses of coal being excavated in Hambach.
We are doing this in accordance with many other small autonomous group actions happening all year round in the Rhine area.
The coal railway is the choke point, the achilles heel of lignite mining in this region. Even though the power plants are also connected to the Garzweiler mine, they can’t be operated without coal from Hambach, due to differences in quality.
Can we manage to shut down the power plants with this action? We don’t know, but probably not. Nevertheless we consider it quite useful, especially combined with other actions happening in the area this weekend, we could put RWE in a truly threatened position. Also, this time we are more effective than ever before!
We are escalating – because in a time where global warming progresses faster than ever and is far from being stopped, we think that the climate movement has to keep on taking more drastic measures – the time of talking, waiting and doing symbolic actions is over.
Fighting lignite mining also means fighting for a liberated society.
We see our action in a greater context: The fight against brown coal is not only a factual necessity, it’s also a revolutionary strategy. Environmental destruction shows that capitalism as an economy based on competition will always thwart solutions to problems like this. It’s only possible with the state’s support as complex power construct.
Occupying railway tracks might not seem very revolutionary at first sight, but every time has their strategy. Direct confrontation will follow as the movement gains more momentum.

Ticker August 16 & 17

18:50 In the area of Heppendorf two people went on the railway and locked themselves on! Press release will follow shortly
19:15 Police and security appear at the lock-on action. Police failed in pulling people out of the lock ons and is preparing for a longer eviction
20:30 Police seems overburdened. The technical team apparently already quit for the day, so they seem content in dumping gravel on the tracks
21:00 THW (Technisches Hilfswerk) was seen bringing a digger on site, but they are apparently not involved
21:30 RWE is putting up floodlights, preparing for a long night more…

Action Ticker – Ende Gelände

It’s a big day! Since the early morning, more than a thousand activists are stirring up the coal region.
We will keep you updated here.

“Ende Gelände” has their own Ticker.

Abbreviations: TH=Tagebau Hambach (Hambach Mine), TG=Tagebau Garzweiler (Garzweiler Mine) TI=Tagebau Inden, DI=Demonstration Inden
The crowd is splitting up into several large groups called Fingers

August 15 Ticker

    07:00 TG Crowd of over thausand leaving climate camp, chanting “Let’s go Ende Gelände!”
    07:10 TG Climbing activists block motorway A61 by abseiling from a Bridge and banner drop – road closed
    07:30 TG Green Finger passed under motorway, now free passage to the mine edge – People hurt by pepperspray
    08:00 TG Green Finger is on the way into the mine, 30-40 people stopped&surrounded by police – Take Care!
    08:10 TG 30-40 People arrested, 5 injured by pepperspray, 2 by police batons
    08:20 TG Riot Police entering mine at village Hochneukirch
    08.30 TG Mine Security (RWE) is refusing press entry to the protests in the mine
    08:31 TG Close Cooperation: RWE AG is driving police into the mine with company jeeps
    08:39 TG Police has reached Green Finger, arrests happened – 200 people regroup and make their way to the first digger
    08:50 TG Police and RWE Security join forces – first arrests in the mine
    08:55 TG WDR Radio confirms Autobahn A61 closed due to climate activists more…

Police operation in Cologne at a spontaneous demonstration

Press Release

Cologne, August 12th, 2015 – On Wednesday afternoon, a spontaneous demonstration took place in Cologne. The occasion is the detention of an activist from the Hambach Forest, who was arrested at July 22, at the eviction of a “living barricade”, and since then is in pre-trial detention. In addition, he has since been on a hunger strike.

The spontaneous demonstration started at the JVA (jail) in Cologne / Ossendorf and moved from there to Ehrenfeld.
As activists report from there, the spontaneous demonstration has been encircled by 30 – 40 police officers. There are presently around 40 spontaneous protesters within the police encirclement. According to statements from the spot, it is not permitted to bring water to the people in the police encirclement.

A person is available to the press on the spot for interviews and questions:
0157 371 81 446

Best regards,
The press team from the Camp for Climate Action

Ticker in chronological order:


Defend the Hambach Forest! Freedom for Jus!

On the 22nd of July the tower – to this date the only remaining living barricade – got evicted. The tower blocked an important access way to the Hambach Forest and its occupation.
During the 14 hours of the eviction, four activists were arrested of who three have been released, while one is in detention awaiting trial in the JVA (jail) in Köln-Ossendorf. Jus is accused of resisting the eviction. The cops are trying to justify the detention by claiming that Jus doesn’t have a legal address and allegedly “no social obligations in Germany”. Therefore, they think that it’s likely that he will “stay away from trial”.
For us, it’s not acceptable that people experience repression based on their activism against the destruction of nature. Therefore we are calling you to join the manifestation on Saturday 25th of July at 2pm in front of the JVA Köln-Ossendorf. We want to be loud and angry and show diverse forms of solidarity with Jus and all prisoners. Furthermore, there will be the possibility to inform oneself about the occupation of the Hambach Forest and about resistance against ignite mining in this area in general.


Tower Eviction


klimaretter RWE-Forst: Polizei räumt Blockade, 17:31 Uhr, PDF
KStA Fünf Meter hohe Barrikade am Hambacher Forst geräumt, PDF

News ticker beginning with latest

22:00 One more person has been released from police in Cologne-Kalk. The fireworker trucks spotted on the way to the tower. It looks like a barricade is burning.

21:20We can hear loud party sounds and music from the tower

21:00 Police at the barrier tells, the person from the tower is back on the ground. One person can be seen put into a car. Sounds of demolition meanwhile …

20:55 No sounds from the tower

19:32 Construction and drill sounds from the tower. Clowning from above.

19:22 One more person arrested. Try to release her failed because of too many cops. Come to the police station in Cologne-Kalk (address) more…

Plane Stupid blocks Heathrow Airport (“bringing the aviation industry back down to earth!”) blocked heathrow airport today.

As you’re reading this I am sitting in a police cell. I was one of the 12 people from Plane Stupid who were responsible for breaking onto the runway yesterday morning at Heathrow Airport and holding up flights.
The reason we decided to take what might seem like such extreme action is quite simple: we cannot build anymore new airport runways if we are serious about averting climate catastrophe. This action was a message to the Government who now have to make a decision based on a public debate that until now has virtually ignored the climate change implications. Heathrow versus Gatwick? We can’t expand either if we still remain serious about stopping climate change. more

Blockades in the open cast mine Hambach, after today’s press conference

At 11 AM, a press conference took place at the meadow occupation next to the Hambach Forest. Main topic was the occupation of 4 huge diggers in the open cast mine Hambach last weekend. Afterwards, headed to the mine again. 4 Persons locked themselves to a ropebelt conveyor, which transports the excavation material away from the digger, which had to stop his work at once. Others blocked directly the bucket wheel of the digger.
Several people were arrested, but at the moment (16:30), the ropebelt conveyor is still blocked.

Image of press conference: more…

July 17th – No Border Marocco in Cologne

On Friday July 17th 7 p.m. an info event takes place in the AZ Cologne about the situation at the EU borders in Spain to Marocco. Flyer


No Borders Maroc

The external european border and ways of fighting it

As a result of the externalization of Europe’s borders, thousands of migrants are stuck in northern Morocco and live in harsh conditions while trying to cross the Mediterranean or the border fences of the spanish exclaves Ceuta and Melilla. more…

We made ​​our move – the board has grown

Four bucket wheel excavators in the open-cast lignite mine Hambach are occupied!

July 4, 2015

At the Climate Games in Amsterdam today countless playgroups make their moves. Team Blue (the police) and the team of industrial companies play their usual strategy: In Amsterdam they want to expand the West port for coal transshipment and in the resident companies they strongly contribute to the fact that the world’s climate passes several points of no return. Thereafter, the further warming would get unpredictable and irreversible. Our teams hamper them, as far as possible without being beaten by Team Blue. Their game objective is to enable a smooth flow of the work of destruction.
This year, a team in the Rhineland has stumbled over the fact that the playing field is not limited to the Amsterdam West Port. While it is folded by all sorts of boundaries together, but we can unfold and make our move at any time, anywhere – after all, the other side also works as good as anywhere in the world.