unwanted visit on 19th november

Today, thursday 19th november 2013, RWE and police made again an unwanted visit at the forest ocupation of the Hambacher Forst. At about 1pm a convoy of a digger, a harvester and infantry and paid mercenaries crushed through the forest. For three hours they were destroying everything which was in their range and even stole a wooden box with food, water canisters, shoes and further personal belongings.
We already know this procedure and it doesn’t surprise us that they do what they’d call “theft“ themselves. Because – as we all know – their laws are only for the opressed people and not for big companies, the state or the police.
What was different this time was the harvester, which cut all the wood directly into extremely small pieces. Furthermore they were using a metal detector because of a marked „danger zone/ mine field“.
Because of the psycological pressure of RWE through these repeated attacks some feel a kind of impotence. It’s hard to see how all the infrastructure on the ground which was made from solidary hands a which is really important for the forest ocupation is being destroyed again and again. It’s unbelievable how desinterested they destroy all the soil and its inhabitant life with their machinery and how they treat this wonderfull and valuable ecosystem like something which is only in their way to the coal in the ground – which they consider as more valuable than any life. All of that puts a lot of pressure on one’s mentality. Everyone decides him_herself which way of protest they prefere and we solidarize us with them whether it’s through court cases, blocades, sabotage and/ or ocupations as well as their support and independent information and report – that’s the face of resistance.
We won’t watch with our arms crossed how this planet and every life on it is being destroyed through greed for money or lust for power. We want to be sure that also after our lifes there will be air to breathe, soil which is fertile and full of life, plants which grow healthy and without genetical modifications, rivers which aren’t intoxicated, oceans in which there’s not more plastic and gasoline than fish.
Even if most people might consider this destruction as not stopable anymore – it is posible and it’s necessary because tomorrow there might already be no day-after anymore. So we act now and with all the belonging consecuences.
When if not now? Where if not here? How if not with love? Who if not us?
For a free and good life without supremacy and destruction!
For a tomorrow!
Solidarity with Rosia Montana (Rumania), the ZAD (France), Bilston (England) and all further protests worldwide for a non-hierchical future on earth without exploitation.

P.S. to police and RWE:
Today was teh one-year-anniversary of the meadow ocupation. The next time you come to a birthday without invitation: Bring at least (vegan) cake!

–– some ocupiers

New forest under direct threat of eviction

The Hambach forest occupation is . For the second time in one month the police has been attacking the camp. Guarded by riot cops a flying squat of RWE workers equipped with chainsaws and a bulldozer entered the protest site. Without questioning the order that had been given to them they pushed forward the destruction of the planet we’re all living on, helping to erase one of the oldest forests in Europe. The huge bulldozer just squeezed everything in front of it: young trees, anthills and wasp’s nests as well as rare blue shining mushrooms which have been growing on some barricades were destroyed by this huge technological monster. Everything resisting was chopped to pieces. They left nothing but an aisle of destruction behind.
At the same place where they had entered last time in an attempt to prohibit this year’s third forest occupation there was a more than two meter high wall, built from the fallen trees of the authorities last attack, enforced by metal, soil and a crone of barbwire. The other ways to the site are naturally protected by beech thicket and up to 20 meter high oak trees.
The police surrounding the camp is of course doing their dirty job for RWE. Workers dressed in orange vests started opening the mesh of wire with bolt cutters. As soon as they undid the knotting they started to chop the stilts with their chainsaws. Then there was a low noise coming from the bulldozer’s engine when tons of steel were crashing into the barricade several times. Finally the barricade broke and finally they entered to destroy everything they were able to find on the ground.
After the bailiffs loaded everything up and exchanged some shake-hands for an obviously successful operation they left with the haul. What was left were some piles of soil, some stumps and activists utterly determined to struggle on.
The disrespect for the ecological system of the woodland expresses the belief of RWE that the Hambach forest is just property and nothing more than an pre-open-cast-mine-site. They sure would like to clear cut as fast as possible, turning everything into a dead and moonlike landscape to dig for lignite as well as hinder any more protests against their devious plans.
It is not possible to blind us by the so called re-cultivation on the Sophienhöhe which obviously will never be able to compensate at all the environmental impact of destroying life, soil and plants which had centuries time to grow and form a unique eco-system.
Winter is coming and eviction is pretty likely
Since 18 month we are resisting from different sites at the Hambach forest. 547 days of creative and determined struggling as well as the attempt to live a radical and self-organized life full of solidarity, autonomy and mutual aid.
We`d like to invite you to visit us and help us to prepare the two sites (the protest camp on the meadow, located at the forest’s edge and the occupation in the forest) for the fast approaching winter and the anticipated eviction as well and to share our fight against the ongoing clear cutting between October and March.
You would like to come and join for one day? One week or longer? To cook collectively (vegan)? Build things? Make music? Occupy trees? Build barricades and fight against the harvesters?
Just come over!
You can help us with what is going on already or establish your own ideas. There are plenty of ways to support the struggle. It doesn’t mind whether you can climb or not, almost every day we do have all kinds of skill sharing – and we’d like to share all your different interests and experiences too! And there’s always enough things to do, to enjoy and to gain knowledge about – on and above ground!
The raid yesterday confirms us to remain at least the necessary thorn in the paw of RWE and the existing and rotten system. We want to unplug capitalism in general, to deny the logic of growth and to stop the exploitation of the earth through all sorts of means, amonsgt them factories and power plants.
Let`s oppose RWE and police relentlessly.
We don’t stand by and watch big companies, policies and other structures of power to destroy everyone’s and everything’s means of living. Life is not for sale! We want to live and we want the whole freaking bakery.
So we fight every structure threatening a good and free life. It doesn’t matter if it’s RWE or another corporation, politicians, police, military, courts, the fascists next door or the daily sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.
For an ongoing life- struggle in love and solidarity!
For life itself!
For anarchy!
Pirates of Hambi
By the way:
There’s always a need for donations of (preserved) food, climbing gear, construction and fire wood, tarpaulin, isolation, tools, nails, string,rope, etc.

Hambach Forest occupied again

Since the climat- and reclaim the fields camp in germany, the Hambach Forest ist occupied again, by climat activist. There are activists living at plattformsin the trees since more than 2 weeks. The Hambach Forest is one of the oldest forest in middle europe, but already more than 4/5 of it is destroyed for open cast mining. The open cast mining in the Rheinland (between Colonge and Aachen) is the biggest climat killer in all Europe. The forest gets destroyed year by year, so that RWE the coal company (wich is the mother company of N-Power) can open cast the land. Also big villages getting destroyed for the open cast mining. Last year the forest was occupied by climat activist, the wohle spring and summer, and got evicted in automne. The eviction was the longest eviction that happened in germany, because of the tunnel system (the only god system is a tunnel system!). After the eviction activists squatted a meadow next to the Hambach Forest, wich is still occupied. In the end of august the climat- and RTF Camp took place close to the Hambach Forest. With over 500 Participants it was the biggest climat camp since 5 years in germany. More than 200 people blocked the Hambach coal-rail for half an day. In the end of the climat- andd RTF-Camp activists occupied the Hambach Forest again. Now it is occupied since more than 2 weeks. Police was there on monday to inspect the plattforms and blockading-tools, and was not realy happy. In looks like the eviction might come the next days. But maybe they want to wait after the big elections in germany this sunday. So there might still be time to come over! See you in the forest.

Here’s a video about the occupation:http://vimeo.com/74042113

and about the coal trail blockade: http://vimeo.com/73938171

and a video about the RTF-action: http://vimeo.com/73514620

Police and RWE committing theft, assault, property damage (once again)

In the early hours of friday (02.08.13), the repression agents were in the forest once more. Not far from the meadow occupation they took a shower cubicle and destroyed the compost toilet. The attackers quite obviously knew they were doing something wrong – they tried not being seen during these actions. As the meadow squatters realized what’s going on in the forest, the shower was already packed away, and roughly a dozen police surrounded the toilet, aided by a few RWE thugs armed with a dog. It couldn’t be seen what’s going on around the toilet – several vehicles were standing ready some distance away, but the only one getting through was a small tractor, which was used to smash the toilet to pieces. After doing enough damage (and just leaving the remains) they began their retreat, and apparently had a problem with being filmed and photographed on the way to their cars. A member of the occupation was assaulted by a known police officer who has shown violent behaviour in the past (see here) – a camera was snatched from the squatters hand and destroyed by crushing the lens. A small scuffle followed, one person was wrestled to the ground and bound by handcuffs, but the broken camara could be retrieved. The arrested person was told he would be taken to the station for ID processing – the police started looking for his identification only after they have been told to do so several times, their intent was clearly on taking the person with them – after the ID was found they had to release him. After this the police made a hasty and nervous retreat, being fully aware that they were breaking the law repeatedly during this action. The data on the broken camera could be recovered, and we’re reserving our right to publish footage of violent police behaviour.

Garden Tools for Climate Camp

Soon it’s time, in a few weeks (August 23) the camps in the rhine area will begin. Many people, many colourful workshops, but not enough tools for all the nice things we are planning to do. From pails to big water barrels, hammers, nails, building wood, pickaxes or wheelbarrows, everything is needed!

Take your unused or old tools directly to the camp or to the occupation on the meadow near Morschenich. Below you’ll find a list of tools we need most. It doesn’t matter if parts are damaged or they’re not on the list, we have a use for everything!

Bring it over and support the climate movement in the rhine brown coal area!

Tools we need (among others):

Water Barrels

Police in Hambach Forest, evicting shower and ropes

On the 12th of July at around noon police removed the shower of the meadow squatters, and two ropes which were put up between trees. Later a concert took place at the spot where the shower used to be.

Armed with heavy equipment the police joined forces with RWE security personnel to accomplish this honorable mission. A bulldozer was used o remove the shower and the walls around it. The ropes, which were put up for practise purposes were removed using a cherrypicker.

“Once again the Düren Police has been played for fools by RWE, they used them to carry out this embarrasing action” says Helene Marck of the meadow occupation, adding: “Considering that the chief of Düren Police, Mr. Spehltahn, is also on the board of directors of RWE, this behaviour is no reason for wonder.”

Around 60 people were attending the acoustic concert of US-based “Blackbird Raum”, which took place on the very spot of the police action, sending a strong message to the organs of repression.

Poison in Hambach Forst & Morschenich?!

Poisoned meat (with razer blades inside) & 3 dead buzzards have been found by activists near the Hambacher Forst occupation site in the last few weeks.
The poised meat was found on the roadside on the outskirts of Morschenich along a route popular with dog walkers.
The 3 dead buzzards were all found within 100 meters of hunters cabins. One of the buzzards still had meat in its claw suggesting a very quick death, probably by poisoning as there were no visible signs of injury to the bird.
A “TopSec” (Top Security Services) T shirt was found within 10 meter of one of the corpses together with evidences of recent forestry activity.
As yet we have no idea who is doing this but we are keeping a close watch on the area as there has been suspicions activities leitly. Approximately 11 gunshots were heard in close proximity to the camp on the eve of May Day & a large silver 4×4 vehicle (license plate n* BM LJ 500)
has been prowling th area.
Anyone with any informations can contact us on 015737345865 or email: hambacherforst(ät)riseup.net


In the summer of 2013 a bike caravan will visit, connect and strengthen different energy struggles in Germany. From the east, people are coming by bike. From the south, they are are hitching. Our goal: The climate camp near Cologne. We are looking for fellow activists!
Forest occupations, train blockades, new groups against Fracking and CCS, protests against coal imports in Hamburg: The climate movement has got going! In the summer we will speed things up: We are going to connect hot spots of energy struggles with a great bike tour and a hitchhiking tour. Both will end at the Climate Camp in Rhineland (23/08 – 01/09 2013). After this, there will be a Reclaim the Fields Camp (28/08 – 05/09 -2013) and four days of actions (28/08 – 01/09/2013).
Join us!

+++ Our energy turn takes a different bearing! +++

Suddenly, everybody wants an energy transition. No matter if RWE, Vattenfall, the German Government or conservative newspapers. We, too, want an energy transition: but a different one! Energy giants are dreaming of an endless expansion of fossil transition technologies to secure their profits. Yet for us, a real energy transformation means: an immediate phase-out from coal and nuclear power. It means small-scale, social and ecological energy projects based on the interest of local comminites.
Green capitalism will not help us to limit the catastrophic impacts of climate change. The only solution is to leave behind an absurd system that has to keep growing and growing. The ecological crisis is economic growth. And poverty is not necessarily a consequence of economic crisis but a normal condition in a system that is based on exploitation. In the whole world, people are fighting against this injustice, and grass-root movements are joining forces. It is possible to create a world beyond capitalism where everybody leads a Good Life!
Each action defies resignation! RECLAIM POWER!

++ Reclaim Power Tour +++

The success of the tour also depends on how much people from different backgrounds get involved:
● Take part in organizing the tour!
● Organize a stop of point and even an action in which many people can join!
● Put actions and events you already planned into the context of the Reclaim Power Tour!
● Just cycle with us!
● Mail to info@nullreclaimpowertour.org and tell us about your issues – we get in touch!

You can find all stops of the tour so far planned on this map: http://reclaimpowertour.org/?page_id=32 . We are happy to put your local energy struggle on this map and link them to our website.
For the main route of the bike tour, the following stops are planned so far: Climate Camp Lausitz, Berlin (Energy Table, A100, Refugee Camp), Lüchow/ Wendland (Nuclear Power, Fracking), Osnabrück (Fracking), Düsseldorf (Rheinmetall)

For the hitchhiking tour, the following stops and issues are being discussed: Freiburg (nuclear power), Frankfurt (Financing, Airport), Stuttgart (S21)
The suggested routes reflect the present state of planning. What the Reclaim Power Tour eventually looks like depends on where and how you get involved. If you are leading energy struggles which are not along the route, you are most welcome to organize ‘feed in-tours’ that will join the main route.

Network Energy Struggles Moving On
The network Energy Struggles Moving On (EKIB) got together in January 2012 in order to connect different energy struggles more closely. By organizing the Reclaim Power Tour we want to offer resistance to the energy giants, also beyond the time of the tour. Moreover, we want to put forward the concept of a corporation-less, decentralized, ecological and democratic energy supply. More information on: http://ekib.blogsport.eu/author/ekib/ und http://reclaimpowertour.org

Letter of solidarity with tree-occupations against road-buildings

During the last weeks, at two different locations in Europe, trees have been squatted that would fall prey to the construction of motorways. On December 22nd, activists in Bexhill, England occupied trees against the construction of the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road and have erected an entire camp now. In Berlin, free-spaces-activists, together with environmental-activists occupied trees against the A100 that is to be built through the middle of Berlin. We, the squatters from the Hambach Forest stand in solidarity with these struggles and call for a practical support and for the creation of a network of these emerging spaces of resistance with each other and the creation of many new spaces like these.

The anti-road movement in the UK in the 90s, which followed in response to the neoliberal infrastructure policies of Margaret Thatcher („there is no alternative“), was one of the strongest social and environmental movements of recent decades in Europe. Out of it many new forms of action developed: The tree house villages, with specialized blockading techniques at the sites where the roads should be built, the „critical masses“ and „reclaim the streets“ parties as reclaiming the cities against the car craze, and a general political understanding of „direct action“ as a self-empowering, dynamic form of politics from below. Even the radical environmental movement in Britain, that spread after the turn of the millennium and inspired climate movements all over Europe, had its roots in the anti-road movement.

Stop for RWEs clearcut

RWE did already clearcut most of the part they wanted to cut this year. Also the area of the old occupation is cutted already. But now RWE have to stop cutting because of suit from the BUND – the german freinds of the earth. The suit is against the land, because they gave RWE the permision to cut, what is against the law of species conservation. RWE have to stop cutting until the court decided about the suit.

During all that, they want to evict the new occupation because of the building law, wich says that it’s ferbidden to built huts in the outer area of a village… it’s german bureaucracy…