What we fight for

Everyone speaks for themselves. We are no formal body or organization, but an association of free individuals.

Environmental destruction is clearly connected to the ruling of power. Capitalism is a system in which those few, who have the power, can outsource the negative effects of their actions onto others. Very few profit from the exploitation and destruction of the earth, yet many have to carry the consequences: A change of climate, the destruction of habitats of humans and other animals, the pollution of the air and the sea…

If those, who are evicted from their homes, or people living in the global south with their birthplaces flooded through climate change or being devastated, would have to be asked about the burning of lignite coal, it would never had happened. Just because some few use violence for their profit, this destruction is possible.

Therefore the fight for climate justice is also a fight for a world without rulers and freedom from capitalistic forces. Accordingly our fight should be without domination as well. We have no bosses or leaders and try to deconstruct hierarchies as much as possible. The place we fight for and which we try to protect from destruction shall offer space for individual emancipation for everyone.

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