Donations in kind

What & where?

First of all: thank you for supporting our movement!
We, the forest occupation, need several things for the ongoing new and re-occupations.
At the HambiCamp-Morschenich donations are accepted for all forest occupations.

Food Donations

Please bring food donations directly into the occupations into Hambach Forest or to the vigil.

Note during an expulsion: At the vigil (south of the Collas gravel pit in front of the forest) you get the latest information about the situation in the forest.
You can find out if the HambiCamp needs food by calling them: 0177-8707912.

The occupations are happy, for example about the following food ( vegan, best regional and without palm oil): Spreads, fresh bread, nuts, garlic & ginger, spices (preferably in large, resealable containers), oil for roasting and salad, lentils, beans, grünkern (spelt grains harvested young, then dried and smoked; used in vegetarian cooking), canned food (e.g. strained tomatoes, beans, corn), other long-lasting food that needs as little (preferably no) water for preparation, coffee powder (preferable organic-fair)…

Donation list of occupations and Hambi Camp

You can send the donations to the WAA or bring them directly to the WAA in Düren (Kallsgasse 20, 52355 Düren)
Even more useful: to hand things over at the vigil or in the Hambi Camp Morschenich.
We need all this to survive the winter!
If you go for a walk in the forest anyway, then try to bring things directly into the forest!

The wonderful AZ Cologne has an info point for Hambach Forest, where donations in kind can also be made.
Address: Autonomous Center, Luxemburger Str. 93, Cologne

Needed things:


  • Smartphone (Internet-enabled mobile phone for Crow’s Nest)
  • Polyprop rope (8mm rope for crow’s nest)
  • Peeling iron (for crow’s nest)
  • Pickaxe (for crow’s nest)
  • 8 series, screw-in carabiner, large deflection pulley (for crow’s nest)
  • Wheelbarrow / big bike trailer (for crow’s nest)
  • Krähenfuß aka Kuhfuß aka (Roofer) Crowbar (Crow’s Nest and Hambi Camp)
  • Screws, cordless drill (for crow’s nest)
  • Vegan spreads (to the HambiCamp Morschenich)
  • ecological detergent, preferably in refill packs (for HambiCamp Morschenich)
  • dry firewood (!!! to Crow’s Nest and HambiCamp Morschenich)
  • Panzertape, package adhesive tape (to the HambiCamp Morschenich)
  • big pots (from 50 liters)
  • Durable food (canned, etc.) & drinking water
  • Mobile phone credit (E-Plus, O2 and D1)
  • digital cameras
  • Headlamps (best with red light and rechargeable via USB, but any helps 🙂)
  • Cordless Drills
  • superglue
  • Backpacks
  • razor blades
  • Hot water bottles
  • Construction Material & Tools:
    • Windows (with or without frame, like double glazing – can also be picked up)
    • ecological insulation materials (e.g., coconut fiber, old sleeping bags & clothes, etc.)
    • Construction wood (OSB boards, plank boards, ~ 10cm² squared timbers, disposable pallets, everything)
    • acrylic glass
    • fishing line
    • wheelbarrow
    • Cow foot or nail iron
    • Axes
    • drawknife
    • Small straps with clamping locks but also ropes of all kinds
    • building foam
    • Cutter fair
  • Electronics:
    • Power Banks
    • Walkie-talkies (please not the smallest / cheapest, outdoor coverage should be> = 4km)
    • In-ear headphones, microphones, all-in-one headsets (for walkie-talkies)
    • Smartphones with good battery life and (good) camera function
    • Solar Inverter approx. 1.5 – 3kW pure sine, 24 Volt (not 12 Volt) (for stand-alone systems, no feed-in-Richter)
    • 18650 cells, old laptop batteries, old power tool / e-bike batteries
    • Photovoltaic modules (also damaged / glass cracked)
    • Schuko plugs & couplings
    • Wifi router, 1x directional antenna, small solar panels for free-radio in the occupations
    • Batteries, especially AAA
    • Solar path lighting (to the HambiCamp Morschenich)
    • Triple plug, extension cable, cable drum (for HambiCamp Morschenich)
    • Adapter for sim cards
    • Ay yildis mobile phone credit for multiple devices
  • Camping:
    • Hammocks outdoor (no cotton, small pack size)
    • large hiking rucksacks, Kraxen
    • Belly bags
    • Winterproof sleeping bags
    • Sleeping pads
    • Euro pallets (flooring for tents)
    • (Camouflage) tarpaulins
    • gas cooker
    • Propane gas and lighter gas
    • Waterproof winter boots (from size 40 on we are very grateful for everything!)
  • Hygiene / Medicine:
    • Tea tree oil
    • Skin disinfectant
    • Toilet paper
    • Vegan toothpaste
    • Vegan condoms
    • Soap
    • Wound disinfectant
    • Wound and healing ointment
    • Pain ointment (e.g. Traumeel, Voltaren, etc.)
    • Throat lozenges
  • Kitchen:
    • Large pots / trowels etc. (for HambiCamp Morschenich)
    • Bread
    • Windmühlenmesser knives or other small knives (made of carbon steel)
    • Wok, big pots (> 30l)
    • Juices
  • Climbing Material:
    Climbing harnesses we already have many remaining stock, but few good and it lacks especially in the assembly! With the following list you can go to a climbing shop and get help. Total price for a belt with equipment will be 80 euros.

    • Five screw-in carabiners, two of them small, two HMS
    • A descendant
    • 7m cord 6mm
    • 7m dynamic climbing rope, approx. 9-10mm
    • Optional: 10m tape loop material or 3 stitched tape loops (2 * 1.60-1.90 and 1 *> 2.20), two screw members, one single pulley, one double pulley
    • small straps with clamping locks
    • Polyprop rope 8 / 14mm
    • Throwing line (ca.2-3mm)
    • Throwing bags
    • Shackles (at least 300kg load)
    • Harness, size M-L
  • Bicycles & Repair Tools
    • simple, roadworthy bicycles of all kinds
    • Bicycle tubes
    • Large, wide padlocks
    • 0.5 L gear oil or ATF
    • Key: 15 and 13 mm flat ring spanner, 14 mm tubular spanner, cranked ring spanner 8,9 and 10, spanner 8,9 and 10
    • chain rivet
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Textile paint and brush
    • Notebooks / blocks with and without lines
    • Eddings and colorful pens
    • political books (about the HambiCamp-Morschenich)
    • Tissues, camouflage clothing
    • medium small file books
    • rolling tobacco
    • sewing kit
    • safety pins
    • Binoculars
    • Bed sheet, paint, brush, spray paint, felt pen
    • Baby things, especially clothes & pacifiers
    • Broom, rag, hand brush

Other things for the forest, to bring to the WAA:

  • Electronics: [→ if possible 2nd hand ←] laptops / netbooks, mobile phones, usb-sticks, internet stick, batteries (AA, AAA, rechargeable), pocket radios, car radio with auxiliary input, 12V power amplifier, head lamps, battery powered radios + matching batteries, Night vision device, solar cable (also remains or> 6mm² cross-section), (functional!) Car / truck batteries, manual siren / 12V motor siren, already unlocked SIM cards, radios
  • Storage options: large or small boxes with lid for food, 1000l water cans (suitable for drinking water: depends partly on what was in there before)
  • Sleeping: Caravans, Gazebos, Tents, Mattresses, Mattresses, Upholstery, …
  • Bicycles: Bikes, tubes, pumps, 1 x Torpedo 3-speed gearshift, other single parts, bicycle tool and repair kit, trailer, cargo bike
  • Hygiene / Cleanliness: toilet paper, dish-washing sponges, ecological detergents, wound disinfectants and hand disinfectants (but NO household cleaners), vegan condoms, wood shavings (preferably wood shavings from the carpentry shop of your choice) for the compost toilets
  • Light: Headlamps (best also with red light and preferably rechargeable via USB), lighters, matches, candles, candle wick, oil lamps, lamp oil, lighter gas, sparklers
  • Climbing material: Harnesses, dynamic climbing rope in dark colors, semi-static ropes, carabiners (by helicopter or Trilock), abseiling, …
  • Mobility: Cars with TÜV expiring during or shortly after the deforestation season (preferably still roadworthy, with trailer hitch and permissible trailer load> 1200kg), trailer (if possible with max. load> 1000kg)
  • Cooking: handy camping pots & pans, gas cooker and cartridges, espresso cooker

Otherwise, you can also take a look at the donations list of our sister project.

Donate money

The resistance in the Rhineland, which includes the occupations in and at Hambach Forest, unfortunately also needs money. Be it to finance ongoing court proceedings, climbing equipment, food and information material. The resistance is grateful for every donation.
If you have enough money and desire to donate, then do it here:

1) Kurt Classen, the owner of the meadow: money goes to the protection and preservation of the meadow at the Hambacher forest, meadow camp, legal proceedings in connection with the meadow!

Account:   Spenden Sonderkonto Hambach Forest
Holder:    Kurt Claßen
IBAN:      DE22 3705 0299 1147 0393 73
Bank:      Kreissparkasse Köln
Reference: Erhalt der Wiese und des Hambach Forestes

2) HambiCamp- Morschenich: Money finances running costs of the camp such as sanitary facilities, tent rental, transport and trailer, Internet, material.

Account:   Comm e. V.
IBAN:      DE18 4306 0967 2030 4204 02
Bank:      GLS Bank
Reference: HambiCamp Morschenich

3) ABC Rheinland: Money goes to legal costs, court costs, lawyers, care of prisoners, etc.!

Account:   Schwarzes Kreuz Dresden
IBAN:      DE57 4306 0967 1216 4248 00
Reference: Spende ABC Rheinland

4) Hambach Forest: Money goes to everything for the forest and meadow occupation!

Account:   Spenden und Aktionen
IBAN:      DE29 5139 0000 0092 8818 06
Bank:      Volksbank Mittelhessen
Reference: Hambach Forest

5) WAA (Werkstatt für Alternative Aktionen) Düren: Hausprojekt nahe des Forstes, wo Menschen einen Rückzugsraum haben, Wäsche waschen können etc. Außerdem wird sich liebevoll um das Haus und den Garten gekümmert.
House project near the forest, where people have a place of retreat, can wash clothes, etc. In addition, the residents lovingly care for the house and the garden.

Account: Förderverein des Jugendumweltnetzwerkes
         „Für eine klimagerechte Zukunft“ e.V.
IBAN:    DE72 4306 0967 4080 4281 00

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