Monthly forest walk

Hambach Forest

FoodA guided tour trough the forest and the occupations once a month, led by Michael Zobel and Eva Töller. Steadily the digger moves closer to destroy the remains of the old growth Hambach Forest together with its hundreds years old oaks and hornbeams. Is this destruction really unstoppable? Currently there’s still some parts of the forest left, brimming of live, with some unusal inhabitants on the trees. Young humans, who try to stop the exploitation and destruction with creative actions. Since the end of April 2014 the now fourth occupation is being held with now sixteen treehouses in the oaks and beeches Get to know the Hambach Forest – the trees, the animals, the activists and the treehouse villages…

Dates 2017:

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Meeting place:
Parkplatz Grillplatz Manheimer Bürge
near the former highway exit Kerpen-Buir
(GPS-Daten: 50.882034, 6.567901 )

ca. 3 – 4 Hours

Registration (optional) and more infos:
Michael Zobel,
Telefon: +49 171 85 08 321

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