What we fight for

Everyone speaks for themselves. We are no formal body or organization, but an association of free individuals.

Environmental destruction is clearly connected to the ruling of power. Capitalism is a system in which those few, who have the power, can outsource the negative effects of their actions onto others. Very few profit from the exploitation and destruction of the earth, yet many have to carry the consequences: A change of climate, the destruction of habitats of humans and other animals, the pollution of the air and the sea…

If those, who are evicted from their homes, or people living in the global south with their birthplaces flooded through climate change or being devastated, would have to be asked about the burning of lignite coal, it would never had happened. Just because some few use violence for their profit, this destruction is possible.

Therefore the fight for climate justice is also a fight for a world without rulers and freedom from capitalistic forces. Accordingly our fight should be without domination as well. We have no bosses or leaders and try to deconstruct hierarchies as much as possible. The place we fight for and which we try to protect from destruction shall offer space for individual emancipation for everyone.

Who we are

Five years ago people pulled up the first platform into the trees of the forest, to squat it. Since then we became a colorful mixed bunch of people. Everyone has different reasons, motivations and action methods, but what connects us is the wish to overcome exploitation of people and nature. Here live and act people with different life strategies: some live without papers or money since years, others study while they live here and others work for money one half of the year and spend the rest in the forest. The place is shaped by high fluctuation with different people coming and going, constructing and creating, fighting and living.

Not only squatters belong to “us”: Without the huge network of supporters it would have never been possible to keep the occupation alive for so long. It comprises of lawyers, doctors, neighbors with warm showers and big hearts, uncountable people not living here, but doing a lot from their homes against lignite and for a more just world.

Thanks to all of them!

The occupations

The forest has been occupied since 2012.

After the eviction of the forest occupation in September-October 2018, where over 60 tree-sits were evicted and destroyed, the forest occupation is still in the process of being rebuild. The new settlements are in both the eastern and the western part of the forest.

Most of the treehouses are in tree house villages, that means that the tree houses are connected with walkways. Using these, we can visit each other without touching the ground. One tree house is a safe space for woman, trans and inter people only. The highest tree house in the forest is 25 meter above ground. The higher they are, the harder to evict.

The reason why tree houes are so effective, is that an eviction can be really complicated. This however is only true for occupied houses, empty trees are just cut. Therefore it’s important to keep them squatted 365 days a year.

On a meadow at the edge of the forest is the meadow camp. It functions as a base for the tree house occupations, has a communal kitchen, a round house for assemblies, a library and a museum. Since it is on privately owned grounds it cannot be entered by police or private guards without a judicial permit. Between the common houses there are multiple caravans and clay building which are being used as sleeping spaces for the people living here.


We take a stand against environmental destruction, profit interests and state repression. State organisations try at all cost to stop our resistance. No matter whether they baste, fine or lock us up: With our solidarity we are stronger than them.


Trials and juristic affairs regurlarly keep us busy. Be solidaric and come to those events and show your support.

Groups against repression and prisons

In custody

Currently no one from the anti coal movement in the rhineland area is in prison. However worldwide many people are imprisoned for their employment against environmental destruction.

Be solidary & write letters:
List of prisoners

Info about repression

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Support other prisoners!

Here you find experiences and memory minutes of people, who want to share their repression stories with you. See also all entries of activists in prison.

Articles and reports on repression

“untenlasen” (suppress coal not protest)
Call for court support

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