Who we are

Five years ago people pulled up the first platform into the trees of the forest, to squat it. Since then we became a colorful mixed bunch of people. Everyone has different reasons, motivations and action methods, but what connects us is the wish to overcome exploitation of people and nature. Here live and act people with different life strategies: some live without papers or money since years, others study while they live here and others work for money one half of the year and spend the rest in the forest. The place is shaped by high fluctuation with different people coming and going, constructing and creating, fighting and living.

Not only squatters belong to “us”: Without the huge network of supporters it would have never been possible to keep the occupation alive for so long. It comprises of lawyers, doctors, neighbors with warm showers and big hearts, uncountable people not living here, but doing a lot from their homes against lignite and for a more just world.

Thanks to all of them!

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